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  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)


    Wheres the mey at?Becoming a financial planner

    | march 2012 |

    Make networking work for you Public sPeaking: How to sell your ideas

    Im a atWorking on cruise ships

    Shrikig pharma idustryWhere jack-of-all-trades thrive



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    ra it atr,Googl trongr



  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)





    e-Business Marketing

    Fashion Management

    Human Resources Management

    International Business

    International Development

    Paralegal Studies

    Tourism Management

  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)


    Ive always enjoyed helping others. Now I have

    the opportunity to do just that. Whether helpingout with flood relief, or building a school wherethere was none, I know Im making a difference.2nd LieutenantJAMES KIM

    Jai toujours voulu venir en aide aux autres.

    Et cest exactement loccasion qui mest donneici. Que ce soit en participant aux efforts dereconstruction aprs une inondation ou enrigeant une cole o il ny en avait pas avant,

    je sais que je peux faire une diffrence. Sous-lieutenantJAMES KIM


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    watch a video andlearn more.

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  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)


  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)



    From retail management to logistics:

    this program offers the unique skills you

    will need to launch your career as a(n):

    Event Manager

    Logistics Coordinator

    Product Development Manager

    . Visual Merchandiser


  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)

    6/52March 2012 |

    inside this edition4


    stuff tobuy

    yay!more school

    Hey. Did you know these compa-

    nies have lots of entry level posi-tions? Visit their websites to seea full list of positions available.

    IFC Humber, The BusinessSchool (Undergrad)

    3 Humber, FashionManagement& Promotions

    5 Humber, The BusinessSchool, EventManagement

    7 Humber, The BusinessSchool, Global Business

    17 Humber, The BusinessSchool, InternationalDevelopment

    39 Seneca College40 Humber, School of

    Media Studies andInformation Technology

    40 Centennial College41 Brock University41 Niagara College41 Oxford College41 Queens University41 Ross University41 Schulich School of

    Medicine and Dentistry41 Sheridan College

    IBC Humber, The BusinessSchool

    9 Rogers Wireless

    15 Rogers Wireless43 Skittles

    8 Success story Cla L arr ry f cc a a lgc ffcr fr

    Caaa Arm Frc. Brg y by Rgr


    12 Interview smarts Cr onll,hma Rrc Maagr a Cn, a y

    g : f yr r, wa wll yr m-

    ac b?

    14 Career cupid havg bra g, b craly vryg mlyr

    l fr. or fr sl frm Bg Bag t-

    ry l. d y?

    16 The ME brand sllg yrlf ayr a ca b g, a wy wr arg

    m avc ff yr blc ag ll.

    18 Soft skills Ma wrg wrfr y.

    37 Make the most of your first job G a jb? Awm! B w y ma

    m f yr fr mr? Lar w b a yr w gg.

    38 The art of negotiation d jl fr ay jb ffr. Lar w a fr

    yr b r g b mlym c-

    rac bl.

    40 Edu-ma-cation B-cc caav wrl, frm cg a alrg a

    mrvg f. Wa f blgy rr

    y wa b?

    48 Start up Jffry Rbr rval a frm wrg a a car a

    wg w clg b.

    Everyone wants that edge. And we want to help you get it. Inschool (and in your future career), there are a couple of basic skillswe can all supercharge to make us super productive. The mini

    tutorials found in this issue will teach you everything you need tolearn those skills that can help you reach your full potential.

    who else?25 Insurance Institute

    of Canada35 Mining Industry Human

    Resources Council36 Insurance Institute

    of Canada

    Im on a boat tr ar aly r allvr wrl, b cr b a cagry

    all w. Wr wll a y?

    Wheres the money at? Gg ga a a f-acal lar way ma a fy c f cag.

    Making it in a shrinking pharma industry hwjac-f-all-ra ar rlacg cal arma-

    ccal ry.

    miig rprt


    mage: Ikhwanto

    Focus Harder.MeMorize better


    It's all about the rocks and design Al-way b r rc? Glgy a mg g-rg ar lc. t mg ry rg

    bg m vr fw yar.

    30 In need of a mining mentor? t VralMMr rgram c w mg

    rfal. har fr-a wa yr jb wll b l, a

    ga valabl ll frm m w w r ff.

