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Discover the ins and outs of the new social customer care teams – what works, what doesn’t, and how Spredfast is helping brands achieve organizational efficiencies and outperform traditional call centers. Insight from US Cellular's Sonny Gill, UnitedHealth Group's Rachel Medina, LexisNexis' Travis Burchart, and Hyatt's Jennifer Kedinger and Spredfast's Jim Rudden

Text of Customer Care in 140 Characters or Less


2. unitedhealth group Rachel Medina Senior Communications Specialist 3. WHY ARE WE HERE? Meet the customer where they want to be met: in social media Elevate our visibility in social media and be comparable to our competitors Add value and innovation in a traditional company 4. HOW WERE ORGANIZED Cohesive and streamlined: 1 air controller 3 customer service reps Many SMEs across the enterprise3 buckets, 3 similar SLAs for issues: Life and Death Claims Service 5. u.s. cellular Sonny Gill | Social Media Manager @sonnygill 6. WHY DOES IT MATTER? The people matter.U.S. Cellular had an opportunity to connect, engage, and empower passionate associates, loyal customers & advocates, and prospects through social. Allows the organization to continue to deliver efficient and effective customer service through a medium where consumers expect the same. 7. TEAM DYNAMIC Subject Matter Experts, matter. ManagerCoachWe realized that in order to build an efficient customer service program, we needed to partner with the right team to best serve our customers. We developed the strategy and platform with our customer service reps from our call center at the center.Social Media ManagersThey werent inherently social but it didnt matter. We leveraged their expertise and trained them on the dynamics of social and the Spredfast platform.Examples of future channels 8. lawyers & social media Travis Burchart LexisNexis 9. More to Lawyers than Arguments and Courtrooms SM legal considerations: marketing, evidence, ethics, communication 59% of law firms have a social presence (17% in 2010) 81% attorneys have a social presence (56% in 2010) Attorneys primarily on LinkedIn and Facebook, but Twitter trending upward*2013 American Bar Association Legal Technology Survey Report 10. our Social media structure 11. Internal and External Stakeholders ExternalInternalCentral Marketing Team Customer Support / Legal ExpertsQuestionsFlagship Corporate AccountsLaw Firms Questions, Complaints & SupportSolo PractitionersParalegals QuestionsProduct, Sales, MarketingResponse & engagementLaw LibrariansLaw Students 12. importance of social media to our customer care 13. Our Customer Communications Your company has the worst customer service I have ever experienced with a legal product. I will be certain to tell all the other attorneys, paralegals, law clerks, etc. I know NOT to use Lexis .Was just confronted with the hard truth that I have absolutely no idea how to use LexisNexis. Like, at all.Thank you very much for all of your help in this matter! Hi Hayley, I hope you're having a great Monday. Is there something I can do to help you with your use of LexisNexis?Were a B2B company, but in the social space, were P2P, talking to individuals behind brands/firms. Our products/services attract customers: Our customer services keeps them coming back. Building loyalty through countless, small personal interactions. 14. hyatt hotels & resorts Jennifer Kedinger Social Media Manager 15. GOAL We want to supercharge online sharing and how our guests sell us to other guests. 16. OUR STRUCTURE 17. OUR GLOBAL SOCIAL STRATEGY