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  1. 1. Pop
  2. 2. The codes and conventions for pop are mainly based aroundthe main image, font, headlines, colour and the masthead.The colour and the font is because in a pop magazine youwould expect bright colours that stand out and catch yourattention, like, blue, pink, yellow, white and black.There would also be the photos on the album covers whichwill most likely be shot in a studio. They are made to lookvery perfect and clean cut.This could make the albums boring to look at because thereis only one person making eye contact with the camera andthere is nothing else going on to catch your attention.
  3. 3. Some pop magazines are: -Top Of The Pops-SHOUT-Mizz-BillboardThese link to the above question because they mainly have astudio shot of the featured person looking at the camera witha plain background and very bright colours for their font.
  4. 4. Pop is a main genre.
  5. 5. Pop is a very popular genre. It has a very big audience as it iswell know over the whole world.The fans tend to be teenagers ranging from the ages 10-16,although, as they are growing older they are wanting to readand listen to a more mature version of pop whereas theyounger ages will listen to the groups and solo artists thatolder teenagers will not like.
  6. 6. Pop is distinguished by its clean cut, perfect looking bandsand solo artists who all have a very big fan base and are ableto sell out concerts. It is also spotted by its more up beatmusic that appeals to the younger generations.
  7. 7. Pop music originated in its modern form in the 1950s in theUnited States. There are different types of pop, such as: Bubblegum pop Teen pop Traditional pop Power pop Sunshine popThey founded the word pop from the word popular.Pop dates back to the Victorian era where people would needa catchy song to be made identifiable.
  8. 8. Who has the biggest profile? How do you know?Key artists in the development of pop are bands such as; TheCrooners, who were around in the 1940s and 50s, BingCrosby and Frank Sinatra.Then came along the bands such as, Take That, The SpiceGirls and Backstreet boys.Then members of the bands realised that they could havesolo careers, so artists like Robbie Williams and JustinTimberlake left for solo careers. Some of the key artists noware Sam Smith, Ella Henderson, One Direction and Little Mix.I think the recent artists have the biggest profile becausepeople are wanting new music to listen to.
  9. 9. Pop is a very popular genre which is very mainstream as it isknown around the whole world and it has a very big fan base.I dont think there is a good or bad perception of popbecause some people like it and some people dont so it ishard to say what the general perception of pop is.
  10. 10. Other medias that cover the pop genre are the radio and TV.Radios such as Radio 1 and heart play pop music daily andthey have the charts every Sunday which are mostly all popsongs. The TV has music channels where they have programswhich play the most listened to pop songs and they are alsoshown with there music videos.