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Undergoing a Revolution

Undergoing a RevolutionLiberty, Equality, Fraternity!Bastille dayBastille Day July 14, 1789a symbolic act of revolutionindependence day for FranceBastille represented evil & corruptionPeople protested for freedom of speech and equalitykilled governor of Bastille, forced King to listen

en.wikipedia.orgLouis xvi calls for meeting of estates general - 1789The Estates General are a Governing body representing all three estatesAll estates have not met since 1614. deputies are representatives of each estateThe first and second estate outnumber the third estate by votes (2 to 1)

teachnet.euThird estate upset, form their own governmentCalled the National AssemblySecretive organization Members of BourgeoisieA governing body of the Third EstateEncourage people to ignore KingPassed laws and reforms (changes) national assemblyEncourage other estates to join themOriginally not recognized by the KingKing locks them out of meetingsThey decide to meet on their ownKing Louis XVI discovers their meeting placeKing files a Letter of Condemnation they are not allowed to be in the country

The king condemns them!Members refuse to be stopped, meet on a tennis court and take the Tennis Court Oath (the National Assembly will meet at any location until their plans are successful).Established Declaration of Right of Man and Citizen (DOROMAC)King appeals to the Second Estate, Please pay taxes! They refuseand so does the Third Estate.France has no money & no income!King has lost absolute power, he is forced to recognize new government

www.123rf.comLouis XVI listensperhaps too late!Recognizes National Assembly Governing body representing all Estates King has lost absolute power, he is forced to acknowledge new governmentMany join the Third Estate and the National Assembly

littlemissfrenchified.wordpress.comEscape from france!The King & Queen attempt to flee into safetyThey try to cross the border to AustriaPostmaster recognized them and contacts authorities Marie and Louis XVI were arrested & forced into imprisonmentAccused of treason and leaving their people

en.wikipedia.orgIn 1792 france becomes a republicReign of Terror begins

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