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Este o prezentare in Power Point pentru atestatul la limba engleza, acesta din urma tratand subiectul trupei Queen.

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Profesor ndrumtor :Roxana-Brndua AtudoreiCandidat :Turcu Mioara-Andreea

TABLE OF CONTENTSI. ARGUMENTII. INTRODUCTIONIII. WHERE IT ALL STARTEDIV. 20 YEARS OF QUEEN1. THE ONES WHO HAVE CREATED THE LEGENDARY MUSICA. FREDDIE MERCURYB. BRIAN MAYC. ROGER TAYLORD. JOHN DEACON2. THE FIRST DECADE3. THE LAST DECADE4. WHEN THE BAND COMES TO AN ENDV. THE SHOW MUST GO ONVI. CONCLUSIONSVII. BIBLIOGRAPHYI. ARGUMENTI chose to talk about this subject because it has had a major impact on my lifestyle. Also, I wanted to get new information about Queen- the band.The first time when I heard the music created by this rock legend was when I was in my mothers womb. My father was a huge Queen fan, and because of this, he was determined to listen to them anytime he had the chance together with my mother, of course. Then, after I was born, I grew up with their songs, and thanks to my dad, this changed my outlook on music. Now I realize that real quality work really is the one in which the artist gets involved body and soul in order to transmit an idea that he really believes in, and not just create a song with money as the only the interest in mind.I would like to thank my dad, through this piece of work, for the fact that he got me familiarized with one of the best rock bands in the world. I know that, with his help, we will rock you!

II. INTRODUCTIONIt is impossible for any man, in this world, to have never listened to a song of Queen, let alone not hear about this band.This rock legend was started in the early 70s and, unfortunately, it met its end only after almost 20 years, when the vocalist Freddie Mercury died from a ruthless disease. Even if the other members have tried to continue what they started 2 decades ago, they never had the same success.

The music created by Queen is defined as being one rich in ideas, in impeccable melodic lines and in strong emotions. Most of the times, it induces feelings of joy to the one who is listening to it, giving, also, shivers down the spine, a sign that it is music of quality. However, there are times when it is making the audience sad, because people know that they will not have the chance to enjoy other masterpieces, since Freddie Mercury is no longer alive.

This piece of work contains information about the history of the band Queen and some details about its members and the repertory that delighted the whole world. By these things that have been write here, we offer a tribute to the one that it has been a really rock legend.

III. WHERE IT ALL STARTEDBefore joining Queen, Brian May and Roger Taylor had been playing together in a band namedSmilewith bassistTim Staffell. Freddie Mercury (then known by his birth name of Farrokh "Freddie" Bulsara) was a fan of Smile, and encouraged them to experiment with more elaborate stage and recording techniques after Staffell's departure in 1970. Mercury himself joined the band shortly thereafter, changed the name of the band to "Queen", and adopted his familiar stage name. John Deacon was recruited prior to recording theireponymous debut albumin 1973.


1.The ones who have created the legendary musicFREDDIE MERCURYBRIAN MAYROGER TAYLORJOHN DEACON2. THE FIRST DECADEQueen enjoyed success in the UK with their debut and its follow-up,Queen IIin 1974, but it was the release ofSheer Heart Attacklater in 1974 andA Night at the Operain 1975 that gained the band international success. The latter featured "Bohemian Rhapsody", which stayed at number one in theUK Singles Chartfor nine weeks; it charted at number one in several other territories, and gave the band their first top ten hit on theUS Billboard Hot 100. Their 1977 album,News of the World, contained two of rock's most recognisable anthems, "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions".

3. THE LAST DECADEBy the early 1980s, Queen were one of the biggeststadium rockbands in the world, with "Another One Bites the Dust" their best selling single, and their performance at 1985'sLive Aidis regarded as one of the greatest in rock history. 1986 saw their 14th album, A KIND OF MAGIC, which was the soundtrack to the Russel Mulcahy film, Highlander. The title track became another worldwide smash and the album entered the UK charts at No. 1; later in the year the 2nd live album, LIVE MAGIC, went into the charts at No. 3. Between 1988 and 1991 Queen released three more albums, THE MIRACLE in 1989 and in 1991 INNUENDO and GREATEST HITS TWO. All three entered the UK charts at No. 1, as did the single Innuendo.

4. WHEN THE BAND COMES TO AN ENDOn November 23rd, Freddie announced to the world that he had AIDS. Just the next day, his fight was over, and he died peacefully at his home surrounded by friends and family. The world was in shock. Freddie had kept his illness very private, and only those closest to him had been aware of just how close to the end he really was. Fans from all over the world sent flowers and cards, and many even traveled to London to be at Freddie's house.

V. THE SHOW MUST GO ONDeacon retired in 1997. Since then, May and Taylor have occasionally performed together, including a collaboration withFreeandBad CompanyvocalistPaul Rodgersunder the nameQueen + Paul Rodgerswhich ended in May 2009. Since 2011, May and Taylor have collaborated with vocalistAdam Lambertunder the name ofQueen + Adam Lambert. In November 2014, Queen released a new album,Queen Forever, featuring vocals from the late Freddie Mercury. The band have released a total of 18 number one albums, 18 number one singles, and 10 number one DVDs. Estimates of their record sales generally range from 150 million to 300 million records, making them one of the world'sbest-selling music artists.

VI. CONCLUSIONSAfter we have perused a little part of Queens history, we can conclude with the fact that this band, consisting of 4 extraordinary men, one of whom died too soon, is hard to compete with. It has changed the mentality of millions of people and it has offered songs for the soul for the ones who probably couldnt find consolation in anything else.It is clear that this band created successful melodies, this fact being proved by the huge crowds of people who took part in their concerts, willing to listen live to some of the greatest masterpieces of the rock industry.It is important to not forget about these men who made a change, who found their sense of living and who left the world a little bit better than the way they had found it.