1 February 2010 Company Highlights

P I INGLESE AA FEBBRAIO 2010 red · ATR 72 MP Alenia Aeronautica is developing the ATR 72MP (Maritime Patrol), a new version of the ATR 72–600 civil platform, currently under test

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1February 2010

Company Highlights


Finmeccanica: a global player

• Finmeccanica is a global aerospace, defense and security company based in Italy

• Finmeccanica is among the world’s best performing high-tech companies in helicopters, swing role aircraft, training and tactical transport aircraft, defense electronics, defense systems, aerostructures, air traffic management systems, space infrastructures and satellite services

• More than 100 subsidiaries and 73,398 staff





2,530 € M 3,035 € M 994 € M 4,362 € M 1,333 € M 1,116 € M 1,759 € M

Finmeccanica Organisationand 2008 Reported Results

• Alenia Aeronautica

• Alenia Aermacchi

• AleniaAeronavali

• Alenia North America• Alenia Composite• Alenia Improvement• Alenia SIA• Alenia Hellas• Eurofighter• GIE ATR• GMAS• SuperJet International• SCAC

• SELEX Galileo

• SELEXCommunications

• SELEXSistemi Integrati

• SELEX ServiceManagement

• Elsag Datamat

• Seicos

• Vega Group

• DRS Technologies(since Oct 2008)

100% Finmeccanica Companies

JVs and participated companies

• ThalesAlenia Space

• Telespazio

• Ansaldo Energia • Oto MelaraWASS


• Ansaldo STS• AnsaldoBreda

Revenues 15,037Adj. EBITA* 1,305New Orders 17,575Order Backlog 42,937R&D 1,809Employees 73,398


• AgustaWestlandKEY 2007 FIGURES (EUR million)

Revenues 13,429Adj. EBITA* 1,045New Orders 17,916Order Backlog 39,304R&D 1,836Employees 60,748

(*) Operating result before:- Any goodwill impairment- Amortisation of intangibles acquired under

business combination- Restructuring costs of major, defined plans;- Other extraordinary income and expenses.


• Alenia Aeronautica is one of the major European players in aerospace• Full integration capability through design, manufacture and support of advanced military and

commercial aircraft• Among the world leaders in aerostructures• “Best in class” in technologies and in the industrial process of composite material• Leader in the overhaul, maintenance and modification of military and civil aircraft• Strong and reliable partner of the most outstanding aerospace companies worldwide

Alenia Aeronautica A European leader

Outlook 2009- 2010• Backlog (EFA production & product support, ATR & special

missions, C-27J, Boeing 787) and new Business Pipeline (EFA upgrade, M-346, regional & special missions, C-27J and Boeing 787) support Aeronautics’ flexibility and accountability.

• Margins sustainable due to operating leverage, efficiency measures and costs reduction.

Outlook 2009- 2010• Backlog (EFA production & product support, ATR & special

missions, C-27J, Boeing 787) and new Business Pipeline (EFA upgrade, M-346, regional & special missions, C-27J and Boeing 787) support Aeronautics’ flexibility and accountability.

• Margins sustainable due to operating leverage, efficiency measures and costs reduction.

Growth, strong order backlog and outlook

2008• ATR, 787, A380 and Eurofighter second tranche drove

increase in volumes and operating profit.• EBITA benefits of the increased production in the civil

segment and for the Eurofighter

2008• ATR, 787, A380 and Eurofighter second tranche drove

increase in volumes and operating profit.• EBITA benefits of the increased production in the civil

