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2016 Dare to Dream 3.0 AIESEC SCNU , Mainland of China Please download it to check


<ul><li><p> Introduction of Dare to Dream</p><p>AIESEC SCNUMainland of China</p></li><li><p>Project Main Introduction</p><p>Location GuangzhouMainland of China</p><p>Date: 16Jul,2016-27Aug,2016</p><p>Project Name: Dare To Dream 3.0</p><p>Activities School Camp,Global Village,Charity Biking Youth Speak,City Tour and so on</p><p>Students'age 12-16</p></li><li><p>Project IntroductionDare to Dream is the largest national project in Mainland of China and its Dare to Dream 3.0 in SCNU now. It gathers interns with diverse cultural backgrounds to create social impacts in Mainland of China. It aims to give the interns the opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding about China as well as demonstrate their own talents and extraordinary cultures through both cultural exchange and education activities. </p><p>You can most definitely make an impact! Think of the sparkling eyes of students and the opportunity to enlighten their way into the future. Your effort will be worthwhile!</p></li><li><p> Education Work During the first week in Guangzhou, you need to give lessons for students with your buddies. We will help you design diverse and impressive courses for the children, which are mainly about culture and English, and teach you some convenient skills to communicate with the children.</p><p>Job Discription</p><p> You need to spend two weeks teaching about 250 students whose age are around 12~16 years old in school, helping them improve their spoken English, and organizing some activities to help the students build up their dreams and guide them realize their dreams. Most students are eager to study and broaden their horizon to chase a better future.</p><p>Dare to Dream 2.0</p><p>Dare to Dream 1.0</p></li><li><p>Sharing Culture You need to prepare formal presentation and games to show about your traditional culture, and deliver them to the students. You will organize the Global Village for students and local people, and show them how amazing the world is.</p><p>City Tours You can enjoy the local Chinese food and experience traditional culture. You can also explore Guangzhou city and cities near Guangzhou, such as Shenzhen which is a modern city and Foshan, the hometown of Bruce Jun Fan Lee and the home of Yongchun, which is a type of KongFu.You will visit both prosperous cities and peaceful countryside and will experience diverse minorities'cultures to have a full view of China. </p><p>Charity BikingThe advantageous journey awaits at charity biking! You can have a chance to see the stunning cityscape overlooking the Pearl River. To get hand-in-hand experience with the local, and to experience the extraodinary canton cuisine and culture.</p><p>Culture Experience</p></li><li><p>Learning Points</p><p>You will have an excellent multicultural experience, which will make you easier to adapt to a new environment and you will be more independent.</p><p>You will get along with different people such as school students, your buddies, your home stay family and so on. As a result, you will develop your communication skills. </p><p>During the camp, it's a chance for you to develop your team spirit and cooperation skills. You may also be a leader of a class or a small team, which can practice your leading skills.</p><p>During the camp, you will experience Chinese life and know many things about Chinese traditional culture. Interns will also improve their presentation and facilitation skills.</p><p>Exchange Experience</p><p>Communication Skill</p><p>Team Work and Leadership Development</p><p>The Knowledge of Chinese Culture</p></li><li><p>Accommodation</p><p>Meal</p><p>Pick Up</p><p>Transportation In School Camp: Dormitory (approximately 2 weeks, bunk bed) .others weeks: Intern house which cost about 120$. </p><p>Only in School Camp provided</p><p>Provided</p><p>Bus, Taxi and Metro are the most useful and common transportation. One-way bus fee: 2 RMB Metro: 2 RMB - 7RMB Taxi: Taxi fee costs more than 10 RMB</p></li><li><p>Contacts</p><p>Conta</p><p>cts</p><p>DtD Team LeaderNatalie Cheung nataliecheung.aiesec.gdufs@gmail.comWhatsapp:+86 13662421499Skypenatalieduducheung</p><p>DtD Match ManagerRick Huangrick.aiesec.gdufs@gmail.comWhatsapp:+86 15521053441VP iGCDP of AIESEC SCNU</p><p>Bella Liangliangyanmei.gdufs_scnu@aiesec.netSkype:bella386137606</p><p>AIESEC SCNUMainland of China</p></li></ul>