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33 Evernote Tips, in 140 characters or less

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These 33 Evernote tips, each expressed in 140 characters or less, can help you take your productivity and organization to the next level of supreme serenity. For presenters, Evernote is a great tool for compiling presentation content and design inspiration. When you are ready to create your next presentation, call Ethos3 to get started. Ethos3 is a presentation design agency with premier PowerPoint and presentation designers. Rise above the competition with award-winning presentation designs and presentation training from Ethos3. Contact us if you have an upcoming presentation. We can create a winning presentation for you:

Text of 33 Evernote Tips, in 140 characters or less

  • 1. IN 140 CHARACTERS OR LESS . Use the Evernote Web Clipper to save / / anything you see online - an entire page or one specic section. (aITProportal Keep all receipts Back up your and invoices in blog in Evernote Evernote, and have with (aIFTTT app. (1-1Expensify Then, import posts automatically into a mind map for create an expense new topic ideas. report. @Evernote (aJenniferTribe To encrypt sensitive text, select text, rightclick, then select "Encrypt : ? Selected Text option. (dMinterest jT With I Use the search box to (aFastPencil, manage todo lists. Type authors can todozfalse to look for create and unchecked items in all of distribute a your notes. (dMGuhlin bookin Evernote, "from start to publish. " _ Keep your inbox (aEvernote uncluttered. Use your Evernote email address to funnel newsletters into Evernote. (aMichaelHyatt Carefully curate Create a Table of web clippings. Save Contents for each web articles to notebook so you @Pocket for review. can quickly access Send the best notes from the list articles to Evernote. of titles. (dBettnet (aJamieTR Don't type notes Create notebooks during a presentation. for projects and Instead, click the important topics. microphone icon in Tag strategically to Evernote to record make notes easy to audio. (d12Most nd. cdSchneiderB 'r If you keep lots of sensitive information in Evernote, use twostep verication for extra protection. (aKatieFloyd Create checklists for: Master books to read, items to pack, Evernote's goals, to-do reminders, Post-it Note groceries needed, and more. Camera for iOS (':1Evernote 7. Automate organization of your notes based on color. Attend (1Evernote (1DanHedrick conference to learn from thought leaders such as (aReidHoffman @TFerriss -'= k (aDontTryThis ' Use Evernote Scan business Food to save recipes, cards into Evernote. tag pics of meals, Information from and peruse LinkedIn proles suggested recipes will populate and restaurants. business card notes. @WashingtonPost (dLinkedIn To merge several Use Penultimate for notes, select the notes, "the natural experience hold Shift, and then of pen and paper with click the mouse. the exibility and (aPCMag syncing of Evernote. " (aEvernote Get an inapp or email reminder. . I . Click the alarm icon within a related / note. Then select a time. cdBusinessInsider Use Skitch To view all of your to annotate PDF images that have versions of your searchable text, search for notes with recoType: handwritten or arrows, circles, recoType: picture. (dLabnol and other , ,, , i. , , visuals. @MaShab1e Get organized for tax season by scanning receipts with a Fujitsu ScanSnap Evernote Edition. - i I (aKristiFarm2Tbl Use Presentation Mode to quickly transform notes into slides perfect for an / impromptu meeting. (aTheLocalist When you set goals, "Give your write a motivational letter handwritten to your future self. Set a notes a digital reminder to reread the life with letter. (dEvernote Evernote Notebooks by Moleskine. " (aEvernote Make Evernote even more awesome with apps: @UberConference (aEasilyDo (aCloudMagic (aAzendoo -: ~j- @iBoxer (aZapier (aGlympse Use Evernote Enable "related Clearly to make results" in the Web "blog posts, articles Clipper to see any and webpages clean of your notes that and easy to read. " match your web (':1Evernote search queries. (aEvernote Set up (aIFTTT Search for parameters to backup sourcezmobile to nd your favorite posts notes created on your from your Instagram, mobile device. Facebook, and Twitter (dEvernote accounts. (aTutsPlus With Have an upcoming (dPostachio, presentation? Compile publish Evernote research and slide design content as a blog. inspiration in a notebook. With Evernote (1Ethos3 Premium, you can add Google Analytics. (dEvernote