segment and for the Eurofighter

RevenuesEBITA Adj.MarginOrdersBacklog

(€ mln) (*) FY 08 FY 07 % change
















Defense Revenues

54,3%Opportunities identified exploring DRS products & services on

Alenia platforms to further enhance market presence in the U.S. and Canada


(*) The results include Alenia Aeronautica, its subsidiaries and joint ventures


2008 Human Resources & skills


Resources 13,907

Engineers• Aeronautics• Mechanics• Electronics

Other university graduates• Physics• Mathematics• Computer Sciences


8,19% Staff

19% Engineering

29,32% Other49,39%

High school graduates21,26%

University graduatesand

Post graduates


Torino Caselle

Torino/Alenia SIA


Large sheet metalfabrication

Large panel assembly


Metal bondinglarge structure

sub-assembliesStructural laboratories

CasoriaSheet metal

Venegono / Alenia AermacchiTrainer aircraft

VeneziaOverhaul and maintenance

Venezia/SuperJet InternationalMarketing, Logistic Support and

special versions regional aircraft

FoggiaCarbon fiber and composite material

technologies assembly

Grottaglie-MonteiasiB787 carbon fiber

fuselage productionDecimomannu

Flight Test center


Final assemblyGround and flight test

Logistic supportDesign

System integration and flight simulators

Engineering systems

BrindisiOverhaul and maintenance


Components production

Alenia Aeronautica centers of excellence

Alenia AeronauticaSubsidiaries

World Presence


Alenia Aeronautica main subsidiaries, main consortia, JVs and program suppliers


Subsidiaries, JVs, ConsortiaSuperjet 100 Program suppliers

Alenia AeronauticaMain Industrial links


Commercial Programs




DassaultFalcon 2000 EXFalcon 900 EX


SukhoiSukhoi Superjet family

Military Programs

BAE SystemsEurofighterTornado

Boeing767 Tanker



L-3 CommunicationsC-27J (JCA Program)

Lockheed MartinF35-JSFC-130J


The business lines main programs

Military Airlifters Logistics and MROSpecial Versions Trainer Aircraft AerostructuresDefense and

surveillance aircraft Regional Aircraft


Eurofighter Typhoon

Partners• Alenia Aeronautica (19,5%) • EADS (43%)• BAE Systems (37,5%)

Single and two-seater, twin turbofan engine, supersonic fighter, optimized for air superiority withair to ground capability.

Company work shareAirframeLeft hand wing; Rear fuselage;Under wing pylons; SystemsNavigation; Armament control & carriage; Utility control; Propulsion

Orders- UK/Italy/Germany/Spain 620- Austria 15- Saudi Arabia 72Expected Export Market: 300Delivered Tranche 1 148Delivered Tranche 2 60


F35 - Joint Strike Fighter

Alenia Aeronautica, as national leader for the F35/JSF airframe according to a MoU signed withLockheed Martin, is participating to the development and will build the complete wing of thisadvanced aircraft as a second source.Moreover, Alenia Aeronautica is candidate in Italy for the final assembly line of the Italian JSFs, and for the creation of an integrated logistic support center.

Basic Development phasefrom 2002 to 2012

Production phasefrom 2009 to 2033


SKY-X UAS Technology Demonstrator

Alenia Aeronautica is active in the Unmanned Aerial Systems segment through its participationin several national and international programs.The company in 2003 decided autonomously to launch the realization of an Unmanned Aerial System for supporting its Research activities and Technology demonstrations in this field. The experimental aircraft, named Sky-X, guarantees performances similar to those of a subsonicfighter. The Sky-X is the Alenia Aeronautica testbed dedicated to Autonomous MissionManagement development. In March 2006 it received the Permit to Fly from the Italian CAA. In 2007 it matured Automatic Take-Off and Landing capabilities and synthetic vision technologies, and in May-June 2008 it demonstrated automatic join up and formation flying.

First flightMay 2005

With this flight Alenia Aeronautica has set a European record within the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV) field. Indeed the technological demonstratorSky-X has been the first sophisticated UAV in Europeto fly in the over 1,000 Kg category


SKY-Y UAS Technology Demonstrator

The Sky-Y MALE Technology Demostrator is a dedicated platform for validating several key enabling technologies for a surveillance Unmanned Aerial System in either a military and civiloperational scenario. The Sky-Y is the system testbed for the Alenia Aeronautica MALE product, named Molynx, now in early development. Its characteristics are: innovative carbon fibercomposite construction, heavy fuel/JP-8 engine (automotive diesel derivative), advanceddatalinks, surveillance sensor integration (EO/IR, Multispectral, Synthetic Aperture Radar) and relevant data treatment, elaboration, fusion and distribution via Satellite Ground Terminals also.Following the issue of a Permit to Fly from the Italian ENAC in December 2008, in February-March 2009 it made demonstration ISR flight ISR Flights from Amendola AFB in Italy.

