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Igniting your business genius

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  • Richard Dean Anderson

  • Millennials are considerably more engaged with digital

    technology and social media than older generations.

  • Wherever a customer goes, so does his/her mobile device!

  • Have a mobile-social strategy

    Its beyond having an app

    or having a responsive site.

    Its creating strategic content

    and connecting it to an

    m-commerce platform.

    Its moving from User

    Experience to Customer

    Experience via mobile.

  • When your customers learn from you,

    they buy from you again and again.

    Have to be relatable and engaging.

    Blog posts, Infographics, White papers

    & E-books, Feature articles, Videos

    Have to be shareable.

  • Marketers need to know a campaigns effectiveness and be able to scale it more broadly when it succeeds.

  • With consumers using multiple devices, creative teams must seamlessly move across smartphones, desktops, tablets, and even across other media such as OOH.

    Targeting super-niches such as the specially-abled are now possible because of the merging of technology, data and creatives.

  • Video of Dunkin Donuts

  • Connect technology, data and creatives to engage with your customers

    Leverage and embrace customer feedback.

    Get the message across at the right moment, delivering a call-to-action upon engagement.

    Data should fuel creatives and not as an after-thought.

  • More personalization.

    Extreme creativity.

    Embrace the power of community.

    Hyper-localization. Super niching.