Backpacking Southeast Asia

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  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    Table of ContentsI. IntroductionII. About the Author

    III. MotivationIV. Where Do You BeginV. Saving Money for your TripVI. Which Credit Card to UeVII. Which ATM Card to UeVIII. Before You !eaveI". What to Bring". #ac$ !ight"I. %o& to get There' By Air"II. %o& to get There' By !and"III. %o& to get There' By Sea()iver and *ther

    *ption"IV. %o& to +ind Cheap Acco,,odation"V. %o& to +ind +ree Acco,,odation"VI. Wor$ing A-ong the Way"VII. %ea-th and Safety"VIII. +ood and Drin$"I". S$i-- and Co,petencie You-- !earn"". After the Trip/ What to do 0e1t""I. Additiona- Tip fro, +e--o& Trave- B-ogger""II. 2ratitude #age""III. #S
  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    IntroductionI-- be providing infor,ation and tip on ho& you &ou-d be ab-e to trave- around Southeat Aia for i1 ,onth or,ore &ith very -i,ited financia- reource on the road.

    Ma3ority of u are not born &ith a i-ver poon in our ,outh and I dont thin$ that it hou-d top u fro,

    achieving &hat &e &ant in -ife4 &hich in ,y cae4 trave--ing. I, ure you a-o -ove to trave- that &hy you endedup &ith thi e5boo$.

    Thi boo$ i intended for thoe &ho havent bac$pac$ed yet and for thoe &ho have very -i,ited budget for theirtrave-. If youre a eaon bac$pac$er4 I, ure you a-ready $no& ,ot infor,ation that I have in thi boo$. Butif youre a ne&bie4 I can definite-y aure you that thi boo$ can he-p you in your bac$pac$ing trip in Southeat


    Thi boo$ doe not intend to rep-ace your !one-y #-anet 2uide. Thi boo$ i 0*T a detination guide but rathera pri,er to budget trave--ing.

    I hope you en3oy reading thi boo$ and I hope you get to -earn a -ot that cou-d he-p you in your firt bac$pac$ingtrip outide the #hi-ippine.reading thi boo$ and I hope you get to -earn a -ot that cou-d he-p you in your firt

    There are no paid links, affiliate links or any other forms of advertisement on this ebook

    Disclaimer:6very infor,ation ha been enured up to date a of the ti,e of &riting ho&ever4 a ti,e goeby4 infor,ation uch a addree4 contact nu,ber4 price4 decription of feature4 and other i,portantinfor,ation ,ay have changed by the ti,e you read thi eboo$. +-ip0o,ad &i-- not be he-d -iab-e for any -o4in3ury or inconvenience to any entity(party due to unintentiona- change or error inherent in the infor,ationobtained. #-eae e1ercie due di-igence in doub-e chec$ing i,portant infor,ation. Than$7
  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    About the Author

    I finihed ,y degree in a pub-ic univerity in Mani-a and I ca,e fro, a financia--y trugg-ing fa,i-y. 0o& you,ight a$4 ho& the he-- did I ,anage to trave- outide the country8 The an&er i 9deter,ination to change,y -ife and achieve &hat I &ant: puhed ,e in achieving thi drea, of ,ine.

    I &a a go5getter &hen I &a in choo-. I finihed ,y co--ege under fu-- cho-arhip and $ept on -earning on,y o&n a I &or$ed for i1 year ;prior ,y firt bac$pac$ing trip. I trave--ed for a fe& ti,e becaue of ,y previou 3ob and earned ,i-e fro, it&hich I &a ab-e to ue on ,y previou bac$pac$ing trip. I did not out-ined thee infor,ation to brag butrather to provide an infor,ation on &hat I &a doing prior to giving it a-- up to purue ,y no,adic -ifety-e.

    Ive trave--ed Singapore4 Ma-ayia4 China4 Thai-and4 India4 Indoneia4 0epa-4 !ao4 Vietna, and Ca,bodia.0o&4 at the age of [email protected] I, current-y trave--ing around Southeat Aia again and hoping to viit ,ore p-acethat Ive never been to.
  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    0ot a-- of ,y friend and fa,i-yundertood ,y paion for trave-.

    And a fe& of the, even di,iedthe idea. It &a inane to fight forthi drea, &hi-e ,ot of thepeop-e around you &i-- 3ut te-- youto tay in the office and &or$ ongetting pro,oted intead.

    And then I rea-ied that thi i MYDREAMand not their. Wereco,ing fro, different perpective

    Let's Start with Motivation

    becaue &e have different vie&4 prioritie and apiration in -ife. My current priority i to -ive ,y -ife baeon ho& I &ant it to be.

    So dont fee- hurt if you dont receive ,uch enthuia, after te--ing the, about your p-an to bac$pac$.

    No one can kill or make your dream come true except YOU.

    %ere are t&o thing that you can do to $eep youre-f ,otivated and inpired.

    Surround yourself it! your Supporters:0othing i ,ore he-pfu- than urrounding youre-f &ith peop-e

    that undertand and upport you. Dont undereti,ate the po&er and inf-uence of poitive peop-e.Contant-y urrounding youre-f &ith poitive and -i$e5,inded individua- &or$ ,irac-e in bui-ding yourcourage and trengthening your conviction.