First flightJune 2007

In November 2007 the Sky-Y hasmade a consecutive eight-hourflight in Vidsel, Sweden, settingthis way the endurance continentalrecord for an aircraft of this class of over-one-tonne weight


NEURON A major European aerospace research program

This program brings together and concentrates the best of the brainpower and the aerospace know-how of the main European Industries, in order to develop the tools of tomorrow’s “cost effective” stealth combat aircraft. The french Company Dassault is the program lead company and Alenia Aeronautica is the major partner. The industrial agreement includes also SAAB, EADS-CASA, HAI and RUAG. Alenia responsibilities are related to aircraft systems, stealth and combat capability.


First flight• Expected in 2011

C-27J Spartan medium tactical airlifter

The C-27J provides unique performance in tactical transport missions under the most severe conditions, giving access to a wide range of airfields, including short unprepared strips, due to its excellent performance and autonomous operation capabilities. The C-27J presented by the C-27J team - composed by Alenia North America, L-3 Communications and Global Military Aircraft Systems - has been selected in 2007 as the winner of the Joint Cargo Aircraft program for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force.

OrdersItalian Air Force (12)Hellenic Air Force (12)Bulgarian Air Force (5)Lithuanian Air Force (3)USAF/Army Air Forces (78)(JCA Program)Romanian Air Force (7)Moroccan Air Force (4)

First deliveriesGreece: September 2005Lithuania: December 2006Italy: January 2007Bulgaria: October 2007USA: September 2008


ATR 42 MP Surveyor

The Maritime Patrol ATR 42, an Alenia Aeronautica fully owned program, is able to perform a wide range of missions such as: Maritime Patrol, Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Pollution Detection, Medical Evacuation, Troops, Paratroops, Passengers and Cargo Transport.

Equipment suite• Mission Management System• Surveillance Radar• Electro-Optical System• Electronic Support Measures• Radio communications/Data Link

OrdersItalian Guardia di Finanza (4) Italian Coast Guard (3)Nigerian Air Force (2) Libyan General Security (1)



Alenia Aeronautica is developing the ATR 72MP (Maritime Patrol), a new version of the ATR 72–600 civil platform, currently under test by the Italian-French consortium ATR. The ATR 72MP is an enlarged version of the ATR 42MP, a maritime patrol aircraft developed by Alenia Aeronautica, with longer range and more capabilities thanks to its stretched fuselage, greater payload and larger fuel tanks. The aircraft also features significant growth capabilities.

Equipment suite• Self Protection System, including chaff

and flare dispensers• Mission Management System• Electronically scanned search radar• Electro-optical system• ESM (Electronic Support Measures)

system• AIS (Automatic Identification System)• Advanced communication system,

including a wide array of radios andSATCOM capabilities

• Data Link 11 and 16

Orders:Italian MoD (4)



This program is fully owned by Alenia Aeronautica, and it has been conceived to perform dedicated missions such as: ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), ASuW (Anti Surface Vessel Warfare), SAR (Search and Rescue), Maritime and coastal surveillance. The Turkish Navy ordered 10 ATR 72 ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare).

Equipment suite• Mission Management System • Surveillance Radar• Electro-Optical System• Electronic Support Measures• Radio communications/Data Link• Chaff and flare for passive defence• Acoustic system and sonobuoy

launcher• MAD system• Armament launch system for torpedoes, • antiship missiles and depth charges

Orders:Turkish Navy (10)


Upgrading Activities

G222/C-27AThe Alenia Aeronautica G-222 is a medium-size STOL military twin-turboproptransport aircraft. Over 100 aircraft were built produced, including dedicatedcalibration, SIGINT and EW variants.Alenia estimates to continue supporting about 30 G-222 worldwide in the next 10-15 years, including those aircraft being refurbished under contractsfrom the Nigerian Air Force and US Government, the latter on behalf of the Afghanistan National Army Air Corps.


TornadoAlenia Aeronautica supports the Italian Air Force fleet, including the mid-lifeupdate program (MLU).Partner with EADS and BAE SYSTEMS since program inception, Alenia Aeronautica built the variable-geometry wings for the entire production run(929 aircraft) and assembled 99 machines for Italy, some of which laterupgraded to Italian ECR standard.

AMXLight attack and reconnaissance single-engine aircraft, available also astwin-seats advanced trainer. Alenia Aeronautica has been campaign leader of the industrial program, manufacturing all the central fuselage sections and managing the Italian production lines. Alenia Aeronautica’s share in the program is 46,5%, Alenia Aermacchi 23,8% and Brazilian Embraer 29,7%.

