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booklet of DTD@SJTU 2016


<ul><li><p>Children in different areas are receiving different education</p></li><li><p>When those children grow up</p><p>Different educational modes shape them into different kinds of people</p></li><li><p>They have different strong points, also different shortcomings.</p></li><li><p>Thus, The absolutely perfect educational mode doesnt exist in the world</p><p>But an improved mode does</p></li><li><p>Now DTD is coming</p><p>I believe everybody in this project may find their own answer of education</p></li><li><p>CATALOGUE</p><p>01. program</p><p>03.contact</p><p>02. places</p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p></li><li><p>Introduction</p><p>Dare to Dream is an educational program having a history of 6 years. We aim at providing a platform for middle school students from relatively underdeveloped regions, allowing them to have deeper understanding of foreign culture and expand their knowledge of global issues. Our program offers an open and inclusive approach, granting them with the ability of realizing bigger dreams and encouraging them to fulfill greater value. </p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>dtd-mirror</p><p>DTD-Mirror is a special branch of Dareto Dream due to its concentration on educationitself. Through sharing and analyzing educationalmodes in different countries, we hope everyoneinvolved in this project will have a new vision oneducation.</p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>1.[Teach] Give classes to high school students during the summer camp. Design the course with local volunteers from BUDDY &amp; AIESECERs before.*Here are some reference:English/geography/literature/psychology/astronomy/economics/Art/P.E. and so on.2.[Study] Display your countries educational mode to students anddiscuss the advantages and disadvantages of this mode. Conduct a survey on Chinese education and have an interview with peoplerelated with education.</p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p><p>what you are Supposed to do</p></li><li><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>Mwhat you are Supposed to do</p><p>3.[Cooperate] Work in a multi-culture team.4.[Explore] Taste different kinds of traditional Chinese foods, visit some famous scenery spots in Shanghai , Shaoxing and nearby cities. Experience traditional Chinese culture at the same time.5. [Show] Use we media to record what you have experienced and thought. 6.[preparation] We highly recommend you could apply for F visa for 6 weeks, or F visa for 30 days and extend in China. If you cannot get F visa, you could apply for L visa and get extension in China.Also get your health certificate ready before you come.*We provide the AIESEC invitation letter if need.</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>WHAT can you learn in this project</p><p>1.Profound knowledge about the current teaching situation throughout the world and a better understanding of education itself.</p><p>2.Communication skills with people from different cultural background and public speech skills. </p><p>3.Improvement of organization, cooperation and design abilities. 4. Self-awareness and adaptability to foreign environment5.A better comprehension of Chinese traditional culture and customs, as well as some traditions in other countries.</p><p>6.Basic Shanghainese and mandarin. </p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>MAbout logitics</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p><p>Accommodation:Home stay: We are now search for several agencies which can provide home stay. We intend to provide home stay for every EP. If matched, part of the accommodation fee can </p><p>be spared.</p><p>Back-up plan: Since numbers of EPs are still unclear. In case some Chinese home stay cannot match with our EPs. We are also contacting school dormitory and youth </p><p>hostel(maximum $6-8 per day ). Well make sure every EP live comfortably with least expense.</p><p>Food: About 4-7 dollars per day.(partly covered)Transportation: Bus and Metro.(We offer transportation card)</p></li><li><p>WHAT HAVE WE DONE</p><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>M</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>DARE</p><p> TO </p><p>DREA</p><p>MWHAT HAVE WE DONE</p><p>July 1st - August 12th 2016 Shanghai &amp; Shaoxing Mainland of China</p></li><li><p>About Shanghai</p></li><li><p>summer</p><p>Average temperature(July, August)</p><p>(25~32)77~90</p><p>Throughout the past century, Shanghai</p><p>has had numerous name tags attached</p><p>to it; like "Paris of the Orient" and "Pearl</p><p>of China". Images of Shanghai more</p><p>than any other Chinese city, are</p><p>bountiful in the west. As the largest and</p><p>most prosperous city in the nation,</p><p>Shanghai is the economic, financial and</p><p>cultural center of China, while Beijing is</p><p>the political heart. A visit here therefore,</p><p>is naturally tainted to some extent, with</p><p>a preconception of how the city will be.</p></li><li><p>About Shaoxing</p></li><li><p>summer</p><p>Average temperature(July, August)</p><p>(25~32)77~90</p><p>Shaoxing lies in northern Zhejiang</p><p>Province on the southern shore of the</p><p>Hangzhou Bay. It is a famous ancient city</p><p>south of the Yangtze River and the</p><p>hometown of Lu Xun (1881-1936), China's</p><p>great twentieth century writer. It was the</p><p>capital of the State of Yue of the Spring</p><p>and Autumn Period some two thousand</p><p>years ago. Shaoxing is a town of rivers</p><p>and canals, arch bridges and boats.</p><p>Tourists will find a number of interesting</p><p>places to visit in the city and its vicinity.</p></li><li><p>Linda GuEmailguyulu.sjtu@aiesec.netMobile: +86 18717786128Facebook: Linda Gu</p><p>AIESEC SJTUIn Shanghaihttps://opportunities.aiesec.org/opportunity/715161</p><p>Contact us</p></li><li><p>what sculpture is toa block of marble,education is to thesoul.</p></li></ul>