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31 Book Marketing Ideas | PINTEREST Marketing


<p>3 Proven Ways of Attracting More Clients </p> <p>31 Book Marketing Ideas That Will Help You Sell More Books</p> <p>Tip #12: PINTEREST Marketing!</p> <p>Should you care about Pinterest?If your readers are mainly women, you should ABOLUTELY consider Pinterest as part of your book marketing strategy!</p> <p>Benefits of using Pinterest as part of your strategy!Currently, there are 80 million Pinterest users and a vast majority are women and most are moms. If thats your target group, you should have a presence on Pinterest</p> <p>3 Insiders Secrets</p> <p>Insiders Secret #1Create boards that mix book related content and personal interest to show different facets.</p> <p>Insiders Secret #2Try to Pin one or two images or videos per day.</p> <p>Insiders Secret #3Leverage your YouTube channel by Pinning your videos. They are quite popular on Pinterest and stand out from all the images.</p> <p>Immediate Action Step To Implement This Lesson! </p> <p>Your Action StepPinterest might not the core of your social media activity if your not a creative business owner, but you should have a presence! If its too much to handle, find a assistant or someone to manage your boards to grow your following. </p> <p>www.BookPromotionHub.com</p> <p>Brought to you byKrizia, aka Miss K!</p> <p>Featured in: </p> <p>Twitter: @FabKriziaFacebook:https://www.facebook.com/KriziaMissKOther Social Media connections: http://about.me/misskrizia </p> <p>Website: http://www.BookMarketingHub.com </p> <p>More about Krizia:http://www.missKrizia.com Contact: http://www.missKrizia.com/contact/</p>