Customer Support

Effective Customer Support is an integral part of Alenia Aeronautica Supplies. We provide complete support to our Customers as they face their most challenging operations.Our dedicated organization provides Customer tailored solutions aiming at aircraft availability maximization and Through Life Support cost optimization. Advanced engineering competence, efficient supply chain control and prompt Customer Relationship Management are the fundamentals of our way to Customer Satisfaction.


Customer Support

Cost effective Through Life Services: Integrated Logistic Support elements design and provision, aircraft and materials availability services, comprehensive and prompt in-house/on-site assistance, a rich training offer, including simulators and training aids supply, in-service data collection and analysis, configuration management, upgrades development and embodiment.

Initial Integrated Logistic Support• Spares Initial Provisioning • Ground Support Equipment • Technical Publications • Training • Simulators and Training Aids • Field Service Representatives

Follow-on Support• Spares Re-provisioning • Technical assistance • Repair & Overhaul • Operating support • Publications updating • Recurrent training • Upgrades

Turn key services• Full contractor logistic support • Materials availability by the hour• Aircraft availability by the hour


AerostructuresMain production and technological capabilities

Carbon fiber large componentsTest Lab(complete static and fatigue testson full size A/C)

Primary structures and complete fuselage assembly

Metals manufacturing(aluminium, steel and titanium)

Open Structures Machining



Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Alenia Aeronautica has been selected as “Small Prime” with a share of about 14% of the airframe. A 50/50 JVCO (called Global Aeronautica) has been established with Vought in Charleston, SC, for carrying out the Pre-Integration of Central and Rear Fuselage. Alenia Aeronautica and Vought are responsible for over 60% of the fuselage.Up to now more than 850 aircraft have been ordered by 56 airlines.

Program targets:

Launch: April 2004Production start: 2006First flight: December 2009Delivery: 2010


Boeing 767 – 777

Alenia Aeronautica work shareFlaps, Slats, Ailerons, Spoilers, Elevators, Rudder, Vertical Fin, Wing Tips, Radome

Deliveries (at Dec 2009): 994 shipsets

Cooperation agreement• The Boeing Co.

(risk sharing, and single source supplier)

Alenia Aeronautica work shareOutboard Flap, Radome

Deliveries (at Dec 2009): 865 shipsets

Cooperation agreement• The Boeing Co.

(single source supplier)

Boeing 767 Boeing 777


Airbus A321 - A340-500/600 - A380

Work shareFuselage Section 14/A

Deliveries (at Dec 2009): 594 shipsets

Cooperation agreement• Airbus subcontractor

Work shareIn production: fuselage Sect 15 center upper unit, lower forward unit and center door panels for pax versionDevelopment: fuselage Sect 15 center upper unit, lower forward unit and center door panels for freighter version; fuselage floor grid; barrier wall

Deliveries (at Dec 2009): 61 shipsets

Cooperation agreement• Airbus-F (risk sharing and single

source supplier)

Airbus A321 Airbus A380Airbus A340

Work shareA340-500/600 Wing Ribs, and Tail Cone

Deliveries (at Dec 2009): Tail Cone: 131Wing Ribs: 138

Cooperation agreement• Airbus-UK subcontractor


Falcon 2000 EX New Version – Falcon 900 EX

Collaboration agreement• Dassault (risk sharing, single source supplier)

Work shareFuselage T5 section with Lower Vertical Fin and Baggage DoorDeliveries at Dec 2009: 255 seriesTotal cumulative deliveries(basic version plus new version) 486 series

Collaboration agreement• Dassault (risk sharing, single source supplier)

Work shareSide Nacelles and central Thrust Reverser.Deliveries at Dec 2009: 278 series

Falcon 2000 EX New Version Falcon 900 EX


Alenia Aeronautica and Bombardier Aerospace have signed an agreement for design, development, industrialization and production of important structural components of the CSeries, the new single-aisle jet with the capacity of up to 130 seats, under development by the Canadian company.