    32 Gold rush Gl mg g Caaa,a ar jb r. if yr lg fr a y

    carr, l frr.

    34 Time to get dirty evr wr wa

    rally l wr a m? W cvr lfylm wll vr lar ab.

    indtr isiders

    showcases10 The Home Depot

    1 Department ofNational Defence

    2 Sun Life Financial13 College Pro27 Target27 NAV CANADA27 Chair-man Mills28 Kinross Gold Corporation33 Cameco35 Iron Ore Company39 The New England Centre

    for Children45 Investors Group Financia45 Bayshore Inn

    47 College ProOBC PwC

  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)



    From trade shows to cultural festivals;

    from sporting events to fashion shows;from conferences and meetings to weddings:

    this program offers the unique skills you

    need to launch your career as an:

    Event Coordinator

    Marketing Assistant

    Special Events Organizer

    Promotion Coordinator

    Account Representative

    Trade Show Planner

    Conference Coordinator

    Corporate Meeting Planner

  • 7/31/2019 jobpostings Magazine (March 2012)


    pg. 29 pg. 42

    For many of us Canucks,

    this winter has been one

    to remember, not for the

    mounds of snow, but for

    the lack of it. Maybe winter

    called in sick this year. Ei-

    ther way, its already March

    and it feels like spring is

    coming early. But dont rest

    easy. This time of the yearis also when exams are just

    around the corner.

    This is the time when you

    start organizing cram ses-

    sions with your friends. Its

    when you start bugging

    your prof for insider hints

    about what textbook chap-

    ters to focus on. Its when

    you start avoiding calls

    from your chattiest friends,

    and when you ask your best

    friend to change the pass-

    word to your Facebook. Its

    when caffeine intake rises,

    when the bags under your

    eyes engorge, and when

    fast food increasingly feels

    like a proper meal.

    But isnt there a better way?

    A way you can learn how

    to study more effectively

    so that you can save time,

    stress less, and perform

    better at school? Weve all

    seen them: those class-

    mates who seem to makeessays and exams feel ef-

    fortless, those co-workers

    who regularly complete

    projects both early and

    under budget. Good for

    them, we say aloud. But

    in the back of our minds, a

    part of us thinks, How do

    they do that? What makes

    them better than me?

    The answer? Nothing. Very

    few are born with super-

    human abilities. But thosefew who we perceive as

    superhuman are just peo-

    ple whove made that extra

    effort to learn special skills

    that allow them to accom-

    plish things more produc-


    n lil@jtg.c

    aSSocIate publISherm li



    dvi t


    art dIrector

    Sy v hyi


    web edItor

    Si csctll@jtg.c@jtg.c

    contrIbutorSJssi cj, kii e,

    cisi Fd, mi

    hs, b kf, c

    ls, ofi lsi, aid

    lvi, bd mi, eiy

    mi, ais mi, cis

    oni, ei pvsii, my

    mi w

    aSSIStant SaleSmanager

    S-ly a

    natIonal account manag

    my Vs

    SaleS aSSIStant

    S ty


    J b, mi hs


    pis y pssi I.25 Ii S, Si 100

    t, on m5p 1b9


    1-877-900-5627 . 221



    pg. 14Mining special report Im on a boat! The shrinking pharma


    Big Bang Theory

    editoR's note

    tively and efficiently than

    those around them. Specif-

    ically, they learn skills that

    allow them to reach their

    full potential, a potential

    that exists in all of us.

    In the end, everyone wants

    that edge. And we at job-

    postings magazine plan

    to help you get it. In school(and in your future career),

    there are a couple of basic

    skill sets we can all super-

    charge to make us extra pro-

    ductive. In this issue, youll

    find effective tutorials that

    will help you: focus harder,

    memorize better, read fast-

    er, and Google stronger. You

    usually pay top money for

    these tutorials, and here

    youll get them for free.

    But thats not all folks. Bycontinuing to read on, youll

    also discover more about

    the exciting world of min-

    ing. You heard that right.

    Think about this: Canadas

    mining industry contrib-

    utes more than 54 billion

    dollars per year to the na-

    tions GDP. Canadian min-

    ing companies operate

    more than 350 mines in off-

    shore locations, from Peru,

    to Australia, to Tanzania,

    to the United States, and

    more. And by 2020, Cana-