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jobpostings Magazine (Summer 2011)

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The summer 2011 issue of Canada's largest career lifestyle magazine for students and recent grads. This issue's cover story focuses on global youth unemployment.

Text of jobpostings Magazine (Summer 2011)

  • | summer 2011 | careers. education. ideas. all of it.

    What happens if you dont find

    a job for months and months

    after youve graduated? Is

    it your resume? Is it your

    interviewing skills? Is it your

    lack of experience? Do you

    need to go back to school

    to take a more practical

    program? It certainly doesnt

    help that the longer you are

    unemployed, the harder it

    becomes to get employed.

    We tell you how to manage

    yourself during this time, and

    where to go for help.

    Triumphs and TragediesA day in the life of a police officer

    evoluTion of The Claims adjusTerSpot the fraud, save everyone money&



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  • | summer 2011

    3 Canon 7 College Pro 11 The Home Depot 11 GP Car and Home 15 Match Marketing Group 15 The Iron Ore Company 15 Investors Group 24 Ottawa Police Service 24 The Dominion 27 RBC Insurance


    stuff to buy

    yay! more school

    Hey. Did you know that these companies have lots of entry level positions? Visit their websites to see a full list of positions available.

    who else?

    IFC Humber, The Business School (Undergrad) 9 Centennial College 27 Humber, School of Social and Community Services 27 Hult International Business School 29 Seneca College 29 Toronto Institute of Pharmaceuticals 30 Humber, School of Media Studies and Information Technology 30 Queens University 31 Brock University 31 Canadas Automotive School of Business, Georgian College 31 Centennial College 31 Conestoga College 31 Fanshawe College 31 Ithaca College 31 Queens University 31 Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry 31 Sheridan College 31 Trent University OBC Algonquin College

    6 Insurance Institute of Canada 21 Insurance Institute of Canada

    5 Rogers Wireless IBC Excel

    Global youth unemployment has hovered at historic highs since the economic collapse of 2008,

    and jobless rates among 20-somethings are stuck firm at twice those of older demographics.

    That's some dark stuff, especially when you consider the disturbing and very real links

    between depression and joblessness. Heres how to get off the couch, and stay positive.













    8interviewsmarts Erin Marsden from Enterprise

    Rent-a-Car helps us out with a

    real tough interview question.

    10careercupid Tips for avoiding a square peg,

    round career.

    12softskills Perception is reality, and those awkward first

    few days at work can have your

    co-workers thinking youre a

    weirdo (When really you are the

    coolest cat ever!).

    14startup Mike Wahl, co-owner of Definitions Wellness

    Safety Services, talks about health,

    oil rigs, and old Scottish sayings.

    4Success Story James Carney of Investors Group assures us that

    a rocky start does not have to de-

    fine your future success. Brought

    to you by Rogers Wireless.

    6From our blogs Your eat, sleep, survive guide

    to exams.

    30Edu-ma-cation Go Planet! Degrees in Sustain-

    abilty pick up where the Captain

    and team left off.

    32JobLife The Art and Science of Taking a Vacation.

    22Triumphs and Tragedies A day in the life of a police officer

    in one of Canadas busiest and

    largest police forces.

    25The Rule of Law Crown counsels are our front-line de-

    fence against criminal and civil

    threats to our society. Inside this

    underappreciated, but highly im-

    portant career.

    28Evolution of The Claims Adjuster The ongoing learning and specialized detec-

    tive work of an insurance claims


    when youdon't

    get the job

  • 2 summer 2011 |

    noteNot everyone starts a career the day after graduation. In fact, it usually takes a several months for the majority of new grads to find jobs several, long, frustrating, suck-filled months. Unless, of course, you are one of the lucky few who studied something that is in high demand; one of those pro-grams that literally guarantees you a career. (Arts grads, this editor's note is mandatory reading. (Also, congratulations on making it into your career centre. Better late than never.))

    The real kick-in-the-teeth about being unemployed after graduation is the fact that since, well, ever, weve been told that having a degree is the proverbial key to the lock on our dream career. As Dana Bryce tells us in this months feature story, That sucks. Nothing stings worse than the feeling youve been lied to your whole life. But wait: it gets worse. The longer you are unemployed, the more unemployable you become. As the weeks and months slowly stack up, it will become increasingly difficult to re-write your cover let-ter, attach your resume, and compose a passionate email. Wait till month ten when a very special type of existential de-spair moves in, and you begin re-examining your life and the choices you made, like how you almost took Math but opted instead to read poetry for four years. Plus, many of the job search strategies that are advertised as the sure-way to em-ployment heaven dont easily apply. How can you network at industry events when you arent actually working in the industry? And if you do get into a networking event, what do you say when someone asks Where do you work?

    Our feature story answers many of those questions, and will hopefully provide you with some markers for navigating

    Jason Rhyno

    through any long-term period of unemployment. One of the most helpful points it makes is the importance of keeping your friends and family close to your chest, something that cannot be stressed enough. Its also important to be a good friend, especially if you are the one that lands the job first.

    This can be difficult. Youll be starting a new job, which means a new schedule and new friends. Your unemployed friends may be working different hours than you, say evenings and weekends, or perhaps not working at all. Your new, shiny life will want to drag you away from your rusted, old school life, and this can put a strain on friendships. Your friend wont be able to go out as frequently as you; they wont be able to af-ford those dinners and drinks and movies and weekend trips to NYC. You will have to work harder to make time for them. You will have to be sensitive of the fact that you have a great job and they do not. Youre going to have to curb vocalizing your new job enthusiasm too, uh, enthusiastically. This is so awesome! I got this wicked assignment today that, if it goes over well, could have me promoted within a year! Tell it to your mom, not your unemployed friend. Even if your friend isnt the type to be hurt by this, do it out of respect. However, be sure to share inside information if they are trying to get into the same industry as you, and, if you can help them get a foot in the door, do it. Why wouldnt you? Help them with their re-sume and cover letter, go with them to career fairs, send them job postings basically, be a good a friend.

    As always, best of luck, and stay positive.

    P.S. Ross, Glen and Thom: thanks.


    our favourite quote this month:

    "Asked to picture themselves at work, working, almost everyone hesitates. And if you don't know either, well, it's time to get out there and find out."

    From Packing Up the Pity Party, (page 16)

    publisher Nathan Laurie

    associate publisher Mark Laurie

    editor Jason Rhyno

    graphic designer Sonya van Heyningen

    web editor Simone Castello

    contributors Christine Fader, Ross

    Harrhy, Erin Marsden, Emily

    Minthorn, Allison Mitchell,

    Kevin Nelson, Jeff Sebanc

    editorial intern Andrew Williams

    national account managers Sarah-Lyn Amaral,

    Lori Blanchard,

    Mary Vanderpas


    Published by Passion Inc. 25 Imperial Street, Suite 100 Toronto, ON M5P 1B9 1-877-900-5627 ext. 221

    jobpostings is published eight times in the school year. Issue dates are September, October, November, January, February, March, April, and May. Copies of jobpostings are distributed to over 105 universities and colleges across Canada. Contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may not be reprinted in whole or part without permission of the publishers. Hey, it's summer! Work on your cover letter and your tan. Multitasking!

    on the cover:

  • Because You Count

    Why work for a Fortune 500 global

    leader employing more than 166,000

    people with offices across Canada?

    Why experience first class training,

    compensation, rewards and benefits?

    Why grow with an organization as

    diverse as its employees?

    Why explore opportunities in imaging

    including Business Solutions, Office

    Equipment, Consumer, Medical and

    Broadcast products?

    Why enjoy a career with a

    technological leader invested in social

    responsibility and the environment?

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