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G2G offers high school students the scoop on pursuing post-secondary education and transitioning into the labour market.

Text of G2G (2010) by jobpostings Magazine

  • 222010

    DeciDe is university your next step? U.S boUndcampUS Live



    education. jobs. your future.


  • | 2010 | g2g

    2 back to School mUSt haveS 5 prepare for take off 6 iS UniverSity right for me? 8 ShoUld yoU give it the old college try? 16 career centreS 20 gap year or lap year? 22 U.S. boUnd

    the big, Wonderful World of trades trading up

    Summer is the time for Saving keep your part-time job part time graduate debt-free balance your budget to realize

    your dreams

    school index

    obc humber business School 7 concordia University: faculty of the arts 9 University of ontario institute of technology 12 University of lethbridge 17 algoma University 18 georgian college automotive Showcase 21 cape breton University 29 ontario institute of audio recording technology 29 centennial college ibc humber college: School of media

    Advertisers& Employers

    ifc rogers Wireless 3 lipton brisk 4 insurance institute 9 hydro one 21 ontario power generation 23 durham regional police 24 Wrigley canada


    How to balance your new-found freedom and mounds (mounds!) of homework.

    Your Shiny, New

    independent life



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    on the cover:

    Matt Jeacock

    22education. jobs. your future.

    First Year Shopping (Survival) List

    Honey-Can-DoA month into school, and its a sure bet your floor will disap-pear under mounds of laundry, books, and general clutter. It wont be your fault, though; dorm rooms are notorious

    for being the size of postage stamps. The Honey-Can-Do Dorm Organization Kit (its a mouthful, we know) will be able to keep your life nicely compartmentalized. The kit in-cludes: an over the door 12-pair shoe rack; a pop-up hamper; a mesh laundry bag with draw-strings for long hauls to the laun-dry mat; an eight shelf hanging organizer, and four stackable drawers. Keep your space orga-nized and youll rock A+s during exams.

    toss it in your pocket, and trans-fer your files from your phone to your computer before you hit the hay.

    Clocky AquaUnlike high school leniency, at university missing an exam or walking into a lecture late is unacceptable. Thanks to Nanda Home Inc., youre never going to sleep in again. The bright red clock might look innocent, but is actually designed to outsmart the average sleep-deprived freshy. Its snooze button activates little turning wheels, allowing the alarm clock to jump three feet from any bed side table, before running away to get set for its next signal. Youll have to open your eyes, climb out of bed, and play a thrilling game of hide-and-seek before you can suppress its noisy wakeup call.

    your last year of high school is going to fly by, the summer months will be a blur, and September will show up with hardly any warning // before you know it, youre packing and moving into your new home for the next seven months the dormitory // getting used to residence life isnt easy, so here are a few gadgets and gizmos to help you cut it as a freshman.

    Mint App For those of you sporting either an iPhone, iTouch, or iPad, we think the personal finance man-ager Mint app is kind of awe-some. Its basically a personal, round-the-clock accountant that keeps you, uh, in cheque. Apart from creating personalized bud-get charts (with week, month, and year long calculations), the Mint app lets users view bank and billing accounts in real time, and updates itself as users spend. Since freshman students are unaccustomed to money management, this little gadget is super helpful in making sure you dont eat through your funding before the year is and search for Mint App.

    Bluetooth Universal Portable KeyboardWhile most lecture halls will ac-commodate laptop computers (with desktop power outlets), there are some that dont. And while your battery life should last at least the length of your lecture, sometimes you wont be able to risk it. For an alternative to your laptop, or on the days you just dont feel like haul-ing it, wireless keyboards are the way to roll. These ultra-compact and ultra lightweight typing help-ers connect to your smartphone device (either wirelessly, or as plug-ins) so that you can follow along and take notes with ease. When your prof stops babbling and lecture is finished, you can fold the keyboard up,

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    Prepare for

    Take Offit coUld be a bUmpy ride bUt only if yoUre not prepared.

    Some helpful reading courtesy of Peter Walsh

    Your Memory: How It Works and How to Improve It (study how-tos)

    by Kenneth Higbee

    Learning for Success: Effective Strategies for Students by Jane Fleet, Fiona Goodchild and Richard Zajchowski.

    Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen.

    Do It Now! Break the Procrastination Habit

    by William J. Knaus.

    Fit to Print (how to write well) by Joanne BuckleyIma













    Ask any post-secondary student and they will most likely tell you that the transition from high school to post-secondary was dramatic. Generally speaking, experts agree that high school students do not acquire the fundamental skills needed to succeed in a post-secondary institution.

    In fact, this was exactly the conclusion of a recently released survey of professors and librarians by the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations.

    The survey asked professors and librarians in the provinces 22 universities about a number of issues, including the preparedness of first year-students now compared to three years ago. The confederation, which has 15,000 mem-bers, received 2,000 replies. Just over 55 per-cent said students are less prepared now than three years ago. So how do you beat the odds?

    Peter Walsh, an academic skills counsellor for the Centre of Student Development at McMaster University in Hamilton, ON. has a five point plan to help students prepare for their first year of university.

    Learn how to learnMany students come out of high school hav-ing never been taught how to effectively use their memory, Walsh says. Even if you high-light what youre reading, your brain eventu-ally tunes out, he says.

    The more mechanically you go through the motions the less learning happens, he says, adding self-testing is key. Learning is an ac-tive process. After you read a paragraph, if you can ask yourself questions [about what youve read] and answer them correctly without peeking at the book, thats effective learning.

    Dr. Geeta Kaicker, a teaching assistant at the University of Toronto, suggests writing down the main concepts of what you read, then testing how much you remember.

    Dont rely on memorization without under-standing the concepts, says Kaicker, who moonlights as a biology and chemistry high

    school tutor. But, a little bit of memorization is required because thats what keeps you sharp.

    Manage your timeSince college and university are more fast paced than high school (Walsh says a professor will cover three weeks worth of high school ma-terial in one week), time management is critical.

    A good time management system is really essential, says Walsh. Students think its a freedom reducer but really its a freedom enhancer, and a stress and chaos reducer.

    High school should have a time manage-ment course, says Angelina Wan, a former York University student who learned the hard way. Its better to learn that in high school I dont think they prepare you enough at all.

    Wan was working towards an honours bachelor of arts in history and a minor in religious studies when she changed her degree to just a regular BA in history. She made the change because her procrastination caused her to fail a course.

    I left a 25 page essay worth 30 percent of my final mark to the last minute, Wan ex-plains. I got a zero on that essay and in turn failed the course. It was devastating because I needed that course to graduate.

    Hone your writing skillsMost of you are probably very familiar with the five paragraph essay, which consists of an introduction, three paragraphs and a con-clusion. Well, thats not the way youll be ex-pected to write after high school. Time to de-velop your writing skills, says Walsh. Practice writing strategies and grammar

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