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  • www.daretodreamprogram.ca The Dare to Dream Game

  • Question # 1In Ontario, what percentage of children and youth between the ages 4-16 suffer from some type of mental illness?www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • The Answer?20%www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • Question # 2What is the second* most common cause of death in teens? www.daretodreamprogram.ca (*the #1 cause is accidental death)

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caSuicideThe Answer?

  • Question # 3What percentage of individuals who are depressed respond to treatment?www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • www.daretodreamprogram.ca80-90%The Answer?

  • Question # 4Can you name three negative things people with mental illness or mental health difficulties might have to face?www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caStigmaAlienationMisunderstandingThe Answer?

  • Question # 5www.daretodreamprogram.ca What program gives out money to youth who want to lower the stigma and raise awareness about mental health issues?

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caDare to Dream!!!The Answer?

  • Congratulations!!!www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caWhat is mental health?Mental health can be measured by how well we cope with stress, relate to others and make choices. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caMental Health is how weFeel feelings, sentiments, moods, sensitivity, affection, attachment, and relationships (self and others)Think thinking, memory, learning, language, decision making, problem solving, understanding, point of view, and relationships (self and others)Act actions, deeds, activities, manners, conduct, performance, and relationships (self and others)

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caMental HealthMental health relates to feeling good, both mentally and physically. When you are mentally healthy, you are generally high functioning in your thinking, behavior, and feelings. You may have your ups and downs, but your general state of being is good.

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caMental Health DifficultiesMental health difficulties can range from temporary reactions to a painful event or stress, symptoms of drug or alcohol use, lack of sleep, etc. right through to more severe psychiatric conditions and mental illness, such as depression and anxiety.

  • www.daretodreamprogram.caMental Health DifficultiesSome factors that may contribute to mental health difficulties include: The environment Personal life experiences Your physical body

  • Dare to Dream isAn awards program for youth that is run by youth and supported by the nice folks at the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health at CHEO


  • www.daretodreamprogram.ca Whats it all about?We give up to $1000 to individuals and $5000 to groups to create mental health awareness projects.

    Anyone living in Ontario who is18 years of age or under can apply.

  • Youth Coordinators and Review TeamThe review team:Made up of youth from Ontario.Any youth can apply to be a part of it.Meet in Ottawa twice a year.Decide which projects get funding.www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • Successful Projects

    Survey of high school students about knowledge of mental health 2 plays focusing on mental health Relaxing room at a secondary school Youth talent show Conflict resolution comic book Self-esteem program for girls


  • Successful Projects

    In the S.T.E.A.M. program, students in Grades 7 & 8 use drama and music to help elementary students learn to deal with anger & emotions.

  • Successful Projects

    SNAP-PEY PALS is a conflict resolution comic book for elementary students.

  • Successful Projects

    This student wrote and performed a play about dealing with mental health issues based on her own experiences.

  • Successful Projects

    This school used their Dare to Dream grant for a relaxing room where students could go to relax during lunch and learn about youth mental health.

  • You too, can make your project come to life!Start thinking about it and apply today!www.daretodreamprogram.cawww.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • How do you apply ?Dare to dream awards are granted twice a year.In autumn, deadline is the end of October In spring, deadline is the end of March Application forms, instructions and all the information you need can be found on our Web site:


    Or you can contact us at: 1.866.282.7601

  • If you arent a youth any more, but are young at heart, we still NEED you!!!www.daretodreamprogram.ca

  • www.daretodreamprogram.ca As a Dare to Dream mentor!!

  • D2D Posters & Ecards

  • Toll free number: 1.866.282.7601 Web site:

    Email: d2d@cheo.on.caGot Questions???www.daretodreamprogram.ca

    *This presentation has been developed to introduce the Dare to Dream awards program from the Provincial Centre of Excellence for Child and Youth Mental Health.*Before we start, heres a quick quiz for you to check out your mental health IQ.

    How much do YOU know about mental health and mental health difficulties?*Heres the first question:

    In Ontario, what percentage of children and youth between the ages of 4-16 suffer from some type of mental illness?

    *The answer? Its estimated that about 20% of children and youth in Ontario suffer from some kind of mental illness a figure thats pretty consistent all around the world.

    *The second question is:

    After accidents, what is the second most common cause of death in teens?*The answer? Suicide is the second most common cause of death in teens.

