Going Paperless in the Classroom

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Going Paperless in the Classroom. Presented by: Elaine Baker, Campus Learning Resource Specialist, ( ebaker@pasadenaisd.org ) & Paula Sklenarik , Campus Technology Specialist, ( psklenarik@pasadenaisd.org ) . Benefits of Going Paperless. Increases organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Going Paperless in the Classroom

Going Paperless in the ClassroomPresented by: Elaine Baker, Campus Learning Resource Specialist, (ebaker@pasadenaisd.org) & Paula Sklenarik, Campus Technology Specialist, (psklenarik@pasadenaisd.org) Pasadena High SchoolUpdated: 2/3/2014Benefits of Going PaperlessIncreases organizationDue date of assignments are easier to measureThe teacher is in control of the work handed inPapers are not lostIncreases efficiencyDocuments feedbackIncreases student responsibilityIncreases relevanttechnology skills

Updated: 2/3/2014CommunicationTeacher website (school related)Texting tools

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High School


3Cloud Storage & Class ManagementUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolGoogle DriveGoogle Drive: Word processing in the cloud, can be used for collaboration, students create a folder to share with the teacher, teacher creates a folder to share with studentsBenefitsCan access anywhere on the internetRevision historyNo emailSet permissionsCan copy documentsCan share documentsAlso has spreadsheet , presentationtools, and formsAccessible through apps on devices as well as throughan application that can be downloaded to a computer.

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolDropBox.comUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolDropboxis a free service that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Accessible on all devices through apps or an easy to download program in addition to the Internet

EvernoteUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolOther Storage ToolsMicrosoft SkyDrive (7 GB free)Amazon Cloud Drive (5 GB free)SugarSync ($7.49/mo.) for 60GBiDrive (5 GB free, yearly fees for more storage)

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolStonewareAllows for the sharing of filesCloud storageEasy access to resources through tile links

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolCurriculum ToolsUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolVocabulary and Spelling City

Spellingcity.comK-12 site for vocabulary, spelling, writing and language arts.

Drawing today for two free classroom Premium Memberships at the end of session. Compliments of Vocabulary Spelling City.

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolAdditional Curriculum ToolsDiscovery Educationhttp://www.discoveryeducation.com/teachers/Contains video, audio, interactive games, puzzles, and lesson plans.InfuseLearning www.infuselearning.com NetTrekker www.nettrekker.com Learning.com www.learning.com Britanica Online - http://www.britannica.com/ TEA- http://tea.state.tx.us Schoology www.schoology.com BrainPop www.brainpop.com Renaissance Learning - http://www.renlearn.com/ Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolOnline PresentationsPrezi Google Drive Presentation ToolVokiGlogster.comSlideRocket.comSlideShare.net

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolCollaboration http://www.wikispaces.com/content/teacher edublogs.org www.todaysmeet.com noteapp.com http://padlet.com/

www.pinterest.com www.livebinders.com Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High School

Classroom Management ToolsUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolClassroom Management SoftwareProducts:Lanschool - www.LanSchool.com NetSupport www.netsupportschool.com NeTop Vision - www.netop.com SMART Sync www.smarttech.com/sync Uses:Student monitoringSharing of screens and filesSome allow polling of studentsRemote control of student machines

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolGrading ElectronicallyUpdated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolRubricsWhat is the purpose for a rubric?

RubiStar (http://rubistar.4teachers.org/)Rubric Maker (http://www.teach-nology.com/web_tools/rubrics/research/)Attach rubrics to student work that is turned in electronically.

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolUsing CommentsAvailable in Word and Adobe AcrobatInstruct students on how you want document savedMake notes and show corrections using comment features

6 Things you should know about MS Word

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High SchoolOnline Course ToolsBlackboard Course sites www.coursesites.com Edmodo www.edmodo.com Moodle www.moodle.com Project Share (Epsilen) projectsharetexas.org

Updated: 2/3/2014Pasadena High School