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Backpacking Basics

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Backpacking Basics. By Sara Hart. Today, you will learn how to:. Choose your pack Pack your pack Put on your pack. Choosing your pack. The two basic types of backpack are INTERNAL FRAME and EXTERNAL FRAME. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Backpacking Basics

Nope!Try again?Choose your packPack your packPut on your pack

Today, you will learn how to:

Choosing your packThe two basic types of backpack are INTERNAL FRAME and EXTERNAL FRAME.

Internal frame packs are ideal for all types of terrain. They tend to be narrower and bear weight closer to your natural center of gravity.External frame packs were designed first. They are good for carrying heavy loads along well established trails, and also have better ventilation. Today, the internal frames versatility makes it the more popular choice of the two styles.Packing your packPack heavy things close to your body to maintain your natural center of gravityPack things that you may need while on the trail (rain gear, toilet paper, etc.) in external pockets that are easily reached.Anything that is clipped to your pack (dangling) will add unnecessary extra weight.

A well packed pack will save your back!Putting on your packNow that your backpack is fully packed, it will be pretty heavy. Loosen shoulder straps and hip belt. Position pack so that the straps are all facing you.Grab both shoulder straps, one hand on each, and lift your pack up to your knee. You can use a tree to help you keep it propped on your knee during this step.Release your right hand from the strap and put your arm through its respective shoulder strap. Hop and use your bodys momentum to swing your pack to your back, where you can slip your left arm through the other shoulder strap.Fasten your hip belt. Jump to lift your pack to the appropriate height as you tighten it. Repeat for shoulder straps.Hit the trail!

The internal frame style of backpack is the most popular type in the world.TRUEFALSEYou got it!Keep goingWhen packing my pack, where should I put my rain gear?On top.Dont bring it.Near my back.An external pocket, so I can reach it.

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