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We remove the fatigue of recruitment… July 23 th , 2016 Angela Hood | Mark Stevenson ThisWay Global Confidential Information 2016 1

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We remove the fatigue of recruitment…

July 23th, 2016 Angela Hood | Mark Stevenson

ThisWay Global Confidential Information 2016

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03/05/2023 2

Overview• ThisWay Global addresses the $400bil market for recruiting.

• Revenue generating; negotiating $15m+ in contracts for next 2 years.

• Very strong team with global business, tech and IPO exit expertise.

• 2.5 years of R&D (4 patents), ideaSpace – University of Cambridge.

• SaaS business model with high scalability and operating leverage.

• Our Founder/CEO returns to open first US office in Austin, Texas, October 2016.

ThisWay Global Confidential Information 2016

Kelsey Lynn Skinner
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Angela Hood, Founder/CEOEntrepreneur

Engineer/ArchitectCorporate Contracting

DoD Experience(Largest global employer)

Global Network

Mark Stevenson, COO Non-USEntrepreneur

IPO ExperienceHR Industry 25+ years

UK, EU, UAE, AU Network

Kevin MarzecCTO

StartupsRuss Foltz-SmithAlgo/data/scaling


Jagadeesh GorlaAlgo


Tech Triumvirate

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Business model

• Beta programme with strong pipeline of large and small, global customers

• Large corporates pay in advance in bulk via usage credits • Customer A: contract for $15 million over period of 18 months

• Customer B: 2500 base hires + $1 mil related to acquisition

• Customer C: £75,000 to built talent pipeline for one job type

• 263 Customers

• Churn Rate: 93% of customers say they will use us again

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ThisWay Global’s USP

- Matchic: better insights, psych q’s

- Well designed database and ML

- 36K data points/match

Quality Privacy Unbiased Groups Simple- Individuals need to

position themselves to move

- Business needs to conceal hiring strategy

- Conscious & Unconscious Bias

- Individuals are wrongly judged

- Opportunities and jobs are overlooked

- Network of Groups delivers 30% of candidates not found elsewhere

- If you can use Google then you can use ThisWay

- No switching cost

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03/05/2023 7

How we do it

ThisWay Global Confidential Information 2016

Groups2500+ and growing

(schools, non-profits, etc)


Social Media Invitation only Machine Learning

Including behavioural


39 bildata points referenced

FeedbackBusinesses and Individuals


Custom ?’sInsights


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Why we can build a big business

‘We are currently at a 0% solution. ThisWay can get us to a 70% solution.’ ~One of top 10 global agencies

HIGH TOUCH (partners)TWG gives them time & resources

to do what machines cannot do.

HIGH TECH (TWG focus)Not a recruiter; instead a partner for recruiters




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Angela HoodCEO/Founder

[email protected] +44 7580 686431


Mark [email protected]