    *The next question is:

    What percentage of individuals who are depressed, respond to treatment?*The good news is that getting help does make a difference:

    80-90% of people who are depressed, respond to treatment!*The fourth question is:

    Can you think of three negative things people with mental illness or mental health difficulties might have to deal with?

    *Unfortunately, there are more than three answers to this question, but the most common negative things experienced by people with mental illness or mental health difficulties are stigma, alienation and misunderstanding.

    *This LAST question is a tough one!

    What program gives money to youth who want to lower the stigma and raise awareness about mental health issues?

    *Question fives answer is:

    DARE TO DREAM!!!*Congratulations! Youre done!

    Now that we have your interest, lets find out more about mental health and mental health difficulties, and what YOU can do to make a difference through the Dare to Dream program.*You hear a lot about mental health. Like physical health, mental health is important at every stage of life.*Mental health can be viewed and experienced in many different ways.

    We express our mental health through our feelings, thoughts and actions.*Mental Health isnt necessarily about always being happy. Sometimes there are reasons to be upset. But being mentally healthy helps us to cope with the many different challenges that we face.*Like physical health, mental health can range from good (where you cope well with daily challenges) to experiencing mental health difficulties, which are described here.

    You may be more familiar with the term mental illness, which refers to a specific diagnosis by a mental health professional. The term mental health difficulties includes a broader range of experiences including, at its most severe, mental illness. *People of all ages are susceptible mental health difficulties from time-to-time or throughout their lives.

    This is why its important for young people to be aware of their own mental health.*The Dare to Dream Program has been developed to help young people become more aware of mental health and to support them in promoting mental health awareness to their peers and in their communities.

    In these projects, youth partner with adult mentors who help bring their ideas come to life.

    *To be eligible for a Dare to Dream award, applicants must be 18 or under. (No adults are allowed to apply!) They must also live in Ontario and be partnered with a mentor.

    If you want to do a project by yourself, you can get up to $1000. If you and 3 or more friends want to develop a project you can get up to $5000!

    Dare to Dream projects can also count towards secondary volunteer hours.*The Dare to Dream review team (better known as the Dream team) are youth from all around Ontario who get together twice a year to review applications and decide which ones to fund. *Dare to Dream has already funded a number of successful projects, including plays, songs, t-shirts, suicide intervention training, a comic book and many other cool ideas. *These students in grades 7 and 8 participated in S.T.E.A.M. conflict resolution training. After their training they wanted to share what they had learned with other students, so they developed a song and play that was presented at different schools and on a local TV station.

    They were so popular that they ended up making a DVD so that number of schools could share. *This applicant came up with an idea to create a comic book about a group of friends who use a magic top to travel back in time to resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner.

    The aim of SNAP-PEY PALS is to teach younger kids about conflict resolution techniques. *For this Dare to Dream project the applicant created a play about her own experiences with mental health difficulties and the mental health system.

    She also created t-shirts with the slogan Stop the Silence to get people talking about youth mental health. *At one applicants school there was nowhere to relax during the lunch break, so she came up with the idea to create a relaxing room where students could unwind. She also invited speakers to come in and talk about mental health and made sure lots of good mental health resources were available to the students.

    *These ideas are just the beginning. We want to hear from you as well.

    To find out more about the Dare to Dream program, visit our website at: www.daretodreamprogram.ca. *Dare to Dream awards are granted twice a year, with application deadlines at the end of October and the end of March. All of the information you need in order to apply is on our website www.daretodreamprogram.ca. If you have any problems filling out an application or cant find a mentor feel to contact us at d2d@cheo.on.ca or at 1-866-282-7601.*In addition to youth, we also need adult mentors who can help young people through the application process and provide support as they develop their projects.

    A mentor can be anyone who works with youth on a day-to-day basis, such as teachers, guidance councilors, psychologists, psychiatrists, youth or social workers.*Providing direction and support is a mentors main job. Mentors help youth with their applications, keep their projects on course, and administer the funds.

    If you are interested in becoming a mentor but arent connected to youth fill out a mentor application form and we will try to match you with young people who live in your area.

    *Help us spread the word.

    On the Dare to Dream website you can send one of our new ecards to friends or download and print the Dare to Dream poster.

    If youd like, we can even send you paper copies. *If you have any questions please contact us! All the information you need to apply for a Dare to Dream is on our website.