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    Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

    AUGUST 2O13


    A competition, which will award prizes to entrepreneurs and innovators

    who deliver market-oriented solutions for African development, has

    been announced by the African Innovation Foundation (AIF).

    AIF calls for entries for the 2014 Innovation Prize for Africa. The prestigious

    prize, presented annually since 2012, aims at encouraging innovations

    that contribute to sustainable development in Africa. The winning

    submission will be awarded a prize of $100,000, with two additional $25,

    000, one for the runner up with an innovation with the best business

    potential and the other one for the runner up with the innovation with

    the best social impact.

    Therefore, the Innovation Prize for Africa invites African entrepreneurs

    and innovators to propose projects that unlock new African potential

    under one of five categories that include agriculture and agribusiness,

    environment, energy and water, health and well-being, ICT applications,

    and manufacturing and services industries.

    “The IPA team believes that the best way to build Africa’s capacity is to

    invest in local innovation and entrepreneurship. This prize encourages

    Africans to develop creative ways to overcome everyday challenges,”

    said AIF founder Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais.

    The IPA 2013 was awarded to South Africa’s AgriProtein for its innovative

    approach to nutrient recycling – a method that uses waste and fly

    larvae to produce natural animal feed. The 2013 prize also recognised

    two additional winners for their contributions to African innovation. In

    the business potential category, Hassine Labaied and Anis Aouini from

    Saphon Energy (Tunisia) received $25, 000 for creating a bladeless wind





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    Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

    In the social impact category, Sanoussi Diakite (Senegal)

    received $25, 000 for developing and distributing a thermal

    powered machine that husks 5 kilogrammes of fonio – an

    important and healthy West African cereal – in just eight

    minutes. This innovation increases accessibility to a nutritious

    African staple food source and addresses challenges

    associated with its consumption.

    With more than 1,350 applications received to date, the IPA

    aims to support Africans’ efforts to develop new products,

    increase efficiency and drive cost-savings on the continent.

    The IPA also provides a platform for African innovators to

    showcase their solutions to potential investors and seek

    partners to scale up their marketable concepts. Only

    innovations by Africans and for Africans are eligible to enter.

    Africans in the Diaspora can also apply if their innovations

    are of significance to Africa.

    The registration deadline for the 2014 prize has been set

    for October 31, 2013. Detailed information of competition

    categories, conditions of entry and submission procedures

    are available on the Innovation Prize for Africa website.

    Business Day. 2013. $150, 000 prize opens for innovative

    entrepreneurs with solutions to African challenges.

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    challenges (accessed 12 August 2013).

    In a report released in early 2013, South Africa showed

    dismal performance in comparison to other emerging

    countries in creating new entrepreneurs. The 2012 Global

    Entrepreneurship Monitor report stated that entrepreneurship

    statistics were lower in 2012 than that of the previous year.

    Daniel Marcus, Cape-based chief executive officer of

    conference and events company Living Your Brand says

    that while entrepreneurial success is possible in South Africa,

    a positive outlook and a never-say-die attitude are key for


    Speaking of his own experience, Daniel says that Living Your

    Brand, which this month celebrates three years in operation, Lagos — The board of International Federation of Training

    and Development Organisation (IFTDO) has granted

    was born out of fresh thinking and a general frustration with

    the state of a certain niche. Together with Jaco van Zyl and

    Jacobus le Roux, who run the events and conferencing

    divisions of the business, Daniel has established Living

    Your Brand as one of South Africa’s leading events and

    conferencing agencies in just three short years.

    “I’m a firm believer in the old cliché that ‘you can never be

    too positive’. In South Africa there are so many negatives

    that we could focus on instead of finding our individual

    window of opportunity and jumping at it.” Daniel started

    Living Your Brand after a series of both successful and

    unsuccessful business ventures, to which he attributes the

    success of the company. “You’re unlikely to succeed unless

    you’ve experienced failure at some point.”

    In addition to private events, Daniel and his team

    conceptualised the popular Integrated Marketing

    Communications conference (IMC) concept. The

    conference, which is now in its fourth year, has run in both

    Johannesburg and Cape Town – with a third event to

    be held in London in 2014. He credits the success of the

    concept to the passion and enthusiasm of the team at

    Living Your Brand, as well as the gap they filled by focusing

    on integration in the marketing sector.

    Over the past three years the company has built up an

    impressive client profile which includes brands such as

    Bentley SA, FNB Wealth, Nedbank Capital, Sanlam Investment

    Management, Vodacom, Standard Bank, Lanxess, Landis &

    Gyr, GEMS and The Jacob Zuma Foundation.

    “We are very excited about what the future holds for the

    company as well as the industry. The passion and belief

    in achieving new heights for clients that our team brings

    everyday is what will continue to set us apart,” says Daniel.

    Cape Business News. 2013. Cape Entrepreneurs up the Ante.

    Cape Business News [blog]. 12 August 2013. Available at

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    August 2013).





  • 3Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

    AUGUST 2O13

    Nigeria the hosting right of the 7th African Regional

    Entrepreneurship Conference in November 2013.

    At a press briefing heralding the conference in Lagos,

    Chairman, Conference Planning Committee, Rev. Tunde

    Salawu said the international conference which is to hold

    in November, 2013 in Abuja is strategically employed to

    address growing unemployment crisis in Africa.

    “The summit is to harness resources across the continent

    and to use skill acquisition in different ramifications to solve

    youth unemployment which has become a scourge in the

    whole of African continent. And it is on that basis we have

    chosen as a theme for the conference: “Skills Acquisition

    as a panacea for youth unemployment in Africa” Salawu


    According to the Organising Committee Chairman,

    participants at the summit are drawn from both public and

    private sectors of all African countries.

    Salawu said topics such as economic and social impact

    of youth unemployment in Africa, leveraging on ICT for

    skill acquisition and youth employment, embedding

    entrepreneurship in African education curriculum as well

    the Public-Private Partnership option in addressing Skills

    Development and Employment Crisis, among others.

    Oyewole, N. 2013. Africa: Nigeria to Host Africa

    Entrepreneurship Summit. Daily Trust (online). 20 July 2013.

    Available at http://allafrica.com/stories/201307221353.html

    (accessed 12 August 2013).

    The Board of Directors of the African Development Bank