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Digital Divide Draft Sept 19

Digital Divide Draft Sept 19. Digital Divide Definition - Digital Divide

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Text of Digital Divide Draft Sept 19. Digital Divide Definition - Digital Divide

  • Digital DivideDraft Sept 19

  • Digital Divide

  • Definition - Digital Divide

  • Some Haves and Some Have NotsInternet ServicesBroad Band at Affordable CostsAccess to WEB ServicesFreedom from MonitoringFreedom from CrimeLegal Structure that supports Internet commerce

  • Internet ServicesAt workAt SchoolAt home

  • Broad Band at Affordable CostsAt WorkPermits access to world market to supplyWEB ServicesProduct DesignsLow Cost VoiceAt School, especially at the universityPermits cooperative researchAllows Access to Open Courseware InitiativesAt homeMay be unmonitored access

  • Technical Access is insufficientEstimate that up to 75% of companies practice keystroke monitoringSome countries block worldwide Internet at the border

  • Why the Digital Divide

  • Rapid Growth of Broadband in rich and economically growth oriented countriesUS has target of universal broadband access by 2007China has had high speed infrastructure plan for a decadeHong Kong has had a plan to be high speed feed for Asian area since the mid-1990's

  • Large Population Growth over next decade in poor countriesPoor areas focus on food, medicine before InternetInternet infrastructure requiresWide Area InterconnectLast Mile facilitiesComputers for individualsAppropriate Training starting at elementary level and lasting through college

  • Opportunities of the Information Societies

  • India High Tech Commercial GrowthSupported by (7) India Institutes of Technologies, National Centers for Software TechnologyUniversities started in 1951Commercial Investments such as IT design center in Bangalore in early 1970'sShipping bits by satellite link easier than shipping physical products and higher valueSignificant migration of work from US to India

  • Result Higher Paying jobsEmployees of off shore companies earn 8 times or more than employees of local companiesOpportunity to TravelMotivationOpportunity to market World Wide

  • Problems of the Digital Divide

  • Actions to Improve the Situation

  • Demonstrate to Rich SocietiesThe cost of poor nationsIncreased pollutionHigher energy cost per person than for efficient societiesThe value of economically growing societiesLower PollutionLower energy cost per personBecome customers

  • Subsidize items that lead to self sufficiencyInfrastructureTechnical AssistanceOffer scholarships to US universitiesInternational Connection

  • International Connection