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Ankara is the capital city and second largest city after Istanbul in Turkey

Text of Capital City Ankara

  • 1. Capital City of Turkey

2. Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and thesecond largest city of country, Istanbul is thelargest. The population of this place is around 4.6million. Ankara is a huge university town and theadministrative center of Turkey, so the largepopulation of university students andgovernment workers are found there. 3. As a national capital, it is home to a hugepopulation of foreign diplomats andlegation staff, so it is proposal goodnessand helping hands that force is moredifficult to search in Turkish cities. Ankara has continental climate ascompared to other parts of Anatolianhighland. In summer there is dry and hot whereasin winter there are snowy and cold. 4. Ankara is the important industrial city which isalso commercialized. It is the home of Grand National Assembly ofTurkey and it became the capital of the cityin ancient time when the Republic of Turkeywas established. This city is well attached with the otherpiece of the country by railways andhighways; there is a big airport known asEsenboga International Airport. 5. The regions history of Ankara is back datesto the Bronze Age, The Hatti Civilizationwhich was succeeded in 2nd millennium BC bythe Hittites and then the Phrygians in 10thcentury BC. The city (town) at a later date feel tothe Seljuks, Byzantines and Romans belowthe ruler Malik-Shah in 1073, and ultimatelyto the Ottomans first in 1356 and next in1403 since they having lost one's it againstTamer lance in 1402. 6. Ankara carries on under the Ottomanmanagement until the First World War. New Turkish of Republican declared thecapital of turkey is Ankara on 13th of October,1923. There are many places to visit in Ankara likeAtaturk Mausoleum (Anitkabir) its a veryamazing monument to visit. 7. Aqua Vega Aquarium is place where one mustvisit. Museum of Anatolian Civilizations is housedin historic period. Hisar (Citadel) is the oldest part of Ankaracalled kale. Top 3 museums of Ankara are EthnographyMuseum, Museum of Anatolian Civilizationsand State Art and Sculpture Museum. Plan avisit to Ankara with Tailor made turkeytours.