Educational Trends

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Top Three Educational Trends

Educational Trends

Kimberly BarreraUMUC




ComputersComputer SoftwarePromethean BoardsClass Website/ BlogsOnline MediaRobotics

STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and MathEcobots


Technology is transforming education, teachers creating relevant, engaging lessons, and personalized learning. Students using in meaningful ways to enhance learning. Many resources, example of robotics, Ecobots. STEM, dependent of technology, interdisciplinary approach targets applied knowledge. Preparing todays students for tomorrow. 2

Personalized LearningVideo Link: Flexible Classrooms


Student-CenteredLearningInquiry-Based LearningAuthentic AssessmentCollege & Career ReadinessModels:

Blended LearningiCaniZone

Personalized learning put focus on student. 3

Academic Content & InstructionWeb Page: High School Redesign Initiative U.S. Ranking: 18th in Reading27th in Math21st in Science

Academic Skills:AnalysisEvaluationSynthesisCollaborationMetacognitionRisk Taking


Academic content and instruction changing in the U.S. U.S. ranking, reform teaching and learning.Preparing students for college and careers.Focus is Academic rigor and real world experience.Academic Skills in common core.LinkTrends- close the achievement gap, prepare all students for success, and international leader in education.4


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