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jobpostings Magazine (Vol. 13, Issue 8)

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Canada's largest career lifestyle magazine for students and recent grads. This issue's feature story outlines how student debt affects your career.

Text of jobpostings Magazine (Vol. 13, Issue 8)

  • | april 2011 | careers. education. ideas. all of it.

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  • | april 2011

    3 The Home Depot (Part-time) 9 Aecon 11 College Pro 13 The Source 15 OSCO Construction Group 15 Chair-man Mills Inc. 15 The New England Center for Children 25 Tommy Hilfiger Canada OBC Canon Canada Inc.

    whoshiringHey. Did you know that these companies have lots of entry level positions? Visit their websites to see a full list of positions available.

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    IFC Humber, The Business School (Undergrad) 21 Seneca College 29 Hult International Business School 29 Humber, School of Social and Community Services 29 Durham College 30 Humber, School of Media Studies and Information Technology 30 Queens University 31 Brock University 31 Canadian Automotive Institute, Georgian College 31 Centennial College 31 Conestoga College 31 Fanshawe College 31 Ithaca College 31 Queens University 31 Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry 31 Sheridan College 31 Trent University IBC Centennial College

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    What happens when the money you borrowed to pay for school

    affects your career decisions? A look at how student debt can

    have you putting off your life plans, and what you can do about it.



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    us a few tips.

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    14startup Kendal Netmaker on sports, Aboriginal youth, and

    Moose Meat Apparel.

    4Success Story Keira De-nyse Balderston on dedication,

    hard work, and finding time to

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    meeting people, and getting your

    hands dirty can bring your career

    to the next level.

    26Pick your Character Tester, programmer, animator, sound de-

    signer, producer these are just

    a few of the positions in the video

    game industry. Press start to con-


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    from the top.

    how student debt affects your career

  • 2 april 2011 |

    "I probably wouldnt have been as confident today without the sports that Ive played. And I think if more Aboriginal youth would find these teams to play on, we could develop more positive things for the Aboriginal communities."

    Kendal Netmaker, from Start Up (page 14)

    noteI have debt. A lot of debt, actually. And Im very late on mak-ing payments. In fact, Im pretty sure that they are going to garnish my wages any day now. I try, though.

    I had to drop out of university during my fourth year because I had too much debt, and couldnt pay my rent (ever get an eviction notice? Not fun). I landed a position with a magazine, which was the bees knees at the time, but I needed to make more money. So I quit, and decided to work in another indus-try where I could potentially make more money. I was miser-able working that job, and it soon became apparent that I wasnt paying off my loan any faster than I was at the last job. I was working longer hours, had no vacation, and no benefits. Then, the company I was working for fell on dark financial days, and I took a pay cut. And then the creditors started call-ing. I used to wake up sweating, panicking about that bill that I couldn't pay. So I asked myself, is the stress Im experiencing from my debt worth this job?

    It wasnt. If I was going to be stressed and poor, I may as well be happy in my career. So I enrolled in a post-grad program, ignored all my bills, and took out more loans to get to, well, to where I am now. Since graduation, Ive given up a place to live, food, and lots of pride. But Im here now, doing what I love. Was it worth it? Yes. Could I have done it a little more strategically? You bet.

    If you take away anything from this months feature story on how student debt can affect your career, make sure that

    Jason Rhyno

    what you are studying, what you are investing in, is worth the cost. Higher education typically leads to a better career, but if you are studying something that you dont enjoy, stop it. Right now.

    I recently received an email from a student who is torn be-tween two programs, both of which are housed at the school I attended. Being a reader of jobpostings magazine, she dis-covered that I attended one of the programs, and took the ini-tiative to ask me a lot of questions. She was curious about the quality of the program, whether or not there were work-study options, how well did the program prepare me for a career in book and magazine publishing, and whether the program would make her more marketable in the real world. I an-swered her immediately, and then passed her email off to some of my former classmates so that she could benefit from their unique perspectives. If you are thinking of doing a post-grad, or a masters, this is one of the smartest things you can do to make sure you are getting the best educational bang for your borrowed buck.

    Its going to be tough finding a career in your chosen industry, and probably even tougher with all that debt on your shoulders. But stay positive, stick to your guns, and dont get disheartened. If you love what you are studying, youll end up loving your ca-reer. And hopefully the money, as they say, will follow.

    Best of luck with the spring job hunt.


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    editor Jason Rhyno

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    Mitchell, Laura Manuel.

    editorial intern Andrew Williams

    national account managers Sarah-Lyn Amaral,

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    Mary Vanderpas


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