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Alain Bidjerano Direction communications interactives

Présentation SXSW

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Présentation à Radio-Canada faits saillants marketing SXSW 2012

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  • 1. Alain BidjeranoDirection communications interactives

2. Marketing has always been to win the moment now Itin real time 3. Social network how to get fan spread your messageExtrinsic award + Intrinsic awardFans are not advocate142 fans = 1 advocate 4. Affinity, Intent & the War for Marketing Dollars 5. Affinity, Intent & the War for Marketing Dollars 6. The Next Big Thing Is Not a GadgetRedefining the creative brief to an experience briefdefining consumer beliefs and behaviors For agencies its not and ecosystem its a mess. Brands should own the brief and be coherent with all agencies.Analysis for marketer is getting more interesting :single channel ROI measurement is dead Marketing, product creation, service and content seems all coming or colliding together 7. What Marketers Should Ask ThemselvesAbout Social Shift from advertising to engagement Social is the best for brand marketing Web advertising is not good for branding How does It scale for brand marketers? Shift from mass communication to mass communicators