Igniting ambitions

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  • 1. Please return yourexperience back
  • 2. The ideaCreate a platform to bring people withstrong professional experience to come together f giving th i experience t th for i i their i back to the younger generation by becoming Facilitators who Coach and Mentor youth on life and business
  • 3. Igniting AmbitionsEnabling Growth g
  • 4. TeamofExperiencedTeam of Experienced professionals& professionals & Entrepreneurs Combined Experience >200 years 200
  • 5. Whatwedo What we do ?TeachT hing Coach C hing Mentoring
  • 6. How? Workshops Seminar Series Long term coaching
  • 7. Redefiningg Training Coaching + Mentoring
  • 8. Whenyoulovepeopleandhavethedesireandpassiontomakeaprofoundimpactuponthe k f d h world,then,youwillhaveaccomplished o d, e , you a e acco p s ed themeaningtolive.
  • 9. MISSION Creating a powerful and stronger India by C ti f l d t I di b moulding raw talent into g FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS
  • 10. Vision To be a One Stop p Skills p provider for all stages of life f g f f
  • 11. Our workOur work is beyond the definitions of training.We strongly believe that our interventions have to help learners in the whole of their livesrather than in specific situations.
  • 12. Our work Long term coachingSpeakSmart Communication skills training Learn to express your ideas Lose the fear of speaking in public
  • 13. Our work Skill training360 degrees360~degrees1-3 day workshopsSoft skills Presentation Skills | Employability SkillsBusiness Skills Entrepreneurship | Financial Management | Investment Management
  • 14. Our work Professional Development TrainingCERTI~40 3 month certificate coursesTrainings on Subject Matter ExpertiseContent created and Delivered by Practicing ProfessionalsCertificates from relevant authorities (CFP, PMP etc)* (CFP etc)*Upon clearing corresponding tests
  • 15. No TrainersOnly Professionals and Entrepreneurs l f l d We call them ..
  • 16. experiementors experiementors experiementors experiementors xp i t experiementors experiementors p texperiementors
  • 17. Our people 220 years of combined experience xp nc Industry xp i I d t experience Ourteamconsistsofpeoplewhohaveexperienceranging Our team consists of people who have experience ranging overawidespectrumofbusinessesandprofiles D ence Forces s Auditing Sales S l &Marketing T eaching ReverseAuctioning FinancialServices Automobiles 11Entrepreneurialventures i l ndianDefe Investment Banking Advertising g Textiles Oil andGas Creditrating C dit ti WhiteGoods Film&Television Medical Equipment Medicine Human Resources Management HumanResourcesManagementIn Law Technology Language TeachingStaffing&Recruitment
  • 18. Our people Working W ki
  • 19. Get in touch touchwww.edventures1.com d t 1 learning@edventures1.com India.