EBO E: A European Backbone Takes Shape .E: A European Backbone Takes Shape INTE OPERABILITY EBO TE page 1

EBO E: A European Backbone Takes Shape .E: A European Backbone Takes Shape INTE OPERABILITY EBO TE

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Text of EBO E: A European Backbone Takes Shape .E: A European Backbone Takes Shape INTE OPERABILITY EBO TE

  • E: A European Backbone Takes ShapeINTE OPERABILITY


    TE T 0 I

    parti ipate. Th key to EB NEi very carefully wordedmemorandum of under tand-ing-wording that w offen iveto the Ie t number of people.

    Afraid of upsetting the PTT ?M ke ure t call this "value-added networ ." What about theI 0 camp? Mak it an "open, val-u dded network." Th Trans-m' ion ontr I Pf t I people?Make it an "open, multiprotocol,value- dded netw rk."

    ventu 1-Iy, the volun-tary 011 or-tium will gaw y in f: v rof me pro-fe ionalgroup thatwill run a Eu-ropean bbone. M

    whit , each of the participantagre to contributc omething.

    For som gr ups, e . ting line-r reallocated that all ENE

    traffIC ov r them. therorganiza giv pc pi , routersor nctW rk m n gemcnt.

    Ell NE i a OIK.'-ycar v lun-tary effi rt. At the t-nd f n 'xt yt'ar,aU the f rc 0 back t the

    riginal org nization. MaybeEll NEwill be extended fi r1993, but maybe a fonnal organi-zati n wiU be in place by then.

    For 1992, tit. ther will be afunctioning backbone. ourpoints-on in the north, ne inthe south and two in central Eu-rope-arc the EBONE hubs.

    Two links to the United t tepr vi tTong Inten :t COfU1t.'Ctivi-ty. Tail circui coni v rious r -gi llal y tem. The remaininqucs . n . how many met..'tinp rti .pan n corwin e theirman gemc..-nt to kt them i'n up.

    EB NE hows that users canc ntr I their nctw rks. It i n t

    ry to wait for ovemmcntto act. Whil not a perm nent solu-tion, it' certainly nc mod I oftarting infrastructure.

    Ideally, of course, B Nw uld have been tarted with thehelp f thc European 'ommi i n.Like the U. . N . uI .

    da' , it could have rted thefrort, then ught a way to m ke

    it 'If- u taining. But whc..-n ov-emmt...n become p ralyzed, tht.TCi till th . pas ibility fi r individu Ist c Iltrol their own d tinies.

    ('0 "I(' TIO I';I';K

    ARL MALAMUD. TIi Alff)1 R




    EXI'R '0 AR HI OWN.

    abl is the wide vari ty of orga-nizations repr ented in thi vo-luntary consortium. More than3S groups wer pr ent at theZoo, including th CERN phys-ics laboratory in Gen va, veraltel communications authoriti ,universiti , regional netWorand even IBM.

    Not all of th will rily

    Sprint.Mad for data~

    Ke s Negg r ,an mploye ofSurfuet, the r gional n tworkfor plac like the Netherlandsand B Igium. Kees work d withgroup such as EUnet, whichhas comm rcial link to theUnited States, and Nordunet,which is th r gional networkfor th Scandinavian countri .

    What makes EBONE remark-

    technologies. Virtual ordedicated configurations.And real f1 xibility forfuture growth.

    If you'd lik to knowmore, call us at 1-800-800-1522.We'll have detailed infor-mation in your fax machin

    in minut s. And w '11 show you the rightway to conn ct IBM sy terns. On a net-w rk that was literally mad for them.


    waiting for Godot. The Europe-an Commission, with its mon-ey, seemed a likely place to geta pan-European network. TheEuropean Commission spawnedlots of~, but its focus onX.25 and Open Syst ms intercon-nection to the dusion of otherprotocols paralyzed it.

    The EBONE effort w led by

    The Sprint network.It has 100% digital switches.And 100% fiber optic trans-mission. Nationwide. Andfrom th very beginning, itwas made to send data.

    Especially data that comesin large blue blocks. Becausewe have solutions for networking every-thing from mainframes to mid-rangesyst ms to LANs. Including SNA back-bon , peer-to-peer networks, andremot -to-host conn ctivity.

    We also give you circuit switch d,packet switched, or private line


    Oct. 30, at the Tiger Room oftheAmsterdam Zoo, history tookplace. A group of European net-works, users and computer com-panies got together and decidedthat they would pool their reo-sam and form a Europeanbackbone.

    For years, Europe has been