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Student Counselling Service

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Student Counselling Service. Confidential. Free . Friendly. Professional. What do we offer?. Wellbeing Groups. Boosting Self esteem, Improving Interpersonal relationships, Managing Eating distress, Coping with Stress Working through Bereavement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Student Counselling Service

ConfidentialFree Friendly


What do we offer?Wellbeing GroupsBoosting Self esteem, Improving Interpersonal relationships,Managing Eating distress,Coping with StressWorking through Bereavement Adjusting to TCD for International StudentsDeveloping ways to cope with AnxietyLearning to balance MoodCheck website for details dates and times

Online Mental Health Project

What is Student 2 Student?Volunteer programme where students provide support for other students withquestions around:

Adjusting to College lifeMaking FriendsFinding your way around

Peer Mentoring- for First year students

How do I plan my time?

I would like some advice on writing a Literature Review

I want to improve my academic writing.

I find myself checking facebook all the time, I cant focus!

I would like to practice a presentation (e.g. Viva defence, conference)

How do I set up a study group?

How do I get the most out of my supervisor?

Student Learning Development7-9 South Leinster Street,

Other supports.....Niteline

Confidential HelplineRun by Students for StudentsFreephone:1800 793 793Thursday Tuesday:9:00 pm 2:00 am

Phone: (01) 896 1407 (01)896 3748To make an appointment: Or call in to:

Student Counselling Service(3rd Floor) 7-9 South Leinster StreetTrinity College Dublin 2

Opening Times:

Monday Friday 9:15am 17:10pm

Tuesdays (term time only) until 20:00

Emergency appt available daily 15:00

Check website for updates