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Pinterest is a powerful tool for inspiration and discovery of your products and services, and building relationships with your audience. Marketers who've mastered Pinterest create and share content that makes it easier for their fans to take action on Pinterest, and that's what this webinar is all about advanced tactics for brands looking to get to the next level on Pinterest. Attend this webinar to learn how to: Enhance your brand's and products discoverability Develop a robust, engaging visual content strategy Accelerate your community growth Gain unique customer insights from your photos   that can drive success


  • 1. Advanced Pinterest Marketing Webinar: Grow Followers, Build Relationships, and Improve Discoverability
  • 2. Hi! Heres Us! Andi Teggart Andi is Piqora's Social Media & PR Manager. Before joining Piqora she created & executed social & PR strategy for some of the world's leading brands at Edelman Digital. You can reach her at, or on TwiFer @luckyandi Sam Osborn Sam is the Senior MarkeHng Content Manager at Piqora, and has produced content for JASH, Havoc Television, the BBC and others. Sam holds a M.A. from USC's Annenberg School for CommunicaHon and Journalism, and is a two- Hme College Television Award winner. Connect with him via email at and on TwiFer @samosborn1
  • 3. Webinar Housekeeping Please ask quesHons in the quesHon box or tweet @Piqora on TwiFer A survey will be sent following the webinar, please let us know how we did!
  • 4. Whats Being Covered Today: 1. Website Optimization & Rich Pins 2. Visual Content Strategy 3. Beyond Content 4. Strategically Designing Pinterest Promotions
  • 5. Search
  • 6. Product Descriptions (where keywords come from)
  • 7. Rich Pins (useful pins) 5 types of Rich Pins: movie, recipe, article, product and place. Pinterest crawlers pull this structured data in real-time from open schema tags on your web page. Learn more about how to get price and inventory on your pins at: Once you have added the meta-tags, make sure that correct price and in-stock status is appearing on the pins by testing on the validator: rich_pins/validator/ The Gifts Feed: Pinners get email notifications when Product Pins theyve saved drop in price.
  • 8. Visual Content Strategy
  • 9. Learn What Images Perform Best
  • 10. Let Pinterest Tell You The Content That Resonates Pinterest directly influences three important ROI metrics for your website: 1. Referral traffic 2. Time on site 3. Page views
  • 11. Pinterest For Publishers
  • 12. Top Website Pins Dashboard
  • 13. 3. Beyond Content
  • 14. Brand Examples
  • 15. Takeaways! 1. Get Your Site Fully Optimized + Rich Pins, before anything else. 2. Let Pinterest provide intelligence about content that works 3. Add value to other business functions 4. Promotions & contests can help drive any metric, if done right.
  • 16. Time for questions! Time For Questions! &