ISTE LF12 - Going Paperless

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2. Going Paperless 3. Agenda What does a paperless class/school look like? Why should you go paperless? How can you implement this change at yourschool? Resources available to you. 4. What does it look like? Device for every admin, teacher, & student Scanners (especially in the beginning) Digital texts Online or cloud file storage LMS (Learning Management System) or VLP(Virtual Learning Platform) Web Based Administrative Tool 5. Or It Looks Like This 6. Videos 7. Why Go Paperless? 8. 9. 1. Migrating from paper to digital storage: instantaccess to informationwhen you need it 10. 2. Standardizing information:getting everything you need the first time 11. 3. Reclaiming productive space:digital storage maximizes primereal estate 12. 4. Accessing board insights and decisions: removingthe guesswork 13. 5. Viewing Student performance:document management provides information on the whole child 14. 6. Managing human resources: gaining a holistic view ofpersonnel records 15. 7. Managing financial records: payroll, payables, and audits 16. 8. Distributing work effectively:no more waiting 17. 9. Making decisions based onreal-time information: using timewisely 18. 10. Complying with FERPA and HIPAA: no more missing files 19. How To Implement 20. VLPs = 21 Century Classroom st 21. Paperless Principal Flow Chart 22. Work 23. Are You There Yet? Is Going Paperless right for your school? Go through the Paperless Principal FlowChart with the person next to you (getlarge picture from our Wiki). Answer the questions on the followingGoogle Form: 24. Thank You!