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jobpostings Magazine (Vol. 14, Issue 4)

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Canada's largest career lifestyle magazine for students and recent grads. This issue's cover story explores our top 10 ways to get noticed by employers!

Text of jobpostings Magazine (Vol. 14, Issue 4)

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    | january 2012 |

    how to top 10 ways to get

    noticed by employers


    &Studying AbroAdExplore, discover, and learn in unexpected ways the Co-op experienCeHow you can get the most out of your co-op

    permission slipping

    How to say no to parents




    e-Business Marketing

    Fashion Management

    Human Resources Management

    International Business

    International Development

    Tourism Management

  • 2 january 2012 |

    OUTstanding 1 Deloitte 3 PwC 5 Aecon 9 Sun Life Financial 9 SGI Canada 16 College Pro 22 CGI 22 NAV CANADA 22 Diversey 25 OSCO Construction Group 25 Domtar 26 CMHC-SCHL 26 Ontario Power Authority IBC CN OBC Shell


    stuff to buy

    yay! more school

    Hey. Did you know that these companies have lots of entry level positions? Visit their websites to see a full list of positions available.

    IFC Humber, The Business School (Undergrad) 29 Algonquin College 30 Humber, School of Media Studies and Information Technology 30 Centennial College 31 Brock University 31 Niagara College 31 Queens University 31 Ross University 31 Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry 31 Sheridan College

    7 Rogers Wireless

    Success Story Andrew Mitchell shares how he broke into the ultra competitive ac-

    counting and finance worlds. Brought to you

    by Rogers Wireless.

    Interview Smarts Deloittes William Christensen explains why hell ask you about

    your biggest failure during an interview.

    Permission Slipping: How to say NO to parents How do you say NO to your family and loved ones when the time comes

    to choose your career? We discuss how to

    trust your gut, and the practical tools youll

    need to defend your career choices!

    Edu-ma-cation Studying abroad: how getting an education overseas can super-

    charge your rsum, education, and life/ca-

    reer opportunities.

    Start Up Sometimes it takes losing your job to discover that youre better off creat-

    ing your own. Scott Metherell, from BigRed-

    Works, shares his story.







    So you graduated. Now what? What do you need to do to stand out from the hundreds of other fellow graduates? Should you get an internship? Volunteer? Go overseas? Start your own business? Apprenticeships? Placements? Networking? More school? For most employers, education is just a check mark. Its what you do outside of school that will make or break you in the recruiters eyes. Learn how to grab their attention.

    who else? 12 ACE Canada 25

    Diversity in the Workplace: Fact or Fiction?Looking at Canada's Best Diversity Employers for 2011.

    What makes them special?

    The LEEDing professionals of todayLEED certification is creating a new and growing niche

    for professionals in the building industry.

    Going GeothermalWeve burned coal and split atoms just to get power. To

    think its been below our feet this whole time.

    The Co-Op ExperienceWhat to look out for when researching co-ops, and how

    to make the most out of your time during your stay.












    ell P




    showcases 10 The Home Depot

  • 4 january 2012 |

    pg. 17 pg. 28

    January is a month of new begin-nings. Its the start of a new year, a new school semester, and for many, a new chance to get a fresh foot in that proverbial door and embark on that shiny new career.

    At least thats what it feels like for me. After recently joining the jobpostings team, this will be my first issue of many that I hope will help you on your path to career success in whatever industry you go after.

    To kick things off, this months theme is: Break from the nest. Own your ca-reer! In this issue, we explore some of the challenges students like yourself face when it comes to following your dream. And once youre set on your path, how do you stand out among the crowd to really excel?

    Our feature, Permission Slipping, deals with how to say NO to your family

    and loved ones when the time comes to choose your career. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to go against the wishes of those who youve looked up to and have nurtured you throughout your whole life. But in the end, one has to decide between living your life for yourself or for someone else.

    Well listen to advice from career counsellors and from the experiences of fellow students who have struggled with this delicate issue. But more important, well give you the practical tools youll need to not only defend your career decisions from disapprov-ing parents, family, and friends, but also from your own self-doubts. Grow-ing up is about trusting your gut, and this feature will help you do just that.

    But what do you do after youve stuck to your guns? Youre about to graduate alongside hundreds of other students wholl have your same

    publisherNathan Laurie

    [email protected]

    associate publisherMark Laurie

    [email protected]

    editorDavid Tal

    [email protected]

    art directorSonya van Heyningen

    [email protected]

    web editorSimone Castello

    [email protected]

    contributorsWilliam Christensen, Lexi

    Dogon, Katie Edmonds,

    Michelle Hampson, Christopher

    Lawson, Emily Minthorn, Eleni

    Papavasiliou, Andrew Williams

    assistant sales managerSarah-Lyn Amaral

    national account managerMary Vanderpas

    internsMichelle Hampson,

    Shannon Tracey


    Published by Passion Inc.25 Imperial Street, Suite 100Toronto, ON M5P 1B9

    1-877-900-5627 ext. 221

    jobpostings is published eight times in the school year. Issue dates are September, October, November, January, February, March, April, and May. Copies of jobpostings are distributed to over 105 universities and colleges across Canada. Contents of this publication are protected by copyright and may not be reprinted in whole or part without permission of the publishers. Beware: only make New Years resolutions you can keep!

    on the cover: and Burwell Photography



    pg. 13 pg. 30Top 10 ways to stand out What to look out for when

    researching co-ops

    Can education overseas

    supercharge your rsum?

    How to say NO to parents




    ani Z

    ein. w







    degree, not only in your school but in many others from across the country. How do you stand out? How will you make sure employers notice your ap-plication above all the rest?

    Our main feature, Standing Out, will outline the top 10 strategies you can use to grab a recruiters attention. For most employers, education is just a check mark. Its an important check mark mind you, but one that employ-ers now expect as a given. Its what you do outside of school that will make or break you in the recruiters eyes.

    So what do you need to stand out from the hundreds of other fellow graduates? Should you get an intern-ship? Volunteer? Go overseas? Start your own business? Apprenticeships? Placements? Networking? More school? Read on and find out!

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    WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? WHAT PROGRAM DID YOU ATTEND?I went to Queens School of Business at Queens University and graduated in 2007. During my time there, I travelled to Uppsala, Sweden, on an international exchange program for a se-mester and studied international economics.

    WHAT DREW YOU TO YOUR CURRENT FIELD?During my time at school, I developed a keen interest in both accounting and finance, but wanted to focus on achieving my CA as a tool to transition into corporate finance. That said, I started my career at Ernst & Young in the au-dit and assurance practice to learn how to read and interpret financial statements. The plan was that no matter what I aspired to do in the future, this was a skill I deemed to be requisite for any job in the accounting/finance world. Shortly after starting with the firm and work-ing on a client that was very acquisitive in the public markets, I knew my passion was in the transaction world and that M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) and corporate finance was the ca-reer path I wanted to pursue.

    HOW DID YOU FIND YOUR CURRENT POSITION? I used my personal network within the firm and set up meetings with a variety of colleagues to understand more about the M&A practice even before th