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Going Paperless GME Coordinator Meeting April 9, 2013 Amy Motta Administrative Assistant Department of Pathology University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

2013 GME Going Paperless

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Going Paperless

GME Coordinator Meeting April 9, 2013

Amy Motta

Administrative Assistant Department of Pathology

University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah

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How Paperless Are You Now?

To some degree we are already paperless E-mail, Word and PDF files Electronic Evaluation Systems (E*Value) ACGME WebAds for part of PIF and case logs Recruiting (ERAS) Survey tools (Survey Monkey)

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Take a look at your office, what “system” do you use to store files?

You may not realize it but you do have a “system”, whether it was left to you by your predecessor or a one you developed

Are all of your files on subject x in one format (paper vs electronic), or do you have some in a paper file and some electronic? I drive myself crazy with this

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Decide, ok, for these kinds of files, I will keep paper files; for these kinds of files, I will keep electronic files Don’t have to go back and scan paper files or print electronic

files (too much work) just decide to employ your new system starting now

Stick to your plan

Decide what kinds of files you want to keep one copy of and what kinds of files you want to keep two copies of If you are afraid of losing files Consider one copy as a paper file and one copy electronic; or

two copies electronic in different places

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Pros and Cons


Easier to share information E-mail Shared server Web-based

Easier to collect data across the program

Takes up less physical space

Saves time

Cons Harder to share information

Data in different locations Can systems talk to each

other? User resistance

Risk of losing data (crash) and risk of software going obsolete

PHI concerns

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Simple Ideas

A word of advice . . .

Be consistent with naming and filing your e-mail files hard copy files computer files For example: Don’t name your e-mail file “Duty Hours”

and your computer file “Work Hours”

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Be consistent . . ..

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The To-Do List

Get rid of all the pieces of paper you have written down “To-Do” tasks on Instead, put your to-dos in an excel file

with a column for due date Makes it easy to sort, prioritize and keep

track of the status

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Finish final travel reimbursement for Chris for USCAP y Dr Palmer 4/1/13 n Finish and distribute on-call schedule for April y Lisa 4/1/13 n E-mail residents to get their duty hours entered for March y day 4/1/13 n Enter resident vacations for May into E*Value n 4/1/13 n Enter resident on-call schedules into SmartWeb for May n 4/1/13 n Have PD sign graduation certificates return to GME n 4/1/13 n Visiting Resident - Mauricio Salicru, e-mail Dr Palmer y Mauricio 4/2/13 n Fix any unmatched items in UMS for 01160 for Feb y Marsha 4/2/13 n Run monthly conf attendance report for Mar n 4/2/13 n E-mail brain cutting conf reminder Apr 4 y day 4/3/13 n Check VSAS and SOM course roster for MS PATH 7050-1 y day 4/5/13 n Follow up with Maggie Hopkins, need her Step 3 score report y Maggie 4/5/13 n Update Training Agreements with faculty list n 4/8/13 n Attend GME Coordinator mtg on Apr 9 y day 4/9/13 n Finish verification on Jim Martinchick n 4/9/13 n Run GME Monthly Duty Hour Violation report for Mar y day 4/10/13 n E-mail the on-call money for March to GME y day 4/10/13 n ACGME Resident Survey (ends Mar 24) print and save report y ACGME 4/12/13 n Register for ERAS 2014 (opened Feb 4) y ERAS 4/15/13 n Run GME Monthly Percent Schedule report for Apr for GME y day 4/15/13 n Order food for journal club Apr 23 n 4/16/13 n Run GME Monthly Didactic report for Apr y day 4/19/13 n Finish contrcts for continuing residents y GME office 5/1/13 n Enter rotation schedules into E*Value for 2013 2014 y Dr Palmer 5/16/13 n ACGME Site Visit - Did we get our results yet? y ACGME 5/31/13 n SOM Career Day is July 1 find faculty and residents y day 6/1/13 n Get Step 3 score reports from PGY-1 residents y Ling, Maggie 6/30/13 n Do End of Training letters for graduating residents send to GME n 7/30/13 n

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Paperless Recruiting

Applications already come through ERAS electronically ERAS WebReview A great way to get applications to reviewers

and interviewers

Applicant itineraries

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Paperless Recruiting

Replace mailed recruiting packets Letter from Program Director Program brochure Selection policy Curriculum Sample schedules (on-call, rotation and

conference) Use e-mail and your Department’s website

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In E*Value you can do the following: Evaluations (resident, faculty, rotation, etc.) Duty hours Conference schedules Policies Rotation and conference documents Portfolio

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E*Value Home Page

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E*Value MyFolio - Residents

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E*Value MyFolio - Program

Create a portfolio for your program Official ACGME and GME correspondence Policies Residency committee meeting minutes Annual program evaluation and plan Anything an ACGME or GME site visitor

would need

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Just when you thought you were totally

electronic . . . someone will ask you for a

print out!

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Questions and Discussions

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Thank you!