    Reac! Out to "ello #ra$ellers:*ne thing i for ure4 youre not the on-y one &ho drea, ofbac$pac$ing and trave--ing to different p-ace. Create your o&n upport group by reaching out to peop-ethat are eua--y paionate about trave- a you are. If you cant find the, at ho,e or in your ocia- circ-e4find the, in b-og4 T&itter4 +aceboo$4 trave- foru, and other ocia- ,edia.
  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    Where Do You BeginSo no& that youve decided that youre going to ,a$e thi 9trave- drea,: a rea-ity4 you have to ,a$e a roughdraft of your p-an.

    %ere are the uetion that I a$ed ,ye-f before I f-e& out/

    Where &i-- I go8A, I intereted to go to thoe p-ace8Can I afford to go thoe p-ace8%o& ,uch i the dai-y cot8Are there opportunitie to trave- cheap-y ;e.g. &&oof4 free acco,,odation< in thoe area8

    And thouand ,ore uetion. Mot of the uetion &ou-d definite-y be detination5pecific. #rior to -eaving4 Ia-ready did o,e reearch about ,y target detination uing the fo--o&ing reource/

    #ra$el "orums: Lonely Planets Thorn Tree Forum4 BootsnAll and TravelFishare 3ut o,e of the trave-foru, that e1it in the internet &or-d that provide ton of reource and he-pfu- infor,ation for bac$pac$er.

    #ra$el %e&sites:XEfor e1change rate4 Seat61for over-and trave- andAttitude Travelfor a -it of -o& cotcarrier.

    #ra$el 'lo(s: You-- be urpried ho& he-pfu- trave- b-og are. They provide a -ot of infor,ation about p-acethat o,e guideboo$ have not covered and o,e of the, a-o hare their actua- e1perience &hich give youan idea of &hat to e1pect.

    So,e baic #ips on Usin( #ra$el 'lo(s as Source of )nformation/

    Bear in ,ind that it &ritten baed on the perona- e1perience of the b-ogger. It ,ay or ,ay not differ fro,&hat you &i-- actua--y e1perience once you get to that p-ace. 0everthe-e4 it a great ource of infor,ation.

    Chec$ the date of the pot to enure ti,e-ine and re-evancy of the infor,ation.

    Dont re-y on one ource and chec$ other poib-e ource of infor,ation a &e--.
  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    Saving Mone for Your Tri!Set a 'ud(et and Stick %it! )t

    There no ene in etting a budget if youre not gonna tic$ &ith it. It -i$e &riting a p-an and thro&ing itto the trah bin after&ard. I tarted &ith -iting the thing that I need and tri,,ed it do&n to the baic.

    a. Rent:I ued to hare ,y f-at o I &ou-dnt have to pay for the &ho-e rent. If youre renting a f-at byyoure-f4 I ugget you ,ove to a cheaper one or hare your f -at &ith another peron. Thi i the bet&ay in i,,ediate-y cutting the cot by ha-f.

    &. 'ills:I cut ,y phone -ine o that a-ready a big aving. I, ,ini,iing ,y prepaid conu,ption to,a$e ure that I tic$ &ith #[email protected]@ ;EF

  • 8/10/2019 Backpacking Southeast Asia


    Stop 'uyin( Stuff

    Stop buying tuff and other thing that you dont need. You &ou-dnt be ab-e to afford even a hort tripoutide the country if you $eep on pending your hard earned ,oney on thing that you $no& &i-- 3ut end

    up in the 3un$.

    If you $no& that you-- be trave--ing oon4 dont pend a di,e on anything any,ore aide fro, baicneed. Dont even buy any trave- gear -i$e uic$ dry hirt4 ,icrofiber to&e- or other tuff.

    ut uti-ie &hatever you have. It &ou-dnt ,a$e you -e a a trave--er if your hirt i not uic$ dry or ifyour bag i not 0orthface. Youd rather pend the ,oney on acco,,odation and food once youre on theroad.

    If you rea--y thin$ you need thoe ite,4 find other &ay to get the, &ithout pending a -ot. Maybe youcou-d try chec$ing out thrift tore4 I bought o,e of ,y trave- gear in thrift tore and I &a ab-e to aveda -ot of ,oney by doing o.

    Stop *ayin( for #!in(s t!at you Don+t Need,Use

    a. Unsu&scri&e:Do you have a ,againe or ne&paper ubcription8 0o& i the ti,e to unubcribe4a-,ot every infor,ation i no& free on-ine. If you rea--y fee- the need to buy the,4 buy bac$ iue4 itcheaper than the ne&-y pub-ihed edition. *r 3ut borro& fro, a friend &ho a-o a ubcriber.

    &. -!eck your *!one *lan:If youre 3ut uing ca-- and te1t and paying for a data p-an that youre notuing4 &itch or do&ngrade to 3ut a ca-- and te1t p-an. *r better yet4 &itch to prepaid4 you &am