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Igniting Women In Purpose, Possibilities, and Potential National Television Programming, Conferences, & Book Series

Igniting Women

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Igniting Women. In Purpose, Possibilities, and Potential. National Television Programming, Conferences, & Book Series. Wendie Pett , Robin Bertram Kathleen Hardaway. Television Hosts. Igniting Women Conferences. In Purpose… In Possibilities … - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Igniting WomenIn Purpose, Possibilities, and Potential

National Television Programming, Conferences, & Book Series

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Wendie Pett, Robin Bertram Kathleen


Television Hosts

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Igniting Women Conferences

In Purpose… In Possibilities…

In Potential…

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Vision and Missions MISSION STATEMENT We believe that all scripture is “God-breathed and is

useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.” (2 Timothy 3:16) It is through the teaching and practical application of God’s Word that we desire to impact the lives of women across around the world.  

VISION STATEMENT Igniting Women is devoted to investing in the spiritual , physical, emotional and mental lives of women through events, resources, and through the power of a Media outreach. It is our desire that Igniting Women’s weekly television program broadcasts nationally and international reaching women of all denominations, socio-economic, and ethnic backgrounds. We’re passionate about women understanding God’s purpose, His limitless possibilities, and the enormous potential God has given to everyone for His Glory.

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TV Format Reality Talk show format Fast paced, 4-5 segments in each show Teaching Series Segment Webcam, Skype, or Street segment Health and Fitness Segment Top Favorites of the week: Books, Movies,

CD’s Interview Segment

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We are engaging women from all walks of life, discussing topics that are important to them and bringing them helpful day-today information that will enrich and enhance their lives. Light and lively, but also informational, our format transcends age, race or socio-economic boundaries. We will laugh together, cry together and be encouraged together.

We are bringing in women who are experts and top of their field in a variety of forums.

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Sample Show Topics 4 week Series: Taking a Leap of Faith Relationships, Love & Marriage, Children Health and Fitness Fashion & Design Diet & Exercise Tips Surviving Trauma, Divorce, Cancer, & other real life issues Finances, Business Sense

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Demographics & Target Audience Women between the ages of 25-55

We are reaching out to women who want to be their very best in all that they are doing. Whether it is being a mom and house wife, or leading a corporation. Our goal is to bring valuable information and thought-provoking conversation to a wide variety of women who are making decisions for the direction of their families, on health, fashion, diet, home, relationships and more.

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Current Media Exposure NRB Network National Sky Angel Parables HD Legacy Network Promiseland Network

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