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Dream . Dare . Dive aims to put the soul back in education by taking students on a holistic learning journey of self-discovery. The first leg of the programme will feature a series of MindJam preparation sessions introducing the concepts such as culture creation, thinking paradigm transformations, creativity and innovation, and giving back to society. The second leg then culminates in an expedition to Silicon Valley where these concepts come to life! Highlights of the trip include visits to Google, Apple, Stanford University, and The Delancey Street Foundation, with personal interaction with passionate self-starters, esteemed professors, and other altruistic and global leaders. Upon return, participants will be able to use the lessons they learnt to supplement all aspects of their academic and professional career, and contribute back to the society in many possible ways. A presentation for teachers and principles in Singapore.

Text of Dream . Dare . Dive

  • Welcome

  • An idea is like a seedIf you do not do anything about it

    it remains a seed

    The Power of the Idea

  • Our 5 Key Beliefs

  • 1. Build alearning Community

  • Who gets to go?

  • MindJamSessions

  • 2. Infuse a GoodLearning Culture

  • Share insights, thoughts and


    Have an inquisitive

    mind Think Aloud!

    Ask Questions

  • Be positive in speech

    and attitudeRespect others

    views and opinions


  • The importance of Asking Questions

  • The power of sharing.

  • 3. The spirit cannot be taught

    It Needs to be Caught!

  • We meet people.

  • Lots and Lotsof people!

  • And ask them difficult questions.

  • We prepare students to meet people

  • 4. The Three layers of learning

  • What doyou See?

    What do you Think?

    What do you Feel?

  • 5. Quality IntrospectionLeads to Internalization

  • Reflection happens everywhere!

  • Thank You!

  • Contact Us

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