New Government Takes Shape

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New Government Takes Shape. George Washington. Shapes Executive Branch Cabinet of advisors Alexander Hamilton Secretary of the Treasury Bank of the U.S. Federalists V. Jeffersonian Republicans. Federalists Hamilton’s supporters of a strong federal govt. Jeffersonian Republicans - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New Government Takes Shape

New Government Takes ShapeGeorge WashingtonShapes Executive BranchCabinet of advisorsAlexander HamiltonSecretary of the TreasuryBank of the U.S.

Federalists V. Jeffersonian RepublicansFederalistsHamiltons supporters of a strong federal govt. Jeffersonian RepublicansSupported strong state govts.

Contrasting Views of the Federal GovernmentHamiltonJeffersonConcentrate power in Federal Govt.Fear of mob ruleRepublic led by well-educated eliteLoose interpretation of the ConstitutionNational Bank ConstitutionalEconomy based on manufacturing & shippingSupported by merchants, lawyers, manufacturers, clergySharing power w/ states & local govt: limited national govt.Fear of absolute power or rulerDemocracy of farmers & tradespeopleStrict interpretation of ConstitutionNational Bank UnconstitutionalEconomy based on farmingSupported by plain people

John Adams (2nd President)XYZ Affair- French demands for bribes from the U.S. Alien & Sedition Act- limit rights of non-citizens (plagued his presidency)

John Adams (2nd President)Midnight AppointmentsMarbury v. Madison: established the Courts right to judicial review

Thomas Jefferson (3rd President)Election of 1800: outcome resulted in a tie of the popular vote between the 2 candidates

Foreign PolicyLouisiana Purchase: - bought territory from France

Thomas Jefferson(3rd President)Foreign Policy (continued)Lewis and Clark began expedition into Louisiana Purchase territory in 1804Sacajawea was a Native American who served as interpreter and guide

Thomas Jefferson (3rd President)Leopard and Chesapeake- British warship fired on American warship- passes Embargo Act, halting all trade with Europe

Thomas Jefferson (3rd President)DomesticBattle of Tippecanoe: ended in a massive slaughtering of Native Americans led by the Indiana governor William Henry Harrison

John MarshallAppointed by AdamsStaunch FederalistChief JusticeServed more than 30 years

James Madison (4th President)War of 1812- U.S. declares war on BritainCanada was British territoryBattle of Baltimore- bombardment of Fort McHenryFrancis Scott Key- Star-Spangled Banner

James Madison (4th President)Treaty of Ghent 1814: released all prisoners and restored all war lands and boats

James Madison(4th President)New Orleans-Battle won after war was over