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You Had Me At Hello Building a Sustainable Donor Stewardship Program Anne Peyton, CFRE 5/29/14 1pm EDT

You Had Me At Hello

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Anne Peyton will show you how to develop a stewardship program, and flip your internal switch from ‘I know I need to, but I never have time!’ to ‘I’m building stronger relationships with my donors, they feel more connected to why we do what we do, and I’m loving it!’

Text of You Had Me At Hello

  • You Had Me At Hello Building a Sustainable Donor Stewardship Program ! Anne Peyton, CFRE 5/29/14 1pm EDT
  • Your Presenter Anne Peyton, CFRE Yellow Brick Road Consulting ! 35 years of experience in and with nonprofits of all kinds, based in Vermont, member of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel. ! Anne serves on the board of the Association of Philanthropic Counsel and on the Upper Valley Land Trust. Former board service includes the Vermont Community Loan Fund and the Upper Valley Region of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation. 3
  • Goals of this Webinar Appreciate your donors participation in your organizations philanthropy Appreciate the importance of donor stewardship in building donor loyalty. Strengthen the role of board members in your development program (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • What Donors Want To feel good To feel loved To feel smart To feel needed To feel important To belong To see their values in action To WIN! - Tom Ahern, Aherncomm.com (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Achieving Lifetime Donor Loyalty (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Overview of Donor Stewardship (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Overview of Donor Stewardship (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • The GOOD the BAD the UGLY The GOOD: 34% of donors who received a personal thank you call said they would give again because of the call. ! The BAD: 94% of donors say that charities they support never or hardly ever call them up without asking for another gift. ! The UGLY: 98% say that charities never or hardly ever pay them a visit without asking for MONEY. ! 65% of donors who make a first gift never make a second gift, and they leave largely due to over-soliciting and our insisting on unrestricted giving. Penelope Burk, cygresearch.com (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Stewardship Program Increasing your productivity Managing your infrastructure Setting your goals Managing your time Planning your visit Making appointments Having conversations Follow up and whats next (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Good Stewardship = Engaged Donors Feeling: interested, engaged, recognized, appreciated Acting: volunteering, participating, spreading the message, bringing others along Giving: regularly, to priorities of the organization, in usable ways, and stretching in capacity Based upon Julia Emlen, Intentional Stewardship, CASE 2008 (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Overview of Donor Stewardship (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Managing Your Infrastructure (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Message Delivery DONOR WE ARE GREAT! OUTCOMES Corporate marketing (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Marketing outcomes as purpose Organization Donor-centered marketing DONOR OUTCOMES (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Managing Your Time Coveys Time Management Matrix Stephen R. Covey, First Things First 1994 (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Managing Your Time Getting OUT of the Office Requires Planning and Commitment ! Pick One Day a Week for Donor Visits Aim for at least 2 appointments for each day ! Dont be a slave to urgency Turn off your email notification! ! Block out time on your calendar every week to: Prioritize which donors to visit Make appointments Make visits and follow up Adapted from Joe Tumolo, www. joetumolo.com (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com Making Appointments Getting An Appointment - Tips Give specific choices for times and place Think through your goal of the visit relative to location (office, home, restaurant) Email and call if you have both The Perseverance Rule Call 3 times and email 3 times before giving up (with busy working people, 4 outreaches over a month). Set Expectations If asked, tell your donor your intentions for the visit.
  • Bertolt-Brecht ! Transforming guest to participant transforming donor to investor. ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Kay Sprinkel Grace, Beyond Fundraising, 1997 ! ! ! Stewardship get donors into the kitchen. Having Conversations (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Having Conversations Prepare the experience for your donors Stories and statistics Appreciate what the donor has done Why youre involved, your passion Responses to common questions Be ready to invite him or her to volunteer, to become more engaged (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Having Conversations Listening to What Donors Care About What do you love about the organization? What would you like to protect? What do we do well? How can we improve what we do? How well are we communicating with you? More? Less? media? Conduct philanthropic surveys regularly ! FOLLOW UP (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Having Conversations Donor Readiness Listening the Gift Has an active interest in the mission? ! Has a history of involvement? ! Feels a kinship with others in the organization? ! Is knowledgeable and engaged about the plan for the future or a proposed project? ! Andrea Kihlstedt and Catherine P. Schwartz, Capital Campaigns, 2nd ed, Aspen, 2004 (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Having Conversations Arc of Asking (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Rainmakers a strong asker who rushes to close. Give the donor time to convince herself. Go-Getters resist closing and enjoy the moment so much. Dont leave the close for the end. Kindred Spirits likely to put off the ask to avoid confrontation. Find the courage to get the ask on the table and the courage to ask again after answering questions. Mission Controllers - an urge to control how things unfold. Let the ask unfold naturally, give it some breathing room. The donor might not be ready to close. AskingMatters.com Having Conversations Asking Styles (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Follow Up and Whats Next Sample Trip Report (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • Resources Ahern, Seeing Through A Donors Eyes Ahern/Joyaux, Keep Your Donors Burk, Donor-Centered Fundraising and Donor-Centered Leadership Burnett, Relationship Fundraising Joyaux, Strategic Fund Development Emlen, Intentional StewardshipHighest Level of Philanthropy Grace, Beyond Fundraising Kihlstadt, Capital Campaigns Nonprofit Research Collaborative reports, surveys Panas, Power Questions and Sobel and Panas, Power Relationships Sargeant, Building Donor Loyalty Sargeant et al, Fundraising Principles and Practices Stroman, Asking About Asking Calculating Donor Retention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqfayQRzpKM http://www.lorijacobwith.com/free-resources/downloadable-materials.htm (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
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  • Presenter Anne Peyton CPF CFRE www.YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com [email protected] ! The resource list is a sample of our professional body of knowledge and practical actions. (c) YellowBrickRoadConsulting.com
  • ! ! ! Next Webinar: ! Donor Thank You Videos, Infographics, and Other Fun Ways to Say Thanks ! Kivi Leroux Miller ! Thursday, June 5th 1:00pm EDT https://bloomerang.co/resources/webinars