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Rosemount 485 Annubar® Flowmeter Series. Rosemount 485 Annubar Flowmeter How It Works Flow LOW HIGH Impact area DP (h w ) = P H(avg.) - P L(avg.) Static

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Text of Rosemount 485 Annubar® Flowmeter Series. Rosemount 485 Annubar Flowmeter How It Works Flow LOW HIGH...

Rosemount 485 Annubar Customer Presentation

Rosemount 485 Annubar Flowmeter Series

Rosemount 485 Annubar FlowmeterHow It WorksFlowLOWHIGHImpact areaDP(hw) = PH(avg.) - PL(avg.)StaticPressureImpact Pressure (40%)Blockage / Suction Pressure (60%)Total DP

VelocityProfile(40/60 relationship not the same for all APTs)

Rosemount Invented the Averaging Pitot Tube and Continues to InnovateIntegral thermowell available in all sizesInnovative upstream slot for comprehensive averagingT-shaped sensor creates large stagnation zones on backside to reduce noise


T-Shape Improves Accuracy and Reduces Plugging

Provides a more accurate measurement than traditional APTsFlow Testing Results Available on

Document Number - 00821-0100-48090.75% AccuracyRosemount Annubar Flowmeters Pak-Lok Patented compression design firmly secures the Annubar sensor to the opposite wall of the pipe. Rated up to 600# ANSI.Flange-LokCombines Pak-Lok compression mechanism with a mounting flangeFlanged With Opposite Side SupportMeets the requirement of high pressure applications. Available up to 2500# ANSI.Flo-Tap Can be hot-tapped without interruption of the flow. Easily removed for cleaning or line pigging. Available up to 600# ANSI.

Flo-tap Mounting Can Be Used in Applications with Dirty Fluids Can be easily removed for cleaning or line pigging and re-installed

Annubar APT has Lowest Permanent Pressure Loss of Any Primary ElementMinimizes Pumping and Compression Costs8On this one, we need to take out the name optima and change it to the new Annubar

Larger Line Size, Larger Installation Savings with Annubar Technology6 inch$1,313 Savings8 inch$1,645 Savings14 inch$3,513 Savings36 inch$9,765 Savings72 inch$23,451 Savings

Total Installed Cost ComparisonAnnubar APTs require less materialSmall size, less weight24 Annubar < 45 lbs.*

Total installed costs are lower for Annubar Flowmeters, including:Shipping costsLabor time and costLifting equipmentLess Straight Piping Needed*For 150# Flanged version ~70lbs, Pak-lok ~45lbs as shown with transmitter

.67 Beta Orifice with 19-Tube BundleAnnubar Technology Reduces Straight Run Requirements1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344.67 Beta Orifice

Rosemount Annubar

Elbow MountedAnnubar3.0% Accuracy0.1% Repeatability0.75% AccuracyLess Welding and Pipe Fabrication Required 4 linear (100mm) of weld63 linear (1600mm) of weld10 (250mm) lineOrificeAnnubar Pak-lok Mounting Installs in 3 Easy Steps

Integrated Flowmeters Reduce Installation and Maintenance Time and CostTraditional Orifice Plate InstallationLeak points at every fittingAnnubar InstallationAssembly is factory leak testedFew leak points at time of installation

Factory Checked1 leak = $184/year in wasted pump energyEnergy to compress fluid escaping through leak is wasted and costs electricity$$U.S. Dept. of Energy Office of Industrial leak assumed

Rosemount 3051SFA Annubar FlowmeterChoose Any Transmitter and We Will Integrate into a Flowmeter

Rosemount 3051CFA / 2051CFA Annubar FlowmeterRosemount 3051S

Rosemount 3051S MultiVarible Mass Flow TransmitterRosemount 3051/2051

Complete Portfolio of Fully Integrate Flowmeters CapabilityRosemount 3051SFAFlowmeters Arrive Fully Assembled, Configured and Leak Tested and Ready to Install

Rosemount 2051CFA

Rosemount 3051CFA

WirelessAdvanced DiagnosticsMultiVariable Mass Flow321

MultiVariable Combines Three Transmitters into One with Advanced Computations

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Temperature TransmitterPressure Transmitter3 Measurements in 1 TransmitterReal-Time, Fully Compensated FlowRosemount 3051SMV

DP T P DP P P T T T T Coefficients vary with all three measurementsAccurate Flow Measurement Requires Dynamic CompensationDP 17MultiVariable Transmitter Provides Real-Time Full Compensation of Mass and Energy Flow

We Calculate:DensityViscosityVelocityBeta RatioEnthalpyGas ExpansionDischarge CoefficientVelocity of ApproachReynolds NumberCompressibility FactorYou Enter:Process FluidPrimary ElementLine SizeMass FlowEnergy FlowVolumetric FlowTotalized FlowProcess TemperatureDifferential PressureStatic PressureYou Receive:We Measure:Differential PressureStatic PressureProcess TemperatureDynamically corrects for all variables 22 updates/second*Includes AGA DCM and GCM Methods for flow calculation18Questions?