The Television Landscape Transmedia Storytelling Transmedia Storytelling Presenter Amie Mills - TVNZ

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Text of The Television Landscape Transmedia Storytelling Transmedia Storytelling Presenter Amie Mills - TVNZ

  • The Television Landscape

    Transmedia Storytelling Presenter Amie Mills - TVNZ

  • “In the world of video, broadcasters and marketers now have many more opportunities to connect with people

    in a way that is relevant to where and when they are watching.”

    2015 NZ Multi-Screen Report (Nielsen)

  • Multimedia One story, many forms, one channel.

    Crossmedia or multi-platform One story, many channels.

    Transmedia One story world, many stories, forms, channels.

  • Well planned use of multiple media platforms to tell the story.

    Architecture for dialogue for fans to engage with the story.

  • Digitally hard-wired

    Dual-screen meshing

    Bridging campaign

    Platform extension

  • The D:Rig allows contributors to share their digital communications with the production team. The system comprises customised mobile phones which sends data back to a secure central server in near real time. The data is viewed and processed by a dedicated team of D:Rig researchers/producers, who use it to inform what observational documentary teams are filming on the ground. – Dimitri Doganis, co-exec producer

  • Over the three months filming period, the D:Rig system collected a total number of more than 200,000 data points from the 12 students.


  • “We're certainly seeing it as a new evolution in terms of the relationship between contributors and production teams, and it has the potential to change how observational documentary series are made. ”

    – Dimitri Doganis, co-exec producer


  • “You can still watch the series passively and thoroughly enjoy it. It’s been written that way. But it’s also been written with a second screen not as an after-thought but as a tool to solving the crime, making for far more immersive and interactive viewing. ”

    - Colin Delaney

    Former media journalist for Mumbrella

  • Chris Warner’s bach, Christmas, secret Santa, a psychopath with a hero complex, a bomb, a burning inferno…

    A great story


  • An interactive transmedia clue hunt to encourage viewers to speculate about the survivors and the victims of the fatal bomb blast.

    The Idea



  • One of the biggest multi-screen opportunities is not simultaneous connections between screens, but rather ensuring a presence across screens to build multiple touch points and amplify content.

    Colmar Brunton AdReaction survey


  • Driving from on-air to online



  • 26,045 downloads 619,370 screen views 76% returning users (85%) 27m session duration #2 simulation game #2 strategy game


  • Every platform is a musical instrument, playing a narrative symphony.

    - Jeff Gomez

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