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Going One-to-One creating a cloud classroom

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A presentation about the necessity of creating cloud classrooms in today's educational environment.

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  • 1. Going One-to-One creating a cloud classroom

2. About me Im the Faculty Advisor ofInstructional Technology atXaverian High School, one ofthe first Apple 1:1 schools inthe United States. My book Going One-to-One:iPads and Mobile Computingin the Classroom will bereleased in October. I teach at the college level aswell and utilize a 1:1 laptopenvironment with my studentsthere. 3. Why go one-to-one? 4. Our story beginsin Brooklyn, NY......but not in skinnyjeans, hipsterBrooklyn. 5. This is TonyManerosBrooklyn. 6. The iPad 1:1movementstarted inGreenock,Scotland.It spread quickly, and ed techevangelists like Fraser Speirshelped get the word out. 7. Speirs spoke at our school and we came away proud to betrying something different and empowered by thepossibilities. 8. Is this really just a PowerPoint projector? Maybethe classroom shouldnt be the place students readstories. 9. Wired classrooms That doesnt mean we alland mobile understood it right away.computing arentnew ideas. 10. 1:1 classrooms have been in the works for yearsApple developed and deployed several versions of its Classroom of Tomorrow in 1985.About ten years later, Microsoft Launched its Anytime, Anywhere Learning Initiative. 11. But these ideas make more sense today, since todays students are digital natives. 12. Embrace blendedlearning andflippedclassrooms.Blended learning is the termused to describe combiningphysical and virtual classroomelements to create apersonalized learningenvironment for your students. 13. Flipped classrooms and blended learning embrace the idea thatlesson content can be delivered at home so that homework may becompleted in class, with a teacher there to facilitate. 14. Untether the classroom from its physicalspace. 15. Changing theClassroom 16. + = 17. Khan is great, but you mightbe better. 18. Portfoli os Wiki Clouds class- rooms TwittBlogersThe teacher becomes a facilitator of knowledge. 19. Going Paperless......has its advantages. 20. Going 1:1 involves creating a studentenvironment that mirrors and in some waysimproves upon the classroom.