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<p> 1. The Rock Steady Crew Cancer Council Australia - Shitbox Rally 2015 Sponsorship Proposal 2. Degrees of Separation (Why Cancer is worse than Kevin Bacon) 3.3 Million women diagnosed with Cancer before theyre 85 5.5 Million men diagnosed with Cancer before theyre 85 Source 120,000 new cases per annum growing to 150,00 cases per annum by 2020 excludes Melanoma 3. The 2 Degrees of Cancer * If there are 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon* There has to be only 2 degrees of Cancer 2 degrees of people are Cousins of Cousins Friends of Friends Inlaws of inlaws Colleagues of Colleagues We are all touched by Cancer! 4. Australian Cancer Council Minimise the threat of Cancer to Australians Prevention Best Treatment Support Undertake and Fund Cancer Research Prevent and Control Cancer Provide Information and Support for PeopleAffected by Cancer 5. Team Rock Steady Crew Paul Crew Driver No. 1 and returning participant. A Dad who wants to see his kids not have to have the same 2 degrees to cancer that we have today. An Engineer with a mind to get things done. Darren Batty Driver No. 2 and first time participant. A Dad whos kids have already seen Cancer a little too closely. Sales, Marketing, Engineering, wants to see a result and do some good. The Shitbox Rally has raised over $4.4 million for the Cancer Council over the last 4 years and this year is aiming for $1,000,000. Our Goal is to raise $7500 before May 1st 2015 for the Cancer Council of Australia and then to drive a 2WD car worth</p>


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