Igniting Furious Love

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'Furious Love' is an eclectic spiritual partnering of eight on-fire-for-God believers who are willing to "turn everything upside down in the church to be as unlike the world as absolutely possible." Spanning the globe from Kosovo to Bangkok, Russia, Mozambique, and inner-city USA, each writer has a unique story of their furious love for God as manifested in their lives. Through humorous stories, intelligent commentary,and real-life miracles and healings, the culmination of the distinct voices and callings of these men and women range from witnessing to a blood-drinking witch, confronting Buddhists with machetes, prostitution and gay bars to lecturing at Cambridge University, experiencing victorious spiritual warfare, planting underground churches, and witnessing people being raised from the dead. Furious Love reveals God's wildly exciting plans for any who want to know Him inside out.

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  • IgnItIng

    f u r i o u s

    L o v eMattheus Van Der steen

    heiDi Baker

    GreG BoyD

    rolanD Baker

    PhiliP Mantofa

    shaMPa rice

    Will hart

    roBBy DaWkins

    anGela GreeniG

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  • Table of ConTenTs InTroduCTIon by Darren Wilson ........................................................9

    Chapter 1 IT s all In The delIvery by Mattheus van der Steen .......................................15

    Chapter 2 Called To feed The hungry by Heidi Baker ...........................................................35

    Chapter 3 WorldvIe W shakedoWn by Greg Boyd .............................................................53

    Chapter 4 r aIsIng The de ad by Rolland Baker .......................................................75

    Chapter 5 I WIll ge T hIm by Philip Mantofa ......................................................95

    Chapter 6 sImply love by Shampa Rice .......................................................113

    Chapter 7 WITChes, babIes, and soldIers by Will Hart .............................................................133

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  • Chapter 8 sTeppIng InTo your desTIny by Angela Greenig ..................................................151

    Chapter 9 Cr adle To CoffIn by Robby Dawkins ..................................................169

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  • 9

    InTroduCTIonI honestly have no idea when I first dreamed up the Furi-

    ous Love Event. There was no angelic encounter, no lightning bolt from Heaven, just a simple desire to fill what I perceived as a need within the Body of Christ for a wide variety of voices to come together in unity (even though they may not agree on everything) and bring teaching on some of the hot-button top-ics that my films have become known for. That was really the original idea, and thankfully, the end result not only met my expectations...it far exceeded them.

    In my first book, Filming God, I detailed many of the crazy adventures I had around the world while making my first two films, Finger of God and Furious Love. These adventures and experiences, some of them almost too wild to be believed, even-tually led this skeptical, cerebral kid full bloom into the belief in the active power of God in the world today. Many of the people I invited to speak at this event were the very ones who helped change my mind and shape my new theologya theology, inci-dentally, that is 100 percent rooted in the Scriptures. The more I meet people and hear their stories, the more I realize that a lot

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  • I g n I T I n g f u r i o u s l o v e


    of the popular theology bandied about these days (especially the stuff making God tame, normal, and fairly innocuous) is not lifted from the Bible, but more from peoples experiencesor lack thereof. This was where I lived for quite a long time. I believed God could do stuffshoot, I even saw Him move and do pretty cool stuff when I was a teenager going off to Bible campbut those experiences were a long time ago, and I had grown up now. Sure He could move, do miracles, rock peoples worlds, but I didnt see it happen very much anymore, so, you know, thats kind of where it ends.

    I didnt believe God did much out in the open because I didnt see it happen on a regular basis. But then I started making this crazy film, Finger of God, and I began meeting people who DID see God moving on a regular basis. I went out with them as they attempted to embrace a desperate world and I began to see God move with my own eyes. And then it all started to click into place. God didnt do many miracles in my life (although He always worked behind the scenes on my behalf, because thats what He does with His kids, even the ones who arent the most grateful or loving ones in His house) because I simply wasnt asking Him for any miracles. As I got to know these peoplepeople like Heidi Baker, Will Hart, Robby DawkinsI realized very quickly that they were not in possession of any special gift or proprietary spiritual secret; they were simply normal peo-ple with normal lives, normal concerns, normal marriages, just like me. But the one thing they did differently was not allow their fear to control them. When I saw need, I tried to ignore it because I was afraid of stepping out in faith. What was I afraid of? Failing. Making God look weak. Making myself look stupid. Should I keep going? I think you get the point.

    Heres the thing: I have seen every single person you are about to encounter in this book fail. I have seen them pray for

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  • 11


    people and nothing happened. I have been with them when they stepped out so boldly and fell so flat that I was embarrassed for them. I have seen them all look stupid in the eyes of men. But never once did I ever look down on them for their effort. In real-ity, I felt ashamed for my own lack of effort.

    One of my favorite things about Gods Kingdom is the fact that His rules and how He looks at stuff is so wildly different from our rules and view of the world. For instance, for the most part we operate out of a success/failure mindset in just about every aspect of life. If you try to do something, you will either succeed or fail. The person you are praying for will either be healed or not. That altar call will produce results or not. Suc-cess or failurethose are our two options. Its true in business, sports, school, and especially in ministry. Fortunately for us, God does not operate out of a success/failure mindset. Never has. Just read the Bible, its right there, plain as day. No, God operates out of a relationship/obedience model.

    God cares so much more about our relationship with Him than He does what we can do for Him. If your calling is begin-ning to lead you away from His heart, He is not going to care how many people you are currently reachingHe will create circumstances that will either cause you to come back to His heart, to relationship, or He will shut down what you are doing. Even if its for His Kingdom! Jesus tells us the Father is like the shepherd who leaves the 99 sheep to go find the one who has wandered off. I have to admit that I never understood this para-ble properly until I understood this basic truth. I always thought that was kind of silly of Him to possibly allow 99 sheep to now wander off while you go out and look for that one. The percent-ages didnt make sense. It seemed foolhardy. It wasnt the most fruitful use of His time and energy. But as hard as it is for us to comprehend, He cares more about you and your relationship

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  • I g n I T I n g f u r i o u s l o v e


    with Him than He does what you can do for Him. This is the essence of love, isnt it?

    Every one of the people you will encounter within these pages is doing amazing, massive things for the Kingdom of God. But every one of them realizes who they are in Christ as well. And that, more than their ministries or their wild stories, is why I have been drawn to them. They certainly arent the only ones I have filmed with this foundation, not by a long shot, but they were chosen to be a part of this event simply because they represented the wonderfully divergent, multi-colored, and inclusive reality of the Kingdom of God. It was a thrill for me to sit with these men and women over dinner, for instance, and hear them talk with one another, debate theological points with one another (and to be honest, some of them believed the polar opposite of what others believed), but they were able to discuss things and relate to one another always in a spirit of love and unity. In our Fathers house, we are free to disagree with each other, but we are never free to be unloving, and these nine won-derful people showed me the power of uni