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<ol><li> 1. A TOP TIPS GUIDE TO STARTING A SMALL BUSINESS BT Business recently spoke with a number of entrepreneurs to get their top tips to Kick Start your start up. Fiona McNab is the owner and manager of TAPE studio, a boutique recording studio in Edinburgh. Henry Blake, co-founder of Woodblocx, designs and produces self-assembly materials for garden beds, boxes and ponds. Dan Long is co-owner of online retailer Insert Coin clothing, specialising in computer game and pop culture themed clothing. Here are their tips to getting your start up off the ground and keeping it there, not to mention a few key lessons theyve learnt along the way. </li><li> 2. We quickly identified that there was an untapped market available with gamers crying out for great videogame-inspired apparel to add to their wardrobes. I was aware that there was a gap for a serious, high end recording studio in Edinburgh and our space has been designed with this in mind. Fiona McNab DAN Long </li><li> 3. We listen to what games our community want to see on our products and then we can start working towards producing them as appropriate. Its the most important part of any small business. DAN LONG DAN Long </li><li> 4. We knew when we started that there was not an obvious competitor in the market I wanted to create something different - I saw what I didnt want in my competitors Fiona McNab henry blake </li><li> 5. Being part of a local community has kept our levels of customer service really high I spent 2 years actively searching for the ideal base to operate from. Fiona McNab henry blake </li><li> 6. We were lucky that the sawmill we are part of is already a well-established business so we were able to fund the start-up ourselves and share costs such as labour with them. Insert Coin was funded with our own money as we were confident that we would be able to start the ball rolling and quickly become self-sustaining. dan long henry blake </li><li> 7. Technology is continually helping us to reach more and more people I built a website with lots of ideas and information on and customers can find out nearly everything they need on there henry blake dan long </li><li> 8. Theres definitely good support in place for growing SMEs but there can always be more A forum or meeting group in the highlands would go a long way to helping meet other business and Learning from their experiences. henry blake DAN Long </li><li> 9. Try and keep on top of all the opportunities that are coming through and make sure that you maximise the marketing potential of each one. The biggest challenge to any online business is to maintain momentum and keep people interested in what youre working on. henry blake dan long </li><li> 10. There is no right or wrong when it comes to your own business, do what feels right for you and what you feel comfortable with Work hard but also keep your motivation high and stay fresh by making sure you look after your health and wellbeing. henry blake fiona mcnab </li><li> 11. For more information about starting a small business or to discover more great case studies, check out </li></ol>