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INTRODUCTION TO BACKPACKING. Liz Westner. WHY. Reach more remote locations Extended stays Sleeping outside Waking up outside Complete trails. PREPARATION. Logistics Route Shelter and gear Weight is evil The big three Test gear at home Meals and cooking Physical conditioning. BOOKS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



    Liz Westner

  • WHYReach more remote locationsExtended staysSleeping outsideWaking up outsideComplete trails

  • PREPARATIONLogisticsRouteShelter and gearWeight is evilThe big threeTest gear at homeMeals and cookingPhysical conditioning


  • WEIGHT IS EVILIgnorance is not blissKnow what you are carryingPostal/food scaleMulti-use itemsSimplify, simplify, simplify

  • LOCATION IS NOT EVERYTHINGHutsSheltersEstablished Tent SitesStealth Camping

  • STEALTH CAMPINGLEAVE NO TRACE!!!Only where permittedBelow treeline200 feet from trail, road, standing water1/4-mile from huts, tentsites, trailheadsSafe and comfortableLevel and smoothGood drainage and wind protectionNo dangerous trees


    TentMosquito netting Freestanding or stakedUltralight tentBivy sackTarpHammockLimited temperatures

  • FOODNutrition is your friendOne-pot mealsSafetyNo food in tentsCritter/bear bag

  • CAMP ROUTINEChange clothingMake it a homeErect tent, unpack pad and sleeping bagFind your headlampCollect waterPrepare kitchen, eat dinnerPut up critter bagBefore sleepingBring water and extra clothes into tent

  • NIGHT ROUTINEUse headlampGo to bathroom one last timeWear a hatPut extra clothing in sleeping bagIf you get cold, put them onIf nature calls, just do it

  • MORNING ROUTINEWake upEat breakfastGet waterPack upMake sure campsite is better than you found itDouble-check before you leaveHike

  • SAMPLE BACKPACKAT LT to NH 45 milesJune 11-13 3 full days on trail3 lunches, 2 dinners, 2 breakfasts on trailCar camp Thursday night breakfast in campCar spottingRoad crossings resupply

  • MY KITBIG THREEShelter* Hennesey hammock44.9 oz.Sleeping bag REI +20 down44.9 oz.Pack Gregory Whitney 5,700 c.i.105 oz.

    Total194.8 oz./12 lb. 2.8 oz.

    * Starred gear indicates gear that can be shared between more than one person

  • MY KIT CookingPepsi can stove*0.5 oz.Alcohol*13.8 oz.Pot*11.2 oz.Cup/bowl2.0 oz.Foon & fork0.6 oz.Matches/lighter1.0 oz.Bandana1.0 oz.Total 30.1 oz./1 lb. 14.1 oz.

  • MY KIT Food(6) Lamejun12.0 oz.Mac & cheese8.2 oz.Butter (1) stick frozen4.0 oz.Beans dehydrated6.0 oz.Dry milk (1) Qt.3.6 oz.Instant breakfast3.0 oz.Tea bags1.0 oz.Tang6.0 oz.Oatmeal16 oz.Total:Noodles16 oz.86.2 oz./Dried onion & beef jerky6.0 oz.5 lb., 6.2 oz.Curry mix4.4 oz.

  • MY KIT HydrationKatadyn Hiker Pro filter*15.3 oz.3-liter bladder (full)107.2 oz.1-liter Pepsi bottle (full) 35 oz.Gatorade12 oz.Total: 169.5 oz./10lb., 9.5 oz.

  • MY KIT Emergency/miscellaneousFirst aid kit*23.6 oz.Compass*2.4 oz.(2) Headlamps*4.0 oz.Batteries3.0 oz.Leatherman*6.0 oz.Toilet paper3.0 oz.Space blanket2.0 oz.Fingertip saw*0.4 oz.Para cord*3.0 oz.Extra food*18.4 oz.Cell phone*3.1 oz.Car keys/wallet3.0 oz.SPF 50*0.5 oz.DEET*0.8 oz.Headnet1.0 oz.Raincoat 19.4 oz.Bivy sack7.8 oz.Total:101.4 oz./6 lb., 5.4 oz.

  • MY KIT Extra ClothingSocks 8.1 oz.Underwear2.2 oz.Turtleneck9.6 oz.Fleece vest12.6 oz.Knee brace6.1 oz.Hat2.5 oz.36.0 oz.TOTAL PACK WEIGHT 618 oz./38 lb., 10 oz.(base weight = 25 lb., 4 oz.)

  • MY KIT WearingWatch3.1 oz.Underwear2.2 oz.T-Shirt4.9 oz.Zip-off pants & belt16.9 oz.Hawaiian shirt6.4 oz.Ball cap2.3 oz.Sunglasses1.0 oz.Socks4.6 oz.Gaiters6.3 oz.Boots46.7 oz.Total worn: 94.4 oz./5 lb., 14.4 oz.

  • MY KIT CarriedKnife*3.0 oz.Whistle0.4 oz.Lighter0.4 oz.Map/notes2.0 oz.GPS*4.7 oz.Bandana1.0 oz.Hiking pole12.0 oz.

    Total Weight carried 23.5 oz./ 1 lb., 7.5 oz.

  • NOT IN MY KITCar camping tent (heavy!)Cotton clothes (rotten)Lots of extra clothing and food (heavy)Guidebooks (heavy!)Make-up (useless no one to impress)Hard-cover books (HEAVY!)Lots of water (heavy and easily replaceable on the trail)

    ** Use LT as example could not easily do it as initially envisioned, as a series of dayhikes needed to mix in some backpacks

    * Route on trail; use maps & guidebook; campsites, water, elev. Logistics off trail; use road maps & atlases Conditioning - not always svelte little pixie Regular program of fitness Instills confidence confidence weighs little but adds a lot Weight loss is that much less to carry

    *Biggest loser scale, $20 WalMart, 6.5 lb capacity weighs all gear carried.Resulted in 5 lb weight reduction just by substituting3.5 lb old grey 4000 ci pack for 7 lb fancy blue 5700 ci pack1.5 lb fleece bag for 3.5 lb down bag multi-use sierra cup; bowl, extinguisher, cupSimplify Do I really need this? *Huts reservations required, rarely usedShelters can be enclosed cabins with doors and stoves or porcupine gnawed lean-tosLocated every 4 10 miles on established trails (AT, LT)*Always make bathroom more than 200 away from any water, not just standing water*Tests can be single or double walledEverything but the hammock requires ground cloth and sleeping padUltimate weight saver is the poncho

    *First thing I do is hang up pack, then put on clean, dry turtleneck*Saved 1.5 lb by using fleece bag and 3.5 lb by substituting an smaller, old grey pack dropping total weight to around 7 lb*Use of filter is personal preference; group gear; pills are lighterGatorade comes from large $3 container bought at Ocean State Job Lot packed in Zip Loc snack bags*Runners tee shirt, not cottonHawaiian shirt should not be cotton or rayon

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