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  • 1. The Mobile Digital Divide The Part Time Group

2. So where is the divide? Economic Geographical Financial Technology Cultural a new currency 3. Digital Divide - Technology The way forward for everyone, no matter of age and background

  • Technology is part of our daily lives, if we like it or not. We may be advanced users who love being online surfing the web, creating blogs, chatting with friends using MSN, Skype or just plain shopping!
  • We can take this for granted at times but other users could be afraid of using ICT in their daily lives; therefore resulting in the lack of use of ICT or to experiment with technology.
  • The divide of technology could also just be lack of experience people have with Technology, thus making the gap of Digital Divide greater but there is ways of combating this.
  • Free basic IT courses
  • Telephone support for FAQ
  • Step by Step flow guides
  • 24/7 easy access online resources
  • There is a variety of resources accessible to all types of users which can enhance their knowledge and skills .

4. Digital Divide Technology Shopping/Bill Payments Contact Friends News Entertainment

  • Shop online or walk to the local Superstore.
  • Pay bills online via bank/PayPal or walk to the Post Office or Bank
  • Write to a friend using pen and paper or email.
  • Talk to friends face to face or via MSN, Skype etc.
  • Go to the Theatre, Concert or watch live performances on TV, Internet.
  • Play board games, cards, sports or play on computer, surf the web.
  • Read a Newspaper/Magazine or read up to date news online.
  • Talk to people or listen to the radio, watch TV,

Digital Divide - Technology 5. Generally speaking, the most technologically advanced mobile phones are predominantly readily available in the developed countries (Japan, Europe, Australia, USA, etc) iPhone Image: Digital Divide - Geographical 6. On the other hand......

  • I have a 71 year old British father-in-law who has never owned a mobile phone and has no
  • intention of acquiring one.
  • Yet my 62 year old Nigerian mother can send text messages from her mobile!

Granny photo: Digital Divide - Geographical 7.

  • The economic aspects can be seen as a reflection of other factors:
    • Geographical developing and developed countries
    • Educational access to, and quality of learning facilities
    • Political a voice in the way services are delivered
    • Historic the development of a community area or region
  • In relation to mobile phones there are other forces at play:
    • Market forces whether a market is seen to be profitable by phonecompanies
    • Supplier Competition new technology constantly being developed and marketed
    • These groups of forces can come together to shape the environment:
    • Emerging markets developing/developed countries -Dr Patrick Dixon
    • Focus of manufacturers to changing to provide more low cost handsets to what they consider emerging markets

Digital Divide - Economic Factors 8. Easy with a mobile Digital Divide a new currency 9. Not so easy without Digital Divide a new currency 10.

  • Scalesof use
  • From no mobile phone or use of landlines
  • More phones than population - UK 102% market penetration -IT Facts
  • From progress through technological increments landline > mobile > satellite
  • Toleapfrog effect emerging markets move straight to mobile/satellite
  • Phone types
    • From basic phone call /SMS
    • To Multi function phone call/SMS/Internet/Camera/GPS/MP3
  • Handset acquisition
    • From recycled / second-hand phone
    • To new/latest handset
  • Phone use
    • From emergency calls only
    • Totariffs with unlimited calls/texts
    • Fromprepay phones
    • Tocontract phones

Digital Divide - Effects of Financial Factors 11. Attitudinal Barriers What does he need that for ? What r u on about? You know mum doesnt talk on the mobile Told you to take it easy. Too old to understand are u, haha Need some help son! Digital Divide The Cultural Backlog 12. BRIDGING THE DIVIDE Education !!Education!!Education!!Thats the only way out. Show them how its done Homework done in 10 minutes, beat that. If only they knew how. Commitment by governments and companies Rural Programs Love that tune Show them the benefits.