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For anyone who is unsure why or how they should use Social Media in their marketing mix. This presentation was given by reknowned landscape architect Liz Ackerley and Angela Lambert, Marketing Coordinator for Q Lawns, at the Landscape Show in September 2014. Neither Liz nor Angela profess to be experts in Social Media. However, both of the ladies have used Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest to generate business. Using girlguiding as an analogy this slide show illustrates how building trust, knowledge and confidence can, over time, increase conversion rates. The slide show goes on to look at the pros and cons of our four most popular social networking sites, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook and Pinterest. The big four are then compared in terms of who the audience is, and what should be posted and when. Don't forget blogging. Blogging is probably the most valuable online marketing tool available today. Liz and Angela give their top tips on making blogs interesting for the reader and easy for the writer. Finally, top ten tips for social networking. Including: be generous with likes, shares, retweets and comments; don't expect an instant ROI; try not to spend so much time online as to forget your day job; and make the most of social media in marketing research.


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