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    Social Media Marketing: Pinterest

  • What is Pinterest

    Pinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you.a visual bookmarking tool that helps you save and discover creative ideas. 1

    Pinterest is a website (and mobile application) that acts as a photo sharing social network enabling users, called Pinners, to bookmark or pin content (pictures, videos, comments, and links) to their followers,or to themselves, from other Pinners, around the web, or from Pinterest suggestions.

    When a Pinner shares their own material it becomes User Content where it can be shared and viewed by others, the user retains all rights to their own content, but by uploading a user agrees to allow others to use license free and give up all royalties from posts.

    Called an Aspirational Social Network or a Social Network of Intentions because a large portion of Pinners use it for creative ideas or inspirations on a variety of topics.

  • Overview of Pinterest

    Statistics: Size 70 million active Pinners

    worldwide 47.1 million in the U.S 68% Female 32% Male 42% of women online use

    Pinterest with 12% male 56% range in age from 26-44

    yrs Over 5 million pins/day 80% are repins

    Will Pinterest Reach Its Potential 2015

  • Overview of Pinterest

    Statistics: Growth

    In 2014, Pinterest was the fastest growing network

    Expected to grow to over 60 million U.S. users by 2019

    pinterest and tumblr outgrowing facebook social-media 2014 report

  • Key Terms and Definitions

    Pin: A visual bookmark that allows a user to place content on their boards or just to view later. Pins can come from other pinners or from around the web using the Pin It Button.

    Board: Boards are places in which you save your pins. A board can contain anything and everything that appeals to the user. They are broken down by category or topic.

    Repin: Similar to a twitter retweet, repins are used to share content from other users.

    Key terms and definitions

  • Key Terms and Definitions cont.

    Like: A like refers to a pin that a user enjoyed but felt that it was inappropriate to place on their own board. A like can also be used to show appreciation of a post from another Pinner.

    Pinner: A user of Pinterest.

    Home feed: A collection of pins from people, interest, and boards that a user follows.

  • Superior Personal Branding on Pinterest: LOWES

    Pinterest Lowes

  • Superior Personal Branding on Pinterest: MARTHA STEWART

    Pinterest Martha Stewart

  • Unusual Facts

    The half life of a pin is 3.5 months

    Lighter images are repinned 20 more times than dark images

    Mothers are 3 times more likely to use Pinterest

    Pinterest Stats

  • Strengths and Weaknesses Strengths: Reaches a wide variety of


    Boards are crafted to suite individual needs

    The site is user-friendly

    Visually appealing

    You can follow individual boards without having to follow that person


    Female oriented website

    High potential for spam

    Most popular pinned items are: DIY projects, fashion, beauty and recipes

    SWOT Analysis

  • Top 10 Pinterest Tips

    1) Create a business Pinterest

    2) Organize your boards

    3) Use keywords and hashtags on posts

    4) Capitalize on the seasons

    5) Use optimal sizing for posts

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  • Top 10 Pinterest Tips

    6) Host contest using your company product or brand

    7) Include the money sign ($) on posts 8) Create infographics 9) Add a Hover Pin It Button to blogs and


    10) Dont just pin it, share it! 10 tips skyrocket pinterest sales, 10 pinterest pros best tools tips

  • Engagement Strategies

    Plan your content Think visuals: eye-catching, what pops

    Have a dedicated board, or two, for products

    Consider adding texts to some posts (i.e. infographics)

    Ask questions

    Encourage sharing and commenting via visuals

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  • Engagement Strategies

    Search & Like, Pin & Comment Search using keywords and hashtags Like pins that you find attractive or care about Repin to your board Comment- engage users that you find interesting or

    useful If youre a business owner, offer discounts or coupons Thank Pinners for repinning or commenting on your


    social media engagement strategy pinterest marketing

  • Engagement Strategies

    Pin smarter and piggyback Having a call-to-action increases clicks by 80%

    Add a link to where you want users to go (blog, website etc.)

    Maxamize SEO by having keywords and hashtags on posts

    Pin between 2-4 P.M. EST and 8 P.M.-1 A.M. EST

    Use dominant colors such as red, orange, and brown to increase repins by 200%

    Pay attention to what is trending, piggyback on those trends (seasons or events) how to increase your pinterest engagement by 275 how to use pinterest marketing to increase customer engagement 3 tips to increase customer engagement on pinterest

  • Engagement Strategies

    Maximize your findability Utilize your about description, include relevant keywords

    for your industry or brand and include business location

    Be consistent with other social media accounts Share Pinterest on other social media accounts Post original content on social media, primarily Google+

    using pinterest for your small business,

  • Essential Tools/Apps

  • Essential Tools/Apps

    PinAlerts- Allows you to track repins from your website! Sends you notifications via email when someone has pinned directly from your website. It allows you to find out which of your articles or images on your website are popular on Pinterest, and are being pinned. Rather than tell you what content were pinned, it tells you WHO pinned it.

    Pin Groupie- Allows you to search for group boards more efficiently. You can search by category, description and number of followers. This tool also gives you a brief description of the board before clicking on it, and it allows you to search over 32,000 group boards.

  • Essential Tools/Apps

    Tailwind App- Pinterests web analytics tool. This app lets you identify your most popular pins, discover influential followers, track the growth of your profile and provides you with an engagement score. The app ranges from free to $300 depending on how much analysis you want. The basic version of the app if free while a version that gives you more features costs $149 (best suited for small businesses, social media consultants and bloggers). The pro version is $399/month.

    ViralTag- Scheduling tool for Pinterest. Lets you schedule the time of your pins and re-pins and view basic analytics. ViralTag recently joined forces with Hootsuite!

    Essential pinterest tools power pinterest marketing

  • Essential Tools/Apps

    PicMonkey- Free online image editor that allows you to create and edit images without having to use Photoshop. You can resize images, overlay pictures with text and create collages. It is very easy to use.

    ShareAsImage- Create pictures quotes from any webpage. ShareAsImage lets you highlight text from anywhere and easily converts it into and image.

    Pin It extension- The Pinterest browser button makes it easy to save creative ideas from around the weblike a recipe from your favorite food blog or a photo from a travel site.

  • Essential Tools/Apps

    Reachli- Similar to Hootsuite, Reachli is a multiplatform visual content that allows you to create and promote content simultaneously from a unified dashboard. Reachli allows you to connect your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

    Piqora- This tool is a marketing and analytics dashboard for Pinterest, Instagram and Tumblr. It permits you to host and track contests and promotions, manage content, schedule pins, identify and connect with influential pinners, and measure engagement.

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    Nordstrom: Pinterest Nordstrom

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  • Pinterest Tutorial

    101 Beginners Guide How to Easily Navigate


  • Analytics

    Pins from your website

    Repins from your website

    Determine your reach Daily average number of people seeing your pins

    Visitors and visits to your website

    Most repinned content

    Most clicked content Pinterest Analytics