Cooperation Agreement• Bombardier (risk sharing and single source


Alenia Aeronautica work share• Vertical stabilizer in CFRP

Dim. 5,15 mt x 6 mt• Horizontal stabilizer in CFRP with patented technology of the Multispar Box Dim. 12,3 mt x 3,5 mt

First delivery (May 2011)Firm orders 50Options 50

Bombardier CSeries


ATR Family

Twin turboprop regional transport aircraft designed and manufactured by the Company in a 50/50 joint venture with EADS. ATR42 (42-50 seats) and ATR72 (64-74 seats) are greatly appreciated by passengers and airlines for their high-standard comfort, low operating costs and easy maintenance. The ATR42-600 is the most recent evolution of the family, offering improved performance and quieter cabin. More than 120 customers in 70 countries world wide.

Alenia Aeronautica work share (50%)Fully equipped fuselage, Vertical fin, Rudder, Horizontal empennageswith related systems

ATR42 ATR72 Total

Orders::(at Dec 2009) 416 584 1000

Deliveries::(at Dec 2009) 409 455 864


Alenia Aermacchi

Alenia Aermacchi is a leading company in the design and production of trainers for military pilots and offers a wide range of products that meet the requirements of all training phases: primary, basic and lead-in fighter.Since July 2003 Alenia Aermacchi has been integrated in Finmeccanica Group. Its facilities include laboratories and workshops for structural tests, a wind and a water tunnel in addition to an airfield for flight test activities.


Alenia Aermacchi M-346

First flight P01: July 2004First flight P02: May 2005First pre-series flight: July 2008Orders: Italian MoD (6)

The M-346 is the only new generation dedicated advanced/lead-in fighter trainer, currently under production in Europe. The aircraft is able to train pilots to fly on the new generation combat aircraft and it will be also used in all the advanced and pre-operative training phases.

The aircraft is designed to the latest “design-to-cost” and “design-to-maintain” concepts, with avionics modelled upon those of the Eurofighter, Rafale, Gripen, JSF etc.

• Full digital cockpit: 2 HUD,


• Integrated embedded simulation

• 9 store stations

• In-flight refuelling probe

• max external load: 3000 kg


Alenia Aermacchi Commercial aircraft collaborations

AIRBUS A318/19/20/21 Production:• Inlet• Fan Cowl

AIRBUS A330Production:• Inlet• Fan Cowl

Airbus A380Production:• Translating Cowl• Beams• FFD

Embraer ERJ 170 / 175Production:• Inlet• Fan Cowl• EBU

Falcon 900EXProduction:• Inlet• Fan Cowl• Pylon• FFD• Engine Mount• Aft. Body

Falcon 7XProduction:• Inlet• Fan Cowl

Acac ARJ-21Development/Production: • Inlet

Boeing 787Development:• Elevator• Fan Cowl

Sukhoi Superjet100Development:

• Inlet

SuperJet International

SuperJet International, a joint venture between Alenia Aeronautica (51%) and Sukhoi Holding (49%), is in charge of marketing, sales, customisation, delivery and after sales support of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 regional jet.SuperJet International is also responsible for the design and development of VIP and cargo variants. Up to know 122 aircraft have been ordered.The Sukhoi Superjet 100 is a family of 75-100 seat new generation regional jets built by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company (SCAC) company participated for a 25% (+ one) by Alenia Aeronautica.



Alenia SIA

• Originally a System engineering Company, now about 320 resources.• Since 1969, through the participation in the most significant aeronautics and space

programs, Alenia SIA has achieved a significant experience in supporting the whole systems’s life cycle through a complete suite of engineering services (e.g.: requirements’definition, design, development, integration, Verification & Validation, logistic analysis, application/simulation SW, training and testing tools …)

• The involvement in always more complex and integrated activities, together with the focus on system/hardware/software “safety oriented design” allowed the Company to bear SDR for systems such as the Flight Control System of M346, with full responsibility on hardware, application software and safety critical Operating System of the Flight Control Computer.


Alenia SIA

Products• Flight Control Systems

• System: definition, integration e qualification• OS and application SW: Definition, development,

Integration e qualification.• Safety Digital Infrastructure

• Real Time Kernel, redundancy management• Simulation & Test

• Integration rigs, data acquisition systems• Maintenance test systems

• Training suites• 3D environments for maintenance training• Computer Based Training (CBT)

Services• System analysis and design

• From feasibility studies to integration andqualification

• RAM, Safety and logistic support analysis• System/SW design and development

• According up to RTCA DO178B Lev.A /CENELEC SIL4 standards

• independent Verification e Validation• Product Life Cycle support

• Simulation and models development• Integrated logistic support