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DTI presentation done at Lebos's backpackers in Soweto. Backpacking in South Africa.

Text of Backpacking And Youth Presentation

  • 1.Backpacking and Youth Travel 28 November 2007


  • Background : the dti
  • Background : backpacking
  • Findings
  • Where to from here?

Contents 3. Background :the dtis tourism focus

  • Dti tourism unit (sector desk): Enterprise and Industry Development Division (EIDD)
  • Investment and Business Development
    • Niche market industry development
  • Niches can diversify business opportunities, markets AND benefits
  • Best practice in Australia, Canada, etc.
  • Backpacking, business tourism and community-based tourism reports ( )

4. Background: Backpacking

  • Backpacking: lack of understanding and information on this niche
  • Backpacking and Youth travel trends publication
  • For existing and new businesses, government officials, and other tourism stakeholders
  • Primary aim: increase awareness and support for backpacking amongst all stakeholders

5. Findings: Backpacking and Youth Travel

  • WYSETC(2007): youth = 20% of global travellers
  • In Australia, Backpacking = AUS $3 Billion
  • In SA, 90 000 backpackers in 2005; approx R900 million in direct spend
    • Huge opportunity presents itself
    • Need to focus and work together to realise this

6. Findings: Where do they come from? 7.

    • Tend to travel independently,have flexible travel schedules,
    • Travel for a longer period (42 days),
    • Prefer budget accommodation,cost conscious,
    • Place emphasis on meeting other travellers,
    • Keen on informal and participatory holiday activities
      • explore other cultures (83%),
      • excitement (74%),
      • and increasing knowledge (69%).

Findings: Backpacking and Youth Travel 8. Findings: Backpacking and Youth Travel 9. Findings: Backpacking and Youth Travel 10. Findings: Backpacking and Youth Travel 11.

  • Not only hippies! Real value too many choose this way of travel.
  • Bring benefits to out-of-the-way places: geographic spread.
  • Seek authenticity and interaction.
  • Younger travellers return later in life.
  • Per day spend is less, trip spend often the same, or more.
  • Global industry is growing, competitive, increasingly formalised.
  • Product must innovate, provide high levels of service AND experience.

Consider this. 12. Where to from here?

  • We need to pursue opportunities in this growing segment: we need your buy-in and partnerships
  • Distribute publication with Tourism Enterprise Programme, Small Enterprise Development Agency.
  • Continue to work with Backpacking South Africa on formalising the industry:
    • Market support (e.g. World Youth Student Travel industry Conference).
    • Registering an industry association with the dti.



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