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Proprietary & Confidential. © 2012 R/GA All rights reserved. The Art and Science of Social Listening By: Anne Taillandier Kristin O’Halloran

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The Art and Science of Social ListeningBy:Anne TaillandierKristin OHalloranProprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved.#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./01 Approach/Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved.#/#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./The Scope of Social Listening1Generate Insights:Deep Dive AnalysisIn-depth analysis of brand or other topics. Produces insights and helps learn how the audience is speaking about the brand, its competitors, and category or related topics2Track Buzz:Brand, Competitors, CategoryUnderstand SOV and impact of marketing activities on online conversations determined by volume, sentiment, and specific verbatim responses.

3Monitor Conversations:Alert and ResponseKeep a pulse on all conversation specific order to identify both positive and negative conversations along with the appropriate method of dissemination and response if/when necessary.

#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./3No Magic Button4Social listeningNot a research tool that can be controlled for target or projectable to populationDoes not provide automated machine-based analysis of conversationsDoes not allow to ask specific questions directly to the audience

ItEnables gaining qualitative insights from conversations that take place onlineIs based on analysis of sample conversations and relies on human interpretationFocuses on salient insights for inspirationCan provide a relative estimation of volume, location of conversations, and sentimentNeeds to be directed and only as good as the queries used for listening

#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./4

DiscoverThinkMakeSocial Listening Can Contribute In Every Phase of Marketing ResearchDesignLearnPlanBuildOptimizeCreateEvolve#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./5

DiscoverDiscoverResearchPlanDiscoveryBrand SentimentTarget Audience ResearchHistorical ResultsMeasurement FrameworkBenchmarks & Forecast #Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./6CreateDesignBuild

CreateValidate Target AudienceConcept TestingOperationalize Framework#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./7EvolveLearnOptimize

EvolveTracking and Analysis Creative TestingUser ProfilingUser FeedbackOngoing AnalysisOptimization Recommendations

#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./802 Who are we?/Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved.#/#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./Anne TaillandierAnne is a Director of Analytics and joined R/GA in 2007. Since joining, she has led marketing strategy & analytics for clients such as Coca-Cola, MasterCard, Ameriprise, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, and Chanel. She has experience across integrated marketing campaigns, CRM programs, websites, display advertising, paid search, mobile, and social media. Anne has led several in-depth social listening research projects for retail, CPG, and financial services. Prior to R/GA, Anne worked at Wunderman where she focused on analyzing marketing programs and delivering actionable marketing insights and optimizations for clients such as Microsoft, Kraft Foods, IBM, AT&T, and Citibank. There she also developed relationship marketing infrastructures and built marketing information reporting. Before Wunderman, Anne worked at Citibank, managing monthly marketing campaigns for cardholders.Anne comes from France where she graduated with a BBA and a MS in Management from the Grenoble Graduate School of Business (ESC Grenoble). In New York, she obtained her MBA with a concentration in Marketing from Pace University.

#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./Kristin OHalloranKristin is currently a Manager of Analytics at R/GA and has experience in Web, OLA, Mobile, and Social Media Analytics, as well as research. She started at R/GA back in 2009 and has worked on accounts such as Walmart, LOreal Paris, LOreal Luxury Division, MasterCard, and Coca-Cola. While working on Walmart, R/GA was able to launch the brand into the social media stratosphere. This allowed her to help develop some of R/GAs best practices and standards for social media analytics and social listening. Prior to joining R/GA, Kristin worked for NBC Universal in Digital Research Analytics where she focused on Web, Mobile, and Out of Home analytics, as well as, primary and secondary research. Kristin is a proud graduate of Fordham University where she studied Marketing and Music.

#Proprietary & Confidential. 2012 R/GA All rights reserved./