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health class powerpoint presentation: dare to dream


Try to stay above a 3.0 GPA by studying for all of my tests and doing all my assignments in there entirety.Get at least 2 As on my report card by working hard and not being lazy.So far academically I am doing average, I can really improve in math.

9101112AwardsPerfect attendanceHobbiesMusic/Riding my Jet SkiGrades1 Honor RollClubsBowling

My personal goal is to eat better and exercise more so I can maintain a healthy body and healthy weight.

Extracurricular Goals:One of my extracurricular goals is next year play football because a lot of my friends keep telling me to join as well as the coach. Also football is one of my favorite sports.

One of my career goals is to become a doctor.I am interested in attending any college that offers a good program.To accomplish this goal I need to work hard with my grades and get a 3.8 GPAI can get information on this goal on the internet and even some alumni of the school.

If I could If I could write a book it would be an autobiographyIf I could be rich I would buy a team of some kind and buy everything that I want or need. And buy everything friends want or need.If I could buy something for someone else I would buy them whatever they want.If I could give money to an organization I would give it to an organization that helps end world hunger.

If I could (continued)If I could travel anywhere I would travel to Cancun, Mexico because I like a lot there or Texas because I have family there.If I could pick an activity I havent done before I would race my jet ski in an organized race.

If I could reward myself when I accomplish a goal I would eat my favorite food.

What I like about me:A short list of my best physical features are my hair, and smile.5 things that Im proud about myself are hair, smile, eyes, personality, and nationality.My favorite activity is riding my jet ski.Something Im good at doing is making people laugh.My greatest accomplishment is learning how to juggle by myself.

Something that makes me laugh are funny movies.I make other people laugh by being funny.Something I really enjoy doing is racing my 2 jet skis with my brother.

Educational Goals:

Class:Grade:English:BMath:B-New Testament:BHealth:AScience:BSpanish:A-Gym:A

I can get my lowest grade up on grade by studying the material every night for 15 minutes until I get the grade I want.I am still unsure of what college I want to attend.