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Igniting human potential

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How to effectively manage project teams and enable them to success?

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  • 1. New Vistas in Project Management IgnitingHuman PotentialRavi Kanniganti

2. Human Potential in Organizations Through my projects in space, defense and nuclear sectors, I know that our people have the ability to achieve the best in the world. They have a fantastic mix of belief and knowledge that sets them apart from any other nation on earth. I also know that their potential is untapped because we have become used to subjugated and docile.. That as a nation we were failing to utilize our tremendous energies.. -- Dr. APJ Abul Kalam in Ignited MindsSame can be said about employees in our organizations to certain extent. 2 3. Large Teams Vs Small Teams The control of a large force is the same principle as the control of a few men: it is merely a question of dividing up their numbers. Fighting with a large army under your command is nowise different from fighting with a small one: it is merely a question of instituting signs and signals. -- Sun Tzu Art of War3 4. Problem Statement Project Managers are becoming task masterslosing touch with people. High stress levels among Project managersand team members Project Managers OfReal World Distrust, lack of loyalty and attritionproblems4 5. Problem Statement Project Managers are carrying too much loadon them because they dont know either howto delegate or motivate team members toshare their load.5 6. Problem StatementProject Managers are more focused oncompleting the current project thanbuilding an organization that cancomplete challenging projectsconsistently.Project managers treating humansbeings as machines, subjecting them tometrics, statistics and forgetting thebasic thing that drives humans to excel. 6 7. Problem Statement Meanwhile team members are confusedwith conflicting messages from Projectmanagers. Team members are angry due to lack ofclarity in the roles and responsibilities. 7 8. How can we fix the problem?Project Managers should do abalancing act of managing projecttasks on one hand and keep theteam motivated and engaged on theother hand. Let us look at some tips on how to do thisbalancing act.. Know how to obtain buy-in and overcomeresistance. How to set goals and manage projectsruthlessly, while balancing that withhuman implications. Understand how to enable a team forsuccess by unlocking the potential of itsindividual members in a way that supportsyour organizations/project needs.8 9. What Radio Station do you tune to?Whats In It For MeWIIFMYour listeners wont care what you sayuntil they know that you care. AnonymousPage 9 10. If someone asks me about my personal achievements in Indian rocketery, I would pin it down to having created an environment for teams of young people to put their heart and soul into their missions.-- Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam 10 11. Practical tips on how to solve these problemsInvolve the team in your Game plan and showthem the Big pictureFocus on reporting structures, career pathsand responsibilitiesEffective delegationActive Listening, relationship building anddecision-makingMotivating and handle mistakes gracefully Celebrate Victory with extended teams. 11 12. Involve the team in your Game Plan and show them theBig pictureIts giving people the reasonfor doing the job, thepurpose of working.Management is all aboutinstilling that desire to excelat work. Its about instillingownership and the sense ofpride at havingaccomplishing somethingworthwhileInstilling this sense ofbelongingness andattachment towards theproject into the employees isthe job of project managers.Let them be owners of theirdomain12 13. If you hire people just because they can do ajob, they will work for money. But if you hirepeople who believe what you believe, they willwork for you with blood, sweat and tears. -- Simon 13 14. Breakthrough projects require ahigher level of commitment. Peopledont treat project as work but as aduty to the Nation or Organization. 14 15. Focus on reporting structures, career paths and responsibilities As a designer of a wheel knows howto place the spokes and space themapart for smooth ride, we as projectmanagers should know how toplace our people on the project fora smooth ride. Reporting structures should not bebased solely on corporate titles andjob functions, but should be basedon project needs. Project roles should be allocatedsuch that individuals strengths areutilized and weaknesses are offset. Situational Leadership and ToughEmpathy are required. Toughempathy means giving people whatthey need not what they want. 15 16. When the general is weak and without authority, when his orders are not clear and distinct; when there are no fixed duties assigned to officers and men, and the ranks are formed in a slovenly haphazard manner, the result is utter disorganization.Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into deepestvalleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand byyou even unto death. If however, you are indulgent, but unable to makeyour authority felt; kind hearted, but unable to enforce your commands;and incapable, moreover, of quelling disorder: then your soldiers must belikened to spoilt children; they are useless for any practical purposes.-- Sun Tzu Art of War 16 17. Effective Delegation and Control Get rid of the monkeys from your back byeffective delegation. This boosts team morale. You are delegating responsibility but notyour accountability.Avoid losing sight of bigger picture. Dont bebusy solving technical problems or doing yourteam members job and lose sight of your role.At the same time, dont be too hands offeither.Monitoring & Control: Like a hawk, monitorthe projects and kill non-value adding projects.This will do lot of good to the organizations.-- Drives performance oriented culture and releasesresources to the pool.17 18. Move from zone of fear and distrust to area of trust andopenness. Delegation cannot happen if there is no trust. 19. Active Listening, Relationship buildingand Timely Decision MakingActive Listening Relationship building. Think accountmanagement at bank. Can you withdrawwithout depositing anything. How long canoverdraft work? Project teams get frustrated and de-motivated when they see no action takenon the issues that are brought to thenotice of the delivery manager. Teams would love to work for a managerwho takes action, albeit the wrong onesthan working for a manager whoprocrastinates. Chaotic action is preferable to orderlyinaction Karl Weick A Golden Quote By RATAN TATA- "I Dont Believe In Taking Right Decisions. I Take Decisions & Then Make Them Right"19 20. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate20 21. Handling mistakes during project implementation.The idea is to be firm, but not abusive and tocoach instead of being criticalThe famous US president, Dwight D.Eisenhower, said You dont lead by hittingpeople over the head thats assault, notleadership.Managers have a bad habit of focusing on thenegative. It is a common observation thatmanagers tend to react quickly to anythingthat goes wrong and overlook everything thatgoes right.Encourage some informed risk takingotherwise, you might be scuttling innovation. 21 22. Handling Failures Dr. Kalams viewsYou cannot expect a person to deliver results if you humiliate him nor you canyou expect a person to deliver results if you abuse him or despise him. The linebetween firmness and harshness, between strong leadership and bullying, between discipline and vindictiveness is very fine but it has to be drawnFrom Key Notes delivered at PM International Conference Hyderabad -2005 22 23. Celebrate Small Wins with Extended Teams Celebrate small victories and completion ofmilestones, because these celebrations give anopportunity for you to recognize thework, instill self-esteem and to make the teamfeel better about what they do.Include extended team members who helpedin your project includingServices, HR, Technicalsupport, Database, Infrastructure folks in yourcelebrations. Typically we take work fromextended teams, but seldom remember themto include them in project completioncelebrations.23 24. Tough questions for middle managers (Adopted from Jack Stack)1. What are you personally giving to the people you manage?2. Do you spend as much time thinking about them as you spend thinking about customers, or other departments or people higher up in the organization?3. Do you share your problems, or do you keep them to yourself? Have you asked your people for help in carrying your load? Do they even know what your load is? Have you told them your critical number?4. Do you yourself operate with an open book? Do you let your people know everything that you know?5. Are you getting the benefit of their intelligence, or do you still you are responsible for coming up with the answers on your own?24 25. Tough questions for middle managers (Adopted from Jack Stack)6. Do our people know what to do without being told, or do they wait to get a list from you? Is everybody working toward the same goal? Does everybody know what it is? Do you let people figure out the best way to get there?7. Do you know what gets your people angriest? Have you ever asked them about their frustrations and their fears? What keeps them awake at night?8. Have you talked to your people about your own fears and frustrations? Can you let down your guard enough to do that? Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable? Do you have enough self-confidence to take the chance that you might get screwed?Most important, if the answers to such questions are no, do youreally want to change? 25 26. You can make a differenceIn your area of control and area of influence, provide theumbrella to the team and protect them from harsh sun light andrain, etc (Org Politics, Perception, forces that act againstinterest of project etc). Dont wait for corporate direction. Youcan make a difference to your team starting today. 26 27. Closing Comments Whatever the project may be, onceyou really understand what needs tobe done, once you can communicatethe same to your team and showthem the roadmap, and instill theconfidence that you know how to getthere, half of your project work iscomplete. After that your project will beexecuted by your team. They knowthe big picture, they will becommitted and they will beintrinsically motivated. As a Project Manager, you can justrelax.. You just did your job.27 28. References[1] Conner, Daryl. Managing The Human Aspects of CRM Projects: Installation Vs Realization. ODR White Paper, 2001.[2] Goffee, Robert; Jones Gareth. Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? Harvard Business Review on What Makes a Leader. Harvard Business SchoolPress, 2001.[3] Hatter, Keith. The secret of motivation. Accountancy Age, Dec 2004.[4] Kapoor, Rahul. Making Mistakes. The Times of India, Education Times. February 28, 2005.[5] Kothari, Pooja. The Ugly Subordinate. The Economic Times, Corporate Dossier. January 14, 2005.[6] Lewis, James P. Project Planning Scheduling & Control. Tata McGraw-Hill Edition, 2001.[7] Oncken, William Jr; Wass, Donald L. Management Time, Whos Got the Monkey. 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