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  • 1. The Content Machine
    • Prepared by Paul Sizemore December 10, 2009

2. A strong Web team is made up of staff covering the Interactive Skills Map: 3. ContentStrong content staff skills is essential in the process. 4. ContentThe workflow goal is to generate the largest businessbenefitfor the lowestcost .} 5. Measuring Success} Cost BenefitWe have no hard metrics for either 6. CostsWe can estimate the costs of generating content.} Internal: Time Quotes { External: RFP / Quotes 7. BenefitIts essential in Q1 2010 we establish stronger metrics for benefit.Right now we only have traffic and referral measurement.Cost Estimate 8. Cost ReductionReducing the cost of content and increasing the quality, relevance and throughput is essential.

  • Reducing research time
  • Reducing production time
  • Reducing duplication
  • Reflecting Executive and Sales leadership
  • Stronger connection with the market
  • Implementing faster workflows and processes

9. Business Knowledge & IdeasThe bulk of the knowledge and market trends reside in the Executive team.} Executive Team } NOC { Sales } Content Writer / Editor Knowledge Pyramid { Trade Publications A goal is to move employees up the knowledge pyramid as fast as we can More Less 10. Knowledge TransferThe content writer works with domain experts to collect and present ideas in writing.} Executive Team } NOC } Sales { Content Writer / Editor } Trade Publications

  • Role Responsibilities
  • Capture Knowledge & Ideas
  • Revise & Edit Content

Content is captured Knowledge & Ideas 11. Speeding up the tasksResearching and interviewing is more than half the cost of creating content.{ Content Writer / Editor

  • Role Responsibilities
  • Capture Knowledge & Ideas
  • Revise & Edit Content

12. Better idea capture Innovative capture techniques will provide a wealth of raw content.} Executive Team } NOC } Sales Internal Content Management System } Trade Publications Content is captured Knowledge & Ideas Leave voice mail that is transcribed and posted to internal CMSSuggested tools: Common ITC tickets, success stories, testimonials - provide recognition for authors Tools: Drupal CMS & Recognition Programs RSS Feeds, Alerts automatically input into CMS Tools: Google Alerts & Email-to-Drupal Module Ability to email-to-post to internal CMS Tools: Jott has Call to Update Salesforce feature Content Editor Sifts through raw content and starts it through a workflow